BAMFAS was founded on the idea of providing a heads up on multiple forms of media through the eyes of random minded friends, the result is that we might not all agree on anything at all but we will always dish our views.  It’s a small group of us but we like it that way. We’re not recruiting, it’s something we like to do as our time allows and that’s enough for us.

Coverage areas:

* Comic books
* Gaming
* TV / Movies
* Anime / Manga
* Events / Conventions

For those looking to get in touch with someone about press release distribution or features please use webcontact[at]bamfas.com to get in touch. We also handle requests to be placed on the BAMFAS Newswire too, please specify that with your pages though for consideration.

On Review Samples:

Most titles and comics we review are on our own dime or a friends dime as we read their latest issues. We’ll work to note when reviews are provided by a publisher, agency or other third-party group for consideration going forward so everyone gets a fair shake. If it’s out of our own pocket we’re not going to talk about how our 45 hour week helped pay for that Blu-Ray of Mad Max though.