Sniper: Ghost Warrior Launch Trailer

Sniper: Ghost Warrior plays to the niche audience of the FPS crowd, the enthusiast who strives for digital perfection in the art of sniping. With multiple variables controlling each shot, Sniper: Ghost Warrior is one of the finest exclusive sniping games in the market. Check out the trailer and see some of the technical kills possible in the new shooter from City Interactive.

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DJ Hero – Dance Party Mix Videos

I had a quick announcement earlier about the Guitar Hero Pop Mix and DJ Hero DLC but now I have something to show for the DJ Hero side of things.

Check out the latest Party Mix DLC videos for DJ Hero:

Duran Duran Vs Lady Gaga
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Camilla d’Errico bringing STITCH to Anime Expo 2010

Vinyl toys have erupted into the mainstream, artists from all over flock to the medium to develop their latest expressions. Camilla d’Errico has a special twist in store for collectors at Anime Expo 2010 this year by bringing reserve collection STITCH figures to the show. Using a blend of Manga and intense pop color the figure will become a booth vendor treasure, for those with early access exhibit hall passes it should not be a problem securing at least one figure.

For those unfamiliar with the work of d’Errico check out the images below.

X Japan rocking Club Nokia July 1 for Free

The Yoshiki Foundation made a huge announcement in regard to X Japan, the group will be performing at Club Nokia this week for free! This will also fall with the current rivalry developing between Anime Expo 2010 (AX2010) and MAX 2010 already set at Club Nokia on July 1.

For those interested act now and sign up at for free entry while spaces last. Also those who enter the masquerade could win a spot in X Japan’s next Music video which will be filming the next day.

Portal 2 @ E3 2010 Parts 2 & 3

It’s here! It really is! The latest videos from the Portal 2 E3 2010 demo are up and ready for viewing. Take a look at the dynamic world that Valve is developing, with live fluids and portals mixing it up the results are endless!!! I might be a little too hyped for the videos but I’m just happy to see another connection to the Half Life universe again.

I’ll save the spoilers for the videos, click below the jump for the final two sequences from the demo at the show this year.
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Blacklight: Tango Down – Dev Diary

It’s tough being a super soldier in a digital age; with countless weapon combination’s, fast pace action and an all knowing hypervisor the battle never stops. Blacklight: Tango Down is a new game coming from the folks at Ignition Entertainment, the game packs Unreal Tournament style matches with eyecandy for all.

The latest dev diary is here for those interested in the game, with a value price there is little reason to skip over it unless Shooters just aren’t your thing.

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Stardock posts Elemental Beta 3 Walkthrough

With the elemental Beta running full steam a helping hand is always nice, the folks at Stardock have pushed out the latest piece explaining the huge jump from beta 1 and 2 to the latest Elemental build.

Key features include:

  • Random Maps
  • Fallen Sovereigns
  • Imperial Factions
  • Create a faction
  • Fallen Races technology tree

For more dirt check out the latest from the Elemental Game website

Yakuza 4 is relentless, unforgiving

While Yakuza 3 has just been released in the US, the development team has been working on the 4th iteration of the franchise. At E3 2010 they had the game on the floor showing off the latest combat. For those who played the Shenmue franchise or even Virtua Fighter, the motions and control should feel similar. Yakuza 4 brings a new package of stories, crossing between police and crime bosses from around the region.

While it wasn’t possible to play through the story itself, the combat was enough. As a king of the streets fights aren’t easy, group battles are all over and it’s up to the sword / barrel / nunchuk, spear wielding boss to settle it. Combat was simple and fast, quick button presses threw out kicks and punches with power moves to finish each enemy, some attacks able to strike down multiple enemies. For those wondering, the combat tree exists so any player can tailor their character to their tastes; close combat and weapons training are only the tip of the iceberg.
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iZotope licensed for Rock Band 3

With Power Gig: Rise of the Six string arriving this Fall with a dedicated junior electric guitar, AirStrike drums and heavy talent like Eric Clapton, the team at Harmonix has to step up their game. Today iZotope announced that the Rock Band team has licensed their Pitch detection and Pitch shifting technology for the latest version of Rock Band.

The new software will let players really join the mix, when getting overly enthusiastic and singing well above the mic tolerance the game will voice code the and clean up the sound. While some may see the shift as cheap, it allows for a harmony when playing and makes allowance for anyone to sing in the game without feeling embarrassment.

I do hope that more details drop in so we know what RB3 is about this year.

Be a DJ or Guitar Hero this 4th of July

Awesome news for DJ Hero and Guitar Hero fans, the latest DLC update this week brings some new faces into the mix. Lets check out the mixes.

DJ Hero – Dance Party Mix

  • Lady Gaga – Poker Face vs Duran Duran – Girls On Film
  • Pussycat Dolls – Buttons vs Rihanna – S.O.S.

Guitar Hero – Pop 1 Track Pack

  • Lady Gaga – Just Dance
  • Maroon 5 – This Love
  • Owl City – Fireflies

Not the biggest track pack around for Guitar Hero, for DJ Hero fans the latest mash-ups should provide challenges and mixing fun while scratching to perfection.

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