The Bugatti Veyron SS World Record Edition arrives

…and we don’t get to drive it. At all. But we did find a short clip of it from the importer; Symbolic Motors that was plastered on Youtube for everyone to drool over.  Because the car is already spoken for there are no yummy growls of the W16 to be found in this clip,  I’m sure while they could pony up the purchase cost for the vehicle they don’t intend to refund the 2.5+ million that it cost the owner for any damages.

Because that’s such a painful teaser I couldn’t help but dig up the Top Gear moment where James May takes this rocket ship to top speed.

A Veyron SS WRE walks among us, currently in California but most likely spending the rest of its life in a garage. Feel free to let us know if you spot this beast in the wild though.

UDK DX11 released – Samaritan demo shows all

Epic showed off the latest 2011 build of the UDK engine at GDC this year, packing tons of new improvements it stands to be one of the most advanced engines in the marketplace and possibly the single most advanced which is open to public and private developers. Get your hands on it here but only after watching the demo that will blow your mind.

X-Men: First Class Gets Posters and raised eyebrows

We have the latest X-Men: First Class posters today, but I have to step aside and question the design choices here because these are pretty awful and it goes down on many levels. Aside from writing here I work often in the graphic realm, it’s a busy area and honestly with the volume of work that has to be produced there is space for a brain fart here or there.

These posters, they’re not really anything cutting edge, and the decide to fade in the heads is pretty 90’s, worse than that is the fact that for some reason they’re both heads fixated around the crotch area. Seriously guys, is it the primary goal to tank this before it can even launch?

Check out the images below and click here for our link to the trailer.

A new era arrives – The AMD HD 6990

It’s here, the HD 6990 4GB and there’s not much to say to describe this moment. ATI / AMD has been coming up with dual-GPU solutions for years now, I’m not unenthusiastic though, in fact I’m still beside myself days after this thing hit review sites across the world. The speed of the card is so fast that even the most demanding games just give up when it comes to opposing the 6990 in any benchmark or play through.

Coming in with a 375W base requirement for juice puts this card well above the competition but it goes even further when the AUSUM mode is turned to overclocked settings, eating up 450W in a lump and begging for more. Benchmark games of Crysis and Metro 2033 are spat out with a laugh at most resolutions to the point where anything less than a dual 580 or 6970 setup is completely shadowed. We’re on the verge of something more as AMD pushes this beast out, the graphic world will shift again and plow forward with new power to support it at playable rates.

For those with about $710 to spare it’s sold out in most major outlets such as Newegg, Tigerdirect, Frys and Amazon. If you do dare to try and tame the beast I would highly suggest evaluating your current system from the PSU to the CPU. Anything less than the most high speed chip will most likely fail to maximize the power and a struggling PSU may put your entire system at risk. [AMD certified PSU list]

So while I’ve talked about the latest beast on the block, I still have no words to describe it, if we’re ever lucky enough for AMD to loan us one I promise to try and find something in any language to best describe the experience.

Section 8: Prejudice PAX East Contest

Section 8 is just around the corner from being released, with that said the company is going all out to promote the game this weekend at PAX East 2011 with live demos on the floor and prizes for all those willing to get a taste of the new shooter from TimeGate Studios.

For those who can’t make it across the country to the sold out convention, it’s possible to still come out a winner with the “Upgrade your gaming with Prejudice” contest on the Section 8 site. [link] Drop in your name address and why you deserve this crazy setup and you might get lucky and walk away with a 360, 42″ LCD, 4 controllers, 4 headsets and of course a copy of Section 8: Prejudice

Anyone looking for some Section 8 goodies to tide them over until the release might find interest in the new premium theme or picture pack on XBL that just landed.