[Updated] Stack up bodies in Left 4 Dead 2’s Cold Stream for DLC!

Killing zombies is a tough task, Cold Stream in Left 4 Dead 2 actually makes that to new levels. Valve is trying to sweeten the deal as the add-on is slated for release, if they can get 20,000 people to survive the onslaught they’ll release Dead Air for L4D2 early on July 10th. Players can beat the campaign on any difficulty to earn the new achievement and help everyone enjoy the goods a little earlier.

Check out the official blog post for more information or jump on Steam and lend a hand. I’ll be in the fight in just a bit as well.

[Left 4 Dead Blog]

Update – Playthrough tips:

  • When you can grab a second pistol do so, you’ll have 30 rounds to unleash when your primary weapon goes out of ammo
  • Melee strike as much as possible when reloading, try to maintain the high ground and if you’re playing in SP, grab high range weapons like the sniper rifle to pick enemies off before leading the AI in.
  • The waves rely on users moving forward after the first attack, doing so leaves you open to being surrounded, fight the first flood and then wait for the second before going forward. If your team is tightly held you can last through these waves.
  • Solo players will die, you can’t rush in these maps, trying is pretty much suicide and leaves the team with one less person
  • On the bridge, beware of some glitches in crossing the beams, if someone falls there is a chance they’ll get stuck on the side railing until they die, trying to save them is pointless as they’ll instantly go into falling mode again.
  • In the final map have at least one person get the grenade launcher, save the rounds as much as possible, in the final zone unload the rounds to reduce the swarms to 0.
  • Heal your team often but always try to keep 1-2 med packs in reserve, in some cases the game will ask for a sacrifice, if you survive they’ll have a med pack waiting unless someone hijacks it and leaves you for dead. (Bridge scene has a charger that blows you off the scaffolding if you don’t have grenade rounds).

Xbox 360 users:The L4D team has confirmed that the 360 version of Cold Stream will arrive later this summer.

Completed using: Dual Handguns, Grenade Launcher, M249 SAW, Sniper Rifle (primary)

Hopefully these lend a hand in getting through Cold Stream and get you a new badge. Completed it in 49mins solo on hard, well designed but the boundary boxes need work still and the AI enemies and team often get stuck or make really odd mistakes through the entire campaign.

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The Dark Knight Rises (Update)

It’s been over 3 years since the release of The Dark Knight many of us thought after eight Academy Award nominations, then wining  two  Best Sound Editing and Best Supporting Actor ( Heath Ledger) at 81st Academy Awards,  grossed  over a billion dollars worldwide kinda expect that a last installment wasn’t in the near future, On February 2010 it was confirmed a screenplay was commencing.

February 9, 2010 it was comfirmed that David S. Goyer and Jonathan Nolan was teaming up with for the third flim, With brother Christopher directing. On October 27, 2010 Nolan announced the title of the film will be “The Dark Knight Rises“, things looked alittle bumpy when Goyer left to work on the new superman reboot The Man of Steel with Christopher things worked out later on and Christopher has since stated he will continue to direct the film.

On an estimated budget of $250 million filming started May 6, 2011, in Jodhpur, India and will conclude in November, Nolan has stated it will not be in 3D instead he focus on improving image quality and scale using the IMAX format making the style of the film consistent with the previous movies.

There hasn’t been any real news about the plot as of yet, keep your fingers crossed hopefully they will surprised the fans at Comic-con 2011, with a star powered cast which includes Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman and Tom Hardy as Bane. The series looks like its going  to end on a good note,  At least we know one thing for sure Anna Hathaway sure fills out that Catwoman suit.




  • Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne /Batman
  • Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Gary Oldman as James Gordon
  • Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
  • Tom Hardy as Bane
  • Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle
  • Josh Pence and Liam Neeson as Ra’s al Ghul
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake
  • Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate
  • Nestor Carbonell as Mayor Anthony Garcia
  • Matthew Modine as Nixon





 Release Date: July 20, 2012

Here’s the new trailer for Dark Knight Rises.

[SDCC] Comic-Con 2011 Exhibit Hall map revealed

It’s here, it’s massive and you will lose all your friends in the maze of aisles about to be unleashed. San Diego Comic Con 2011 presents today. THE EXHIBITOR HALL MAP. The scary part of it? The map looks fuller than last year and I don’t even know how they managed to do that one. Bring  your wallets, your best walking shoes, a tolerance for bad body odor and giant bag to carry your swag in. We’re almost to preview night!

Check out the vendor list and interactive map here

Or if you want it now, just download it! PDF | ISSUU

If you need SDCC 11 tickets still, you’re pretty much screwed unless you obtain them through less than officially endorsed ways.


Avengers assemble at Comic Con after all?

Marvel has already admitted to having no Avengers panel in Hall H this year. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be any Avengers about.

The Hall H presentation last year was nerdgasm worthy but it was only seen by a few thousand. That is just not fitting for what
Marvel/Disney has planned for Earths mightiest heroes this year.
Early reports are claiming a Massive Viral marketing campaign that will encompass the entire show floor unlike anything SDCC has seen before. Shield will be on hand with vehicles, providing “security” and even a recruitment booth. Also, much like last year with Odin’s throne, set pieces of varying sizes will be on display. There is even a rumor of the helicarrier bridge set piece being on hand.

There is also word that various cast members from The Avengers will be lurking about as there availability allows. (They are still filming)

Speaking of film, There is a word of a first look teaser trailer!
Now filming is only a about two months in so it probably wont be very long or in depth.

There of course has been no confirmation from Marvel/Disney and it is unlikely they well confirm or deny anything before the show.