Review – Kult #2


Release Date: September 07, 2011

  • Writer: Jeremy Barlow
  • Artist: Iwan Nazif
  • Colorist:Michael Atiyeh
  • Cover Artist: Jake Murra

Kult has already achieved legendary status in the Roleplaying world, now trying to make a name for its self in the comic book world. Kult#2  gives us a glimpse of what  to come in the future for Tomas Zenk

This issue of Kult #2 Tomas Zenk is left in a endless labyrinth and trying disparately to escape, confused and disorient Zank meet’s a wonder Herzog who takes him to safety. There herzog  proceeds to tell him about the evil that has complete dominance over the world he’s trapped in..and that only he has the power to change all of that, unsettled Tomas leaves herzog camp only to fall right back into a bad situation which forces him to use his abilities to survive…

Iwan Nazif Visual storytelling  of the Kult world is solid, Jeremy Barlow writing compliments the  clean artwork by Nazif all and all everything flows pretty well.

Here’s what I think about Kult #2. After reading a few pages I kind of got the feeling I knew this  story, then it hit me “The matrix! I’m not going to say it’s exactly like matrix but I can see the similarities in the story so far. You can say that it’s simplistic, and that nothing really jumps out at you but it’s well written, sometimes It does seem like the story is rushed, only cause how it flows. Overall  if they take time and not rush it Kult has some potential….I’ll just say I’m interested on seeing how the Kult world unfolds.