Review – Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 9 #2 Freefall Part 2

Script: Andrew Chambliss
Pencils: Georges Jeanty
Inks: Dexter Vines
Colors: Michelle Madsen
Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt
Cover: Steve Morris
Alternate Cover: Georges Jeanty
Executive Producer: Joss Whedon
Published By: Dark Horse Comics

Steve Morris Cover

A quick recap of Freefall Part 1, we find Buffy attempting to start a new life in San Fransisco as she tries to find and understand her place in the world.  Buffy is also battling some of her fiercest enemies yet, bill collectors!  Most importantly though, she is struggling with the destruction of the seed and the repercussions that it is having on the world and her friends. In issue #2 Georges Jeanty’s artwork is superb and captures the nuances of the characters in a remarkable way.  His work really helps to put the final touches on the emotions that Buffy and the Scoobies are feeling.

In Freefall Part 2 we find Buffy still struggling with her place in the world and what she wants to do with her life.  Still seeing the ramifications from the lack of magic in the world, she is still doing her best to not deal with it.  Buffy is at a crossroads wishing that she could just be normal and not have to be the defender of the world.  This time though she not only has to deal with demony types trying to get her, she now has regular old humans after her too.

We have appearances by the whole crew and have Spike doing what he does best, being sarcastic and, above all, having Buffy’s back.  We also see Xander and Dawn being kind of thoughtless and downright jerky to Buffy, especially considering that they would be dead many times over if not for her.  I really hope this entire Xander and Dawn dating storyline wraps up soon, I for one am not a fan of it!  Finally, we are left with a very interesting, can’t wait to see what happens, “twist”(hint, hint).  Depending on how this new storyline plays out it could be really different and awesome.  I would definitely recommend reading this comic, it is moving the storyline along nicely and is a must read, I already can’t wait for the next one.


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  • Veiriti

    Oh, I can’t wait to see more Spike/Buffy interaction – my favorite characters ever! I loved the preview pages! And I’m not interested of Xander/Dawn problems. I liked them together, but I think Dawn deserves someone better and younger than Xander 😉 Xander always was a tiresome character.
    And I’d love to see more Willow! Buffy/Spike/Willow could make an excellent team!

  • leyki

    Not interested in Xander, like the 95% of the fandom.
    Give us details about Buffy, Spike and Willow, plz!!

    • Faith

      I do agree with you. I really don’t see Xander having a purpose in S9… he never done well in fights, he is not very smart and sometime he is very annoying giving some silly remarks and and advices. Actually I didn’t see his purposes during the show, exept to being Buffy’s friend and her connection with the humanity and that’s all. He is good only as a supporting character and comic relief but most of the time I find his humor tedious and annoying.
      Buffy is a Slayer and has tons of strength. Spike has his vampire strength – he is a selfless hero just like Buffy is, Willow has and computer skills and even she has lost her magic she still has her knowledge. What does Xander have?!??? He has no purpose other than being an annoying jerk. He screws Anya over at the altar pretty much underling the fact that he is a moron if people didn’t already know that. He probably will dump and Dawn now, I just can feel it! Poor Dawney… 🙁

  • pointman

    You guys are so right, Xander is such a loser. The worst character ever. I’ve always wondered what he was doing in that show. A jerk, a traitor, a liar, an hypocrite, I mean he lost a fight to Harmony, how lame is that?
    Kill him finally so we can all have some rest, PLEASE!

  • artea

    I’m so happy with season 9! Buffy and Spike together again! My favorite season was season 6 and 7, Spuffy all the way! I love Spike, he is soooooo sexy and snarky and clever and those checkbones, those blue eyes OMG! I can’t resist that man, and he looks so hot in the preview pages from DH’s site!

  • Jack Shaftoe

    Yeah, so glad season 9 started, it has everything I love,

    • Jack Shaftoe

      Buffy and Spike all the way, so glad I can ship them again after so many years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hey, Jack, I always suspected that you’re a closet Spuffy shipper! 😉

        • Jack Shaftoe

          You know darling, love and hate 2 sides of the same coin,
          just like Spike I woke up after a dream about him and realised I am in love with him!

  • artea

    Love Spike, love love love! He is the one that made me realised I was a gay! God that man is so hot, lucky Buffy, lucly Drusilla, lucky Harmony! Im so jealus!

    • Annie

      Hey take it easy man! Spike is for us! But you can have Xander anytime! Don’t you like his chubby bummy better?!

      • artea

        Annie, your hands off my Spike, I only allow Buffy to have him because the dreaming of the two of them together helps me imagine him naked!

  • cil_domney

    NICE Review – looking forward to seeing the artwork – Mr. Jeanty has done some excellent images on his close-ups, particularly when he goes for expressing strong emotions. Thus far Spike in “The Magical Mystery Tour” digital comic has been the best artwork for the Buffy Comic Book Seasons of this character.

    Love that we have Spike back as a regular on the series and that he is again working to help Buffy in her fight against the forces of evil, and her own, oftentimes self-destructive personal life choices.

    Looking forward to seeing where all the characters are going with my special interest in Buffy, Spike and Willow. Unlike some fans, I very much like the new Xander and Dawn relationship and hope that Joss Whedon and A. Chambliss give them a good life together. Far as I am concerned, it’s time to have at least one of the Buffyverse couples have a good and long lasting relationship – talk about something refreshing for the series.

    • pointman

      As long as that lame Xander gets out of the way or the story, he can be dead of happy or i dont care what. Just get him out of the story, even if that means that he is happy (or better let him die happy and let us be happy finally as well!!!!

  • DeeEmm

    Wow! Some very childish – not to mention homophobic – behaviour going on here. Some people need to get a life.

    Nice review. Looking forward to reading the book.

    • artea

      Homophobic? did you read my comment that thanks to spike I realised I was gay?
      The 1st man I felt in love! I dont see any homophobic here where do u?

      • Peyton

        Except, from what I’ve seen you say in other places, you’re trolling and being very disrespectful to the reviewer.

        Shame on you. You’re a bad example for Whedon fans everywhere.

        • Marie

          Oh, that’s too childish and I know these people (especially Artea) in fact they are Spike-haters, not Spike fans and they are trolling in Buffyforuns and love to insult us – the real Spike fans, even I suspect that they are just one person with multiple accounts that his only purpose in life is trolling.
          All of their their posts are so alike! And yeah, like it or not guys, this season will be about Spike and Buffy! So if you hate it better stop reading the comics and let us enjoy them!