Mass Effect: Invasion #2 “Nobody &!#%$ With Aria” Part 2 of 4

Massimo Carnevale Cover

Story: Mac Walters
Script: John Jackson Miller
Art: Omar Francia
Colors: Michael Atiyeh
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover: Massimo Carnevale
Alternate Cover: Paul Renaud
Published By: Dark Horse

Continuing from Invasion #1 Aria is still attempting to hold off the incoming enemies and shows no signs of backing down. She commands with an iron fist and proves time and time again that weakness and fear will not be tolerated. Her harshness works for her because those under her command live terrified of her. Even though fear is a prominent feeling of her followers there is a definite feeling of respect there too. It seems clear that they trust and believe that defending Omega is her priority, since it is theirs also, the relationship works.

Even though she is a stay, fight and die if you must type, her stay and fight attitude doesn’t have the impact that she had hoped for (she’s losing the battle) so we see Aria finally have to put her faith in another person. As they try to regroup and figure out how to win what appears as a losing battle they are continually hit with a barrage of unforeseen circumstances. After a particularly tough fight we see exactly why Aria is as feared as she is! However, celebration over a mini battle win is short-lived, many are vying for control of Omega and the demise of Aria, the issue ends with Aria’s fate in limbo. I do think it’s safe to say though that Aria will not be taken down easily.

Paul Renaud Cover

This issue was good. I enjoyed #1 more, it felt more action packed as opposed to this one which seemed slower. That is not to say that it was not enjoyable, it was, but there was some filler in the middle. The end however was very good and alone has me waiting for #3 so I can find out what’s going to happen. The art is very good, I especially LOVE the cover. I would definitely recommend this issue, although I do hope that #3 has more action and progresses the story faster!

Release Date: November 16th, 2011


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