Ubisoft Celebrates 25 years of gaming on Xbox Live

It’s a month of gaming promotions I kid you not, Steam, Android, Get Games and others are just blowing out sales on products. Today though Xbox users get to share in 25 years of Ubisoft products with an exclusive sale on digital titles. Unfortunately it’s a mix of pricing but we’ll note it all here.

It was mentioned we would also see Scott Pilgrim Vs the World The Game in the list, unfortunately it looks like all the related goods for the game are still at full price. Hopefully some shifts do come up, it would be a shame to lose out on it at the last minute.

Day 3: Android 10 Billion download celebration keeps rolling

They weren’t kidding about blowing out apps for 10 cents for 10 days, today we have an all new flood with a favorite for Custom ROM users on Android as well. ADWLauncher is one of the alternative foundations to home screen UI’s, add in its the premium EX version and it’s quite tempting to have around.

Didn’t have many picks or suggestions out of this, originally looked at Tetris but the reviews are poor around it. Might look into ADW and Homerun Battle though as picks for the day in this latest release. We’ll keep bringing you the sale lists as they come so check back tomorrow.

Source: Android Market