League of Legends brings the Snowdown Showdown

Are you a League of Legends fan? If so, the game is kicking off their annual Snowdown Showdown celebration which will run through January 10th. New holiday skins are ready for several champions and a pile of snow has blanketed over the Summoners Rift battlefield with other holiday twists to find as you adventure.

Details on the holiday update:

  •  All-new, limited-edition skins
    • Festive Maokai – Everyone’s favorite grumpy old tree gets adorned with lights, ornaments, and other holiday decorations.
    • Snowmerdinger – Heimerdinger gets adorned with the classic snowman apparel, right down to a carrot nose.
    • Mistletoe LeBlanc – LeBlanc, the Deceiver gets into the holiday spirit with a red and green outfit.
    • Toy Soldier Gangplank – A perfect (and festive) wooden toy replica of the pirate champion.
  • Winter Summoner’s Rift: A snowstorm has blown through Summoner’s Rift! We’ve also hung up a few holiday decorations and even the minions are in the Snowdown spirit, donning special holiday hats to fit the occasion!
  • Holiday Runes: Save some of your valuable Influence Points this holiday season by picking up these special, limited edition holiday runes!

Here’s a few high-resolution shots of Maokai, Snowmerdinger, Mistletoe LeBlanc and Toy Soldier Gangplank to collect as well. For any details we might have missed, head over to the LoL holiday page setup for the event.

comiXology and IDW expand digital footprint

If you’re a digital comic fan you’ve no doubt heard about comiXology the comic reading app that allows you to read your favorite series anywhere you’re at. Today though they’ve worked with IDW to personalize the offering even more. Fans can now download direct apps for their favorite series on iTunes, given the support of comiXology to other platforms I wouldn’t put it out of consideration for Android users to get a similar option later.

Titles included in this mix:

New and old purchases through comiXology will sync to the designated app allowing you seamless integration of your existing collection to these apps. On top of that, IDW will launch digital releases on the same day as their print releases to make sure that people will not have to wait to read their favorite series. Pricing will remain full cover price value though for new comics. No further comment is out about old releases.

comiXology is really taking over the landscape, with options available on all major platforms and it being bundled with the Kindle Fire they’re taking the lead for ease of access to your favorite reads. I wouldn’t mind having a dedicated Doctor Who app or other specifics on my phone, hopefully they do something similar for Android in the future.

Day 9: Final days of the Android 10 Billion download 10 cent sale!

Normally I’m not this excited about sales, but seriously… 10 cents. If there’s a chance to promote and take part in it then I’m going to.

Today we have a few returning guests but not as many as I anticipated, a total of 11 apps are in the fray for download.

We had SlideIT yesterday with their keyboard app and today we get the counter to that with SwiftKey, both are solid apps out there but it might come to user preference in that situation. MX Moto comes off as an Excite Bike type racer and I haven’t exactly been moved on the other titles so I’m just testing out Collapse! today until something else grabs my interest.

Shop away while you still have time, tomorrow is the end of the sale and the end of the party on Day 10. Unless Google does something else crazy leading into Christmas itself.