Review – The Goon #37

By: Eric Powell
Colors: Dave Stewart
Published: Dark Horse

Eric Powell Cover

This issue begins with an old, tired and poor woman making her way to her crappy underpaying exploitive factory job.  As she arrives we meet her greedy, corporate slag of a boss who is being told by the Fire Marshall the conditions at the factory are dangerous for his workers.  He responds to this as corporate tool would, with a big so what.  Changing any of the conditions for his poorly treated workers would shrink his profit and this of course is just not an option for him.  Tragedy strikes, (this was very griping and very sad), a trial takes place and justice is NOT served.  The poor, displaced and downtrodden do what little they can, they unite, protest and unionize!  As is always the case, the uber rich hate when the poor unite so they try to decapitate the movement with violence which they start to succeed in doing, that is until The Goon shows up.

This issue is great.  I love the Goon, he’s a bruiser but he’s always on the right side of things.  This particular issue is really timely with all the movements occurring all over the world now.  It makes you wish there was a real Goon who could go in and take are of business.  The dialog, art and story are top-notch, plain and simple Eric Powell is a genius!  Get this issue, whether you love The Goon or have never read a single issue.  The thing about this series is that you can jump right in and not feel lost; however, there are so many amazing back issues I would pick up whichever ones you can find!

Release Date: December 28th, 2011


Review – The Guild: Zaboo

Story: Felicia Day & Sandeep Parikh
Art: Becky Cloonan
Colors: Michelle Madsen
Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot
Cover: Evan Dorkin with Sarah Dyer
Alternate Cover: Georges Jeanty with Dexter Vines and Tariq Hassan
Published By: Dark Horse

Evan Dorkin Cover

This issue is Zaboo centric, hence the fact that it’s called “Zaboo.”  We start with a flashback of Zaboo as a kid, still game obsessed, girl crazy and just a little “different.”  We learn that his relationship with his Mom has always been over the top and even though she’s a bit crazy there is nothing that she won’t do for her son.  We see this first hand, self-inflicted wet willy anyone?  Flash forward, even though he’s not a kid anymore not much has changed except that he now has friends, The Guild.  He’s into Codex and he believes she’s into him due to some misplaced emoticons.  To go help and finally meet (in real life) his true love, Zaboo stages an elaborate escape from his mother’s house.  After an awesome Saved By The Bell reference, Zaboo’s Mom finally catches up to him at the bus station and the battle royale takes place.  He finally gets to meet Codex, but will his Mom give up that easy?

I love these Guild comics so much.  They are ridiculously funny and so entertaining.  This issue features “mini-games” and a Choose Your Own Adventure style throughout the comic which makes it really unique and fun.  Even though this issue is Zaboo based, all the characters are present and captured perfectly both in tone and for the most part in looks.  The only complaint I have about this series is that it doesn’t come out more often!  Felicia Day has really created something endearing both in the comic and the series.  Definitely pick up this issue (unless you don’t like good things) and while you’re there pick up the past issues as well.  Comic’d!

Release Date: December 28th, 2011