Day 1: The Steam Holiday Sale is here!

Legend spoke of this day, a time when value would plummet for just a short time and great lengths would be made to acquire all the goods. That day is today and Steam is going wild with a series of 24hr deal days on all kinds of madness. Also they’re doing the Great Gift Pile so you can win cool prizes or enter for a larger giveaway on January 2nd!

That’s not all of it, in fact there’s a whole other section for people who want publisher and group sales.

A bit mind-blowing to say the least, there are also a ton of titles on sale that we can’t even list off. The top sales listed will change daily the rest of these will run throughout the period of now through Jan 1st for games and Jan 2nd for packs.

Hopefully these page links let you avoid some of the navigation headaches now that the servers are piling up with shoppers.

Quantum Conundrum gets a few teaser shots

Kim Swift is hard at work after finishing Portal, today we get a first look at a few shots from the new puzzle game Quantum Conundrum. Word is we’ll be seeing a lot more on this game in the new year so hold tight if these spark your interest. So far we just know it’s about puzzles and you’ll be attacking it from a first person perspective again, the engine hasn’t had much disclosed for details so we can only hope it has the variety of Source.