Day 9: Final days of the Android 10 Billion download 10 cent sale!

Normally I’m not this excited about sales, but seriously… 10 cents. If there’s a chance to promote and take part in it then I’m going to.

Today we have a few returning guests but not as many as I anticipated, a total of 11 apps are in the fray for download.

We had SlideIT yesterday with their keyboard app and today we get the counter to that with SwiftKey, both are solid apps out there but it might come to user preference in that situation. MX Moto comes off as an Excite Bike type racer and I haven’t exactly been moved on the other titles so I’m just testing out Collapse! today until something else grabs my interest.

Shop away while you still have time, tomorrow is the end of the sale and the end of the party on Day 10. Unless Google does something else crazy leading into Christmas itself.

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