Review – Conan: Road Of Kings #12

Script: Roy Thomas
Pencils: Mike Hawthorne
Inks: John Lucas
Colors: Dan Jackson
Letters: Richard Starkings
Cover: Aleksi Briclot

Conan: Road of Kings #12 starts with Conan in belligerent state is greeted by Lt.  Torio of King of Argos guards, he tells Conan that his capture will promote him to captain for sure, in anger Conan ask’s Torio if he was the one who struck him from behind. With a grin Torio tells him he was,  at that moment Conan calls him coward and lunges for an attack on him only to be pulled by the  iron chains placed upon his legs.  Conan informs Torio that no cell will make him tell where Ivanos and his girl have fled to, aware that Conan has no clue of the events that has happened  before his arrival Torio informs him that he knows Conan knows nothing and that he plans to catch Ivanos and Shandi on his own to which he’ll relish in his screams after he’s shown Shandi what its like to be with a real man.

An angered again Conan spits something into his mouth which makes him choke, pissed, Torio pulls his sword and threatens Conan before he is quickly stopped by Sholider who reminds him the barbarian is in his custody and a prisoner of the King of Argos. As they leave the cell, Conan notices that someone was watching the ordeal in the shadows, thinking he or she is a spy he calls them forth to face him, the stranger replies telling Conan that old Publius does not spy but didn’t think the guards wanted any witness’s. As they chat, Conan ask’s Publius  how long has he been imprisoned here. Publius replies that it’s been so long that he has forgotten to the crime he was accused of, he warns Conan that no one has walked free and to be ready for the court torturer..[spoiler show=”Story Spoilers” hide=”Story Spoilers”]A few hours later, the guards return and escort Conan to the judge. As they wait for  Judge Macabrus to enter, Torio and another comment that maybe the Macabrus plans to have a trial at dawn, at that very moment the doors open and the judge enters and ask’s what crimes has the man before him committed. In an out burst Torio tells the judge that Conan refuses to give information on the man who murdered his fellow solider, the judge replies that surely a half-naked savage couldn’t have gotten the best of them. Torio explains that once he had captured Conan he took all over his belongings, as he throws Conan’s armor in front of Macabrus he comments that by the quality of the armor it is indeed stolen and he’ll have it to defray court costs that includes the sword Torio had taken for himself. Before the Judge gives his final judgement, he tells Conan that if he joins Argos army and fights in the coming war the crimes against him would be dropped. Conan declines his offer and a now enraged Macabrus tells Conan that it is duty to serve the state. Conan replies by saying he is not a Argossean and doesn’t want anything to do with it kingdom or its ruler. Macabrus gives his final verdict which is for Conan to rot in the dungeon until he reveals the whereabouts of Ivanos and Shandi. With that decided, a frustrated Conan replies by calling everyone in the court mad and begins to attack everyone inside. Hacking and slashing his way to the last man, which happens to be Torio! Out of fear he directs Conan to the nearest exit but the Cimmeria didnt care what Torio had to say and stabs him in the chest, now on the run from the guards Torio had mentioned, Conan jumps on a horse and races to the docks………..


Packed with lots of action, this issue has a lot going on compared to the last, I said in the last review that readers should expect a down point in couple of issue but that’s not the case in Road of Kings #12. Roy Thomas jumps right into action and after reading this issue I was once again left wanting more, the artwork including the cover is solid as expected . With that said Road of Kings #12 is must for fans to pick up I mean come on who wouldn’t want to see Conan gutting some poor soul foolish enough to stand toe to toe against Roy Thomas and Mike Hawthorne’s version of the Cimmerian hero.

Release Date: January 18, 2012


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