Bamfas Deals of the week 2/1/12

Another Wednesday is upon us and that means its time for the Bamfas deals of the week!

This list of loot should carry you over for the rest of the week and hopefully give you something to look forward to in the mail on Monday. On with the goods! #1 weekly want

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Series

It has been called the greatest show ever (often by me) for a good reason. The set includes every episode over 39 DVDs. If you have not seen the show before, this is a great chance to see it for the first time. Sure it is on Netflix instant streaming but the collectors set’s packaging is a must for fans with worn down and possible played out discs.

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The tidy tech deal of the week

Flexicord HDMI cable

If you are anything like me then you have a mess of tangled cables behind your tv. You can try to stash it but it just never wants to stay hidden. This handy cable uncoils to the exact you need. Since they don’t recoil, they come with a recoiler if you need to adjust the length.

Deal details: $9.99 on []
The DIY, Moar Power!! Deal of the week

Dual USB outlet

I dare you to not want this! Perfect addition to your home office that is lacking outlet space. No more deciding what to unplug because your phone is about to croak. If you are worried about installation, it does come with detailed step by step instructions.

Deal details: $26.96 on []







Review – Spartacus Vengeance Episode 2 – A Place In This World

And…. we’re back with episode 2 of Spartacus Vengeance – A Place In This World.

We left Spartacus just finishing a lesson in leadership, having to watch for the sake of his people who joined him over his own personal desire for retribution. Episode 2 starts on a different foot, instead it shows us the story to a young man in the mines, trying to fight for his life against an ogre of an opponent. As we know from Blood and Sand, the mines are a kill or be killed environment so it’s no surprise to see such a brutal demonstration. There is a twist though, Titus Batiatus returns from the grave for what will be a long flashback through the episode.

The followers take on a new goal, the search for Naevia is on and the group will stop at nothing to see that fulfilled… well at least Crixus will stop at nothing. Fans of his character will get some excitement seeing his drive igniting again as he pushes with determination to find his lost love, each Dominus gets a target on their back during this search and Crixus struggles to control his rage. Spartacus and the others use this time to recoup and take pleasure, even then the times are not so simple as social clashes continue with the Gauls and the limited numbers of their men at hand. As the first episode brought viewers to see the struggle and lack of organization, this episode shows that it will take more than slight collaboration to keep them together in this fight.

The life of the Romans gets just as complicated, Ilithyia has had her mind take her elsewhere, traveling to another, is it a slip or is it a tease? Either way this will continue to be the least of her problems as Lucretia continues to win the favor and interest Glaber in her reborn state, so much so that she’s able to call to the gods on his behalf for assistance. Add on the struggle of Glaber to recruit men in his venture to capture Spartacus and his plea to the gods gets greater understanding, his inherited title through marriage still haunts him as he tries to draw favor and men from those around him.

Spoilers for those unable to wait:

[spoiler show=”Show Episode 2 Spoilers” hide=”Hide Episode 2 Spoilers”]Spartacus haunts Glaber in deeper ways, as Ilithyia goes to bathe she finds her mind occupied with the night spent with Spartacus that masked night, one has to wonder what this indicates around the talk of her child. Does this mean that Spartacus has sabotaged his life in another way? Hopefully we’ll find out this season as it all unfolds. Even more questions will rise around Lucretia in this episode and around the messages she tells, will her memory allow her to claim Ilithyia’s child as well?The young man in the story is a reflection to Oenomaus as a boy in the mines, brutal and raw striving to live to the next day. It lightly touches upon his history with Titus and slowly unfolds to present day as he battles in the mines yet again, without master and fighting for old glory and alliances in his past. His life yet again runs without order, simply fighting to fight in the name of Titus back then when his view was untainted of the house of Batiatus.

Lucretia takes extra notice in this episode, her actions and life are driving tensions to the limit with Ilithyia, she can hardly resist the ability to strike her down during the sacrificial ceremony, you can almost feel the trance she falls into watching the event boil down. To bury what she thought was finished in the slaughter before. With Ashur playing up new tricks again she becomes a wildcard controlled by small notes we’re not able to view.


The story pushes forward in episode 2 into many branches, just as everything condensed into a single moment at the end of Blood and Sand it’s all exploding again as so many mysteries lay open. One thing is for certain, this is going to be a hell of a ride this season with so many wildcards in play. While I did include spoilers of this episode I did leave some bits out that you’ll just have to tune in to see, or cheat and wait until our Episode 3 review goes up and simply run from there.

Visually the episode takes a shot above episode 1, the moods, lighting and settings are all more developed. The action sequences feel seamless where they stuttered before, the transitions are clean and the slow motion sequences are balanced in their use to showcase the space they battle in and everyone involved not just one figure. There’s a lot of growth happening this season for the entire crew and it shows as they find their rhythm again. The engaging sequences are a draw to any fan of the series or newcomer, you get the tension struggle and thirst for blood throughout. The breaking of the stories is a welcome twist, the series often thrived on everyone being at their worst for intent, hopefully we will see that rise in the coming episodes.


Bethesda reveals Content Creation Kit video for Skyrim

So you’ve worked through Skyrim and you’re hoping for easier ways to get mods or even create your own? Today Bethesda releases their first teaser on the Content Creation Kit for Skyrim, it will be arriving soon via Steam as a freebie to work with. Still we lack a hard date on the release but it’s still good news for the community to have some official tools to work with and a great level of mod ability outside of just the graphic packs. Time to get to work on all of those new stories and worlds!

Check out the video below for the teaser. We’ll keep you posted when it breaks.