Review – The Goon #38 – The True Life Story of Kizzie: The Iron Maiden!

By: Eric Powell
Colors: Dan Stewart
Published By: Dark Horse

If you read my review of The Goon #37 it should come as no surprise that I think Eric Powell’s work is beyond amazing. I always have trouble writing Goon reviews because each issue is both simple and complex at the same time and it becomes difficult to actually express the greatness contained within them. With this review I decided that it just needs to be acknowledged that I am not unbiased when it comes to The Goon or anything Eric Powell does. In my eyes he can do no wrong but I do believe that it is an earned bias. Eric Powell has proven over and over again, whether through The Goon, Chimichanga or any other projects he works on, that fangirling out is warranted. This issue is no exception, it is touching, infuriating and quite frankly, it made me cry. Often times, Powell manages to use very few words and convey feelings of sadness that are so heartbreaking the reader really feels that pain. This is not an easy feat, although Powell makes it seem effortless.

The Goon #38 tells the story of a young girl, Kizzie, who is picked on in school, but in her own way seems above it all. Her older brother Rooney attempts to defend her but unfortunately things go awry and a bigger mess occurs. Kizzie is a good girl with big dreams trapped in a small town. With naysayers trying to determine the course her life will take, she decides to follow her own path with a traveling carnival. We are taken on a journey through many important events in Kizzie’s life including love, loss and resilience in the face of adversity. In an effort to not spoil this issue (because truthfully one needs to read it to really get its full impact) I will just say that Kizzie is a very important person to the Goon and the final panel in the issue is very poignant and emotional.

If you are not reading The Goon you are really missing out on something very special. I can say without hesitation that every issue is amazing, including this one. Even though there are continuing stories and character development, it is very easy to jump in, understand and enjoy any issue. The art is fabulous, as each character’s feelings are conveyed perfectly and with precision. This issue is dedicated to Powell’s Grandma so how could you say no? Go to your local comic book store, pray they have back issues and then pre-order this one, you won’t regret it!

Release Date: March 7th, 2012

Links: The Goon 38 Preview | Pre-Order The Goon 38


The Serious Sam Collection and a retrospective by Rich Knuckles

You thought you knew hardcore when you played MW for the first time, or when you managed your way into BF3. Fact is, you never knew hardcore at all because everyone seem to have forgotten about Sam… Serious Sam. The hardcore bastard with a love for killing everything that Mental can throw at him came back at the end of 2011 with a new game and tons of action for PC gamers. With BFE and the indie series already out for sale on various digital channels there was only one more thing Croteam and Devolver Digital could do, The Serious Sam Collection is a result of that.

Check out the video to get a full taste for how epic this really is. After that, head over to Steam and get in on the goodness because it’s that damn amazing.

Gotham City Impostors launches new DLC for 360 users

Today we have a bit of good news for Gotham City Impostors owners, well at least those of you on the 360, today we see a new update that brings matchmaking fixes and live joining ability to matches. Also new maps, weapons, gadgets and other goodies are also unleashed in this update for use immediately, finally the DLC tops things off with new costumes for characters to spice up the action just a bit. The only word for PC and PS3 players is that an update with the same goods will arrive in the near future, no word is out on this meaning possible exclusive releases for the 360 on this game but it wouldn’t be a first.

Check out the trailer below to get an idea of the madness coming in the new DLC for the game! If you haven’t heard of Gotham City Impostors check out the official site for more info and extra videos on the game.

Aion and Everquest going Free to Play

F2P concepts are taking over, you have so many games in the market making the switch that even World of Warcraft has made their own grab at capturing the crowd. This week we saw the announcement of Aion announcing truly free gaming for the 3.0 update as it reaches Ascension. SOE has also announced Everquest (1 not 2) will go free to play as well on March 16th with the option to upgrade to Silver or Gold memberships.

The details we have so far:


  • Launches March 16, 2012
  • Offers Free, Silver ($5.00) or Gold ($14.99) membership tiers
  • Former, new and current players will have access  to all expansions
  • Four Races will be available to Free and Silver players, Gold will get full access
  • No level cap will be installed on lower tiers
  • Free players get 2 slots, Silver get 4 slots and Gold get 8 slots per server
  • Spell ranks are capped at Rank 1 for Free and Silver while Gold is Unlimited
  • Prestige items are locked for Free and Silver members

For more info check out the super list

Aion: Ascension:

  • Launches this Spring
  • Head start programs available
    • Rallying the Troops – No limit time trial to level 40 for new players
    • Veterans will see a 14 day trial for reactivation
    • Permanent XP will be added to both groups and other boosts will help level players up
  • Housing system coming to 3.0
  • Daevas will encounter a new Mount system
  • New instances including 24 player raids
  • New zones in Balaur homeland
  • New level cap bringing the max to level 60
  • No word on e-shop transactions or a payment system supplementing this

For more information check out the staging site forAscension

Who says you need a mountain of cash to enjoy gaming? NCSoft and SOE just made it incredibly easy to get in the game this Spring.

Japanese magazine reports end for Bleach Anime series in March

The picture above has set the internet on fire in the past day, first a domestic live action movie by Warner Bros and now rumor is floating of Ichigo’s saga coming to an end for animation as well. Given they just started the final arc of the manga it’s hard to believe they’re not going to stick it out, instead it seems the XCUTION saga will be the last battle we see before the show bids farewell.

The concern is that Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full Power Ninden is taking over the slot but to this point there was no exact word on where Bleach was going. For now it seems the 366 episode will cap off the show for now. One can only hope it faces a rebirth like Naruto Shippuden had and comes back strong for the final arc in the story with less filler. We’ll have to wait and see what happens for the fate of the show in the next month, hopefully the animation team will be able to lend some insight although with Hiroki Takagi posting and talking about it actively on Twitter according to Crunchyroll it’s not looking good.

Sources: Esuteru (Japanese) | Crunchyroll

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City gets a PC date

Capcom is still committed to try to crank out their top titles for everyone, today we get a dose of that as they announce the PC release date for Raccoon City on May 18th, 2012. The delay i s set to offer higher visual effects supported by PC hardware and of course 3D Vision support for total immersion in the game, hopefully that includes a bump in texture resolution as well so users get the fullest experience on the PC side. Multiplayer is also confirmed for the PC with 8 player team versus battles and 4 player campaign as well. No word on Games for Windows Live powering the online portion of the game just yet. Although given the track record it’s not out of the question.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City arrives for consoles on March 20th and on the PC on May 18th, check out the new Brutality Trailer for a taste of why you might want to be a part of this new adventure.