New Mexico State creates 2,000,000+ Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

Today is a fire pepper spree for some reason. Digging deeper into the void we have news of a new king in town, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper has been uncovered to reach Scoville units exceeding 2 million. The previous king is no slouch breaching the 1 million barrier but this new breed seems to pack a punch unlike any other with a problematic side effect of actually being tasty on top of painfully hot.

Getting your own peppers figured out wont be that easy as the AP notes:

During harvesting, senior research specialist Danise Coon said she and the two students who were picking the peppers went through about four pairs of latex gloves.

“The capsaicin kept penetrating the latex and soaking into the skin on our hands. That has never happened to me before,” she said.

The seeds are already in high demand which means securing your own plants might be a little difficult and time to reach the market integrated into products will be limited as well. In the meantime if you’re hooked into the chili market you might be able to score your own brain strain peppers as many have on Youtube already using google and keywords like brain strain or 7 pot to get a match.

The end of 2012 should be an interesting time for chili products if you’re a fan, if not then just watch out because you might find friends slipping fire sauce into your dish.

Master of Malt introduces Naga Chili Vodka

We’ve reviewed the infamous Naga Jolokia from Melinda’s and we’ve been tempted by the ThinkGeek atomic fireballs fueled by Naga peppers. Today though the team at Bamfas stumbles upon our next possible adventure. Naga based Vodka by Master of Malt, while not cranking out 100,000 Scoville units this is pretty much a promise that it’ll decimate your taste buds and hang out for the after party.

Given personal experience with the Naga it’s easy to say that it burns through and through, if it touches your skin, enjoy the irritation and if it gets anywhere else one can only wish you luck on survival.

They recently got the malt on TV to sample and the hosts were… well they won’t forget that Vodka anytime soon. You can order your own bottle here, in the meantime we’ll work on trying to secure at least a sample of it for a possible Naga Showdown.

The Avengers trailer #2

As amazing as the extended superbowl trailer was, it was tough to imagine there was much more awesomeness left to tease us with. The new trailer will remove any doubt. Simply put, the Avengers is looks incredible. Don’t believe me? Take a peek for yourself below.

Borderlands 2 packs Steamworks on PC

Gearbox and 2K have been quick to eliminate any speculation about online support and protections for Borderlands 2, today they’ve announced that Steamworks will handle achievements, DLC, updates and matchmaking services with Steam Cloud picking up the tab for game progress data as well.

This acts as a shift from the in-house system used in the original title on the PC, with Steamworks they’re able to harness an entire user base with relative ease especially when handling 4 player match-ups. The only frustration might come from using online activation for the game, generally Steam requires online decryption of the files before allowing someone to play the game offline which means there will be a one-time validation requirement attached.

Borderlands 2 is set to arrive this September, hopefully we’ll have some deeper looks at the game between now and the release.