Flash Engineering brings the Saab 9-3 trackside

Just as Saab looks to exit the world, Flash Engineering is here with their new race prepped Saab 9-3 looking to battle it out in the Swedish Racing Elite League. The group will have some limited official backing from Saab Parts and battle it out with Volvo, Citroen and BMW along the way.


Honestly it’s a bit sad to se such an amazing machine enter in at the closure to Saab’s story, it looks brutal in every way and for me it brings a new impression on the brand as well. If you want to see more of the car, tune in if you can to the Swedish Touring Car races or catch them online and show your support as much as you can. For now the pictures released by Flash Engineering will have to hold everyone over.


DiRT Showdown showcases destruction mode in new trailer

Love smashing up cars? The new destruction trailer for DiRT Showdown shows how violent you’ll be getting in these environments. From traditional dirt bowl wreckage to elevated death match battles where the roughest car wins. While I haven’t been the biggest fan of the whole shift to demolition derby, this one might actually cement my interest given the variety of cars and how brutal some of these crashes are. It doesn’t hurt that many of these crashes also seem to be nitro filled for maximum damage and acrobatic points. With the game rolling out in just 2 months it wont be long before it gets put to the test.

Check out the clip and see if this chaos strikes up your interest:

Bioshock Infinite unleashes a new Heavy Hitter, the Handyman in a new Trailer

Bioshock Infinite goods are rolling out at full speed, this week we have we have some developer commentary and background about the new Handyman that you’ll encounter. Learn all about the gigantic hulk with the manly hands that can smash the world or at least make it a lot harder to navigate through courtesy of Ken Levine’s commentary. Honestly while it’s amazing that they’re revealing info about the Handyman, it doesn’t make the reality of him in a game any easier when they mention the game is basically littered with these things. Brace yourself it’s going to be a hell of a ride.

Links: Bioshock | Irrational Games

Also if you missed the Motorized Patriot video check out the clip below.