Justice League Jim Lee concept art revealed for issue 9

Jim Lee has been hard at work preparing for his return to Justice League in issue 9, today we have a glimpse of a new enemy slated to hit the League in the next few issues. Check out the image below for a huge teaser about someone set to get in the way of this Villains Story or possibly drive it all to new levels.

Link: DC Comics

Marvel shares Avengers vs X-Men VS #1 preview pages

Looking for an early glimpse of AvX #1 instead of #2? Well here we are and it’s a showdown in a big way with Iron Man and Magneto, some of the classic super giants in the Marvel Universe.

How will Tony stack up in the Iron Man suit vs Magneto the master of magnetism? There’s only one way to find out and that’s when Avengers vs X-Men #1 arrives. Check out the preview pages below for a taste of what this battle is bringing to the table and a surprise extra battle teaser.

Link: Marvel News