Review – Criminal Macabre: Die Die My Darling! (One-Shot)

Story: Steve Niles
Art: Christopher Mitten
Colors: Michelle Madsen
Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot
Cover: Fiona Staples
Published By: Dark Horse

Cal McDonald is more angry than usual. He’s coming to grips with the idea that he’s dead…forever and fighting is his eternal lot in life. All the things he’s enjoyed (the very few) have all become not so enjoyable and his future seems dimmer than usual. Cal deals with these setbacks in his trademark style, cantankerously to put it mildly. Tensions are running high and Cal and his ghoulish companion Mo’lock are not dealing with all these changes well. A mysterious stranger and his, um, sister(?) make their way through the tornado that is Cal and Mo to tell Cal his next mission. She explains that a war is upon them and Cal must follow her instructions or all hope for humanity will be lost. Cal takes all of this in stride and by “in stride” I mean very lightly. After understanding what they must do, Cal and Mo go on their way. After discovering the “threat” is not at all what he had expected, Cal decides to make his own decisions rather than follow orders. Will Cal’s choices mean the end of the world? I sure hope not, because this is a wild ride and I don’t want it to end any time soon!

This is a great issue for newcomers of the series to start with. The issue does a great job explaining the back story without bas
hing you over the head with it. The reader is able to understand Cal’s personality and the dynamic between him and Mo. The dialog and story are awesome. Cal is such an unlikable character that you can’t help but absolutely love him. He’s completely flawed and his relationship with Mo is completely screwed but their dynamic is amazing. Cal’s “fuck it” attitude and perpetually bored with life mindset is enough in itself to read the comic, but add in the awesome story and Christopher Mitten’s mind-blowing art and you end up with a can’t miss, must read comic!

Release Date: April 4th, 2012
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