Review – Dragon Age: The Silent Grove #3 Part 3 of 6

Story: David Gaider
Script: Alexander Freed
Art: Chad Hardin
Colors: Michael Atiyeh
Cover: Ramil Sunga and Nick Thornborrow
Published By: Dark Horse

In this installment of Dragon Age: The Silent Grove, we find Alistair and his crew on a boat with the mysterious man Alistair broke out of the Crow’s prison. We quickly learn that this man is not his father, King Maric, but his cellmate. Alistair goes to him to get information on the whereabouts of his father. He is told by the man his father was “rescued” by the Witch of The Wilds many years ago. Alistair, unhappy by this news, also learns from the man that King Maric left a message for his children. As Alistair deals with his daddy issues, he asks Isabela for help in locating his now missing father and is compelled to find out if he is dead or alive. Isabela doesn’t hesitate and they head off for the Tellari Swamps. As they continue on their journey it soon becomes clear that the Swamps are not a place anyone wants to go. Will they survive long enough to find what they are looking for?

This issue isn’t my favorite. It progresses the story well enough, but it just feels like it is lacking a little something. The art is great and I really like the cover. I will say though that the ending is very good and shows a lot of promise for action and major story development in the next issue. All in all, it is an entertaining enough read and is definitely necessary to read to stay in the story loop.

Digital Release Date: March 21st, 2012
Links: Download ($0.99)| Preview


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