Review – Prototype 2 #4 – The Survivors Part 2

Writer: Dan Jolley
Artist: Chris Staggs
Coloring: Michael Atiyeh
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Chris Staggs with Michael Atiyeh
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Prototype 2 The Survivors Part 1 left us with an odd taste, jumping into a completely new story and another set of dilemmas to navigate through in the pages of the book. The survival group goes on a fast paced journey from isolation and self-preservation into full action trying to spring themselves loose from the heavily contaminated Red Zone of the city, given some bad luck they end up crashing short of their promised land and wind up in the Yellow Zone.

Part 2 picks up right after this, we see a darker truth to improvements of the Yellow Zone, yes people are alive but they’re still surrounded with mutants and there’s a bad air about the situation as a whole with what Blackwatch is really doing for this entire situation. The group bands together again on a final journey, the escape to the Green Zone where they can break free once again, unfortunately luck in the Prototype Universe is clearly not on their side. The situation feels lighter than ever as they execute on their plan, soaring above the patch of freedom below, soon to be their home thanks to persistence and drive. Well, almost. Fate has a different plan in mind and Conrad didn’t even see it coming, we’re left to wait for the game to come out or possibly this next set of installments to help clear up all these loose ends and get some closure.

The art is a slight improvement for The Survivors Part 2, shape shifting isn’t nearly as common although the fish eyes still tend to pop up with Conrad making for some odd moments. Overall it was a style shift and it has to be accounted for, it’s more an issue that across a series there is some level of continued style expected as well. Design did improve and color delivered the drama with moments like Conrad resigning himself for the good of those who he wished to protect the most. As a whole though it’s getting tough to live with all these cliffhanger sections, we see a sweeping rush of conflict and hope and then complete hole to be filled by the game or another installment.

If you’re following the digital releases be sure to get your issues in pairs or the series will not make much sense, one can only guess what the final arc will bring before the release of the game.

Release date: March 28, 2012


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