The Walking Dead For Kids #1 cover art appears… if only

Skybound had some fun yesterday with Comic fans, while we missed on reporting it I’m still going to post it today so you can check out the awesomeness. The company announced they planned to run a kids version of the popular story with no actual content changes just some family friendly art choices instead. While many called the company out on the April fools gag, it’s still pretty epic.

From Skybound:

“THE WALKING DEAD: FOR KIDS is going to be word-for-word, panel-for-panel like the regular Walking Dead books, with all the violence, all the sex… but for kids!”

Giarrusso added: “It’ll be adorable.”

Cover Art

DC Comics releases Night Force #2 Preview

Night Force hit with high energy last month, bringing tales of horror and adventure to the world. This Wednesday you can get a second dose of this chaos and walk down the seven-issue mini series as Baron Winters travels through time to figure out the mastermind behind this siege no matter what might come up. Darkness is all around and both Winters and Duffy are knee-deep in it as they investigate the threat resting in the darkness.

Check out the panels below for a preview and hold on just a few more days for the release.

Avengers Trailer hits and 8 new photos accompany it

We keep talking about the Avengers, not just in AvX but the movie as well. Today we have a new teaser between Iron Man / Tony Stark and Loki as we get a tally count of who exactly is coming to the table in this new adventure. Tony seems very at ease given the situation at hand and lists off exactly who Loki has managed to piss off in this whole showdown. Check out the clip for the goods and the pictures below to fill your thirst for Avengers movie goodness until May arrives.

Norman Osborn saga goes 99 cents today

Norman Osborn has been quite a busy figure in the Marvel Universe, if you’ve missed out his happenings during Secret Invasion you can catch up on it all today using the Marvel Comics Digital App for Android and iOS.

Comics in the sale:

At 99 cents per issue it’s quite a steal, although I do suggest looking into the companion books for Secret Invasion instead of just reading the main saga as it gets pretty fun. Heroes doubting heroes, a mass infiltration of the Earth by the Skrull Empire in a way never imagined before and in the middle of it the human race and a ton of confused Marvel heroes trying to make sense of it all as the world gets flipped upside down on them.


Dark Horse hits Geek & Sundry with The Secret motion comic

Remember our Wondercon coverage about Geek & Sundry? It’s April and they’ve wasted no time to get into the groove, Dark Horse has their first motion comic out using their latest technology for viewing. Check out the upgraded version of The Secret in the embedded clip below.

First impressions, smooth movement, nice body gestures and the live camera follow is well executed as it drives down a corridor. It’s much less jerky and actually gives the impression of an animation. I don’t know if I could take all my comics in this form but it’s certainly an interesting new path they’re going down.

Marvel Free Focus for this week (April 2, 2012)

The next Free Focus blast from Marvel is here this week, the Fear Itself saga keeps rolling in their latest installment of goodies for comic fans, also readers get a dose of 90’s marvel with Avengers (1998) #1!

Check out the list below and get your reading into full swing before they’re gone again!

Available now

S.H.I.E.L.D. Infinity (2011) 
S.H.I.E.L.D. (2011) #1
FF (2011) #5
Wolverine: The Best There Is (2010) #7
Uncanny X-Force (2010) #6
SKAAR: King of the Savage Land (2011) #1

Coming up*
Avengers (1998) #1
FF (2011) #6
FEAR ITSELF: Black Widow (2011) #1
FEAR ITSELF: Fearsome Four (2011) #1
FEAR ITSELF: The Deep (2011) #1

Link: Marvel Comics News

Axe Cop for President… of the world in 2012

We’ve seen the mass compilation releases of Axe Cop flowing in, this weekend at ECCC 2012 we got word that Axe Cop is setting sights on higher position though and it might not even be planetary. Axe Cop at the peak of power following Bad Guy Earth has only one direction left to go and we’ll see it this summer.

As commander of the whole world it’s a tough place for Axe Cop, the bad guys are out of the picture there’s only one frontier left to venture into, space. Yes Axe Cop is taking the fight for justice to space and everyone better watch out. It really is a tale we could only find from such a young mind. There is a key thing to note, this is a pretty noble effort to make it a continuation and not just a sequel comic so expect the same awesome fights, story and other elements that make this a priceless series.

For those wondering, you only have to hold out for a few more months, Axe: Cop President of the World #1 heads out on July 25th, 2012 from Dark Horse Comics. We’ll have more details on the book and our early coverage when we get closer to that release. In the meantime, enjoy the poster art for the book.

Link: Dark Horse Blog

Steve Niles brings a new Criminal Macabre adventure, The Iron Spirit!

Dark Horse has made a ton of announcements at Emerald City Comicon this year, one of those has been a new adventure for Criminal Macabre fans, The Iron Spirit is a new story that will please current fans of the story and act as an introduction piece to suck in new readers as well. A haunted veteran leads Cal to a creepy base full of mad experiments conducted on unsuspecting soldiers.

It’s an odd tale of death and the undead and all the impacts around both sides, we’ve seen our hero in Criminal Macabre go through a slew of situations and this latest one will be an epic chance to give him a new tale.

The Book is a ways off, Criminal Macabre: The Iron Spirit is slated to hit shelves on September 12, 2012 and we should have a preview a few weeks prior to that to give a heads up on how this new tale pans out.

Link: Dark Horse Blog