DC reveals Detective Comics #9 cover, announces new pressing for Superman and JL

DC is on an art binge right now, showing off sweet cover work for upcoming releases, today they also have a shot of Detective Comics #9 and it’s an action packed one. Batman with company in mid-air and 1 of them is being choked out by the bat rope in the night sky. Get a look before it goes out to print.

DC also has some news on the printings for Superman #1 and Justice League #6, after clearing out of inventory they’re going back into press for another run. Superman will hit its third printing actually with this announcement and Justice League will go into their second print on issue #6. Both comics land on May 2, 2012 with no images available on any variant covers yet.

Link: DC Comics Blog

Marvel and PDP launch new iPhone 4 cases for comic fans

Marvel has quite a history with comics, today they’re sharing a bit of that history in a new way thanks to a partnership with Performance Designed Products. Their new clip cases for the iPhone 4 deliver a bit of protection to your phone and also some amazing comic art that has helped push Marvel into the hearts of fans all over.

The current line:

  • Venom – Lethal Protector #1 (Mark Bagley)
  • Amazing Fantasy #15 – Spider-Man (Steve Ditko)
  • Wolverine #1 (Frank Miller)
  • Invincible Iron Man #1 (Gene Colan and Mike Esposito)
  • The Incredible Hulk – Eve of Annihilation #116 (Herb Trimpe and Dan Adkins)
  • Journey into Mystery – The Grandeur and the Glory #124 (Vince Colletta)

Unfortunately these are isolated to the iPhone 4 right now, hopefully Marvel can help bring these to other phone models in the future too. Kind of a shame to see sweet work like this isolated to just a small pool.

Check out the gallery below for larger shots on all the current models.

Link: Marvel News |PDP

Review – Conan The Barbarian #3: Queen Of The Black Coast – Part 3

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Becky Cloonan
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: John Paul Leon
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

With his fellow crewmen killed and stuck upon the Black Queens ship Conan stands alone fearless and ready to take anyone who dares approaches, But to his surprise he is given an unexpected proposition which leaves the Chimmerian bewilder…..

John Paul Leon Variant cover
Massimo Carnevale

Conan The Barbarian #3: Queen Of The Black Coast – Part 3 starts with a flash back of  Conan stalking in a wolf pelt in the woods after killing it. The story moves to present time to him and Belit, as she waits for answer to the question she had asked the Chimmerian warrior,”Will he take her as his lover!” Conan looks around the ship and its crew to see if any of her men would have resentment towards him, and the offer she had made, but to his surprise not one man had shown any jealousy. So he agrees to the proposition the beautiful Belit had proposed to him.

As the men dispose of the rest of the body’s of the trader ship, Conan is seen talking to a shaman, he expresses his uneasiness of not being able to keep the promise he made to Tito and his crew, the shaman tells him that the seas is a brutal place and that he should be glad the Queen spared his life. The two men talk some more about Belit and how the crew are completely devoted to her, believing she is a goddess, the shaman also tells him that fate has brought him here and now Conan and Belit’s fate is now joined. Night time comes and Conan and his new founded crew continue sail across the Stygian border off of Kush, Conan stands outside the bed room balcony looking towards the sea as  Belit calls out to him and joins him outside.

The two begin to talk and she tells Conan that she can see his future and she sees the same fierce fighting spirit of her descendants in him, the two of them share a moment together following the moment. When Conan wakes up he leaves the room and finds N’Gora, one of Belit’s trusted second in command and they being to talk about Belit’s knowledge of the seas and nearby provinces.  N’Gora also tells him of past before he met up with the Black Queen when he was once a captain of a timber barge out of Abomb. Local raiders tailed them and were taking his ship when out of nowhere Belit appeared and offered assistance, she took him and the rest of his crew in and the next day she took them to the raiders village and they burned it to the ground. They took revenge for what had happened to them the day before with her aid, N’Gora tells Conan that she liberated them and delivered them, as the conversation ends N’Gora asks Conan the new destination to which Conan tells him North Argos the port city of Messantia.

Final Thoughts: To be honest I was a little disappointed in this issue for one reason, in the first 2 issues Brian Wood makes Belit and her crew out to be this blood thirsty pirates and Belit as a she-devil that destroys everything that crosses her path. Becky Cloonan’s illustration contributes to that by making Belit and her crew very dark and mysterious. But when Conan agrees to join her you see that’s not the case they aren’t blood thirsty pirates they’re just good regular seaman who are thankful to her so they fight for her. I had my hopes up thinking maybe now since he joined such a dangerous crew he’ll be more like a villain but with one issue left it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, besides that it’s a good issue.

Release Date: April 11, 2012


Marvel brings Avengers TV Spot Brings Helicarrier and Agent Coulson Poster

Avengers stuff is going crazy this month, between AvX and the new Avengers movie it’s getting heavy. First up, Agent Coulson gets a new movie poster, he’s a right hand man to Nick Fury and a huge part of helping the team organize to take on their latest threat.

No word on the movie poster availability like the Lego one but here’s to hoping it’s out there anyway. With that said, check out the video below and enjoy the poster resolution we have available.





Wolverine hosts a Jean Grey School Livetweet on Wednesday

AvX lands tomorrow and part of the media blitz includes a Live tweet session with the Jean Grey School and Headmaster Wolverine.

The brief from Marvel

You will not want to miss this week’s livetweeted class from the Jean Grey School–seriously, it would be a terrible idea–as Headmaster Wolverine himself joins the proceedings for the very first time to lead a lecture on “Fighting without Fighting.” Class begins at 2 PM EST on Wednesday, April 4 and you’ll also want to follow along in your textbooks with WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #8.

To join in on the education, sign up to the Jean Grey School members list on Twitter and also individually follow @JeanGreySchool, JGSHeadmistress@, @IceIceBobby, @AngelMetalWings, @_Broodling_, @GenesisHero, @idie_okonkwo, @KidGladiator1 and @QQuire.

Be set to learn at 2 PM EST on Wednesday, April 4 or risk the wrath of Headmaster Wolverine!

Pretty awesome, hopefully this will give a bit of insight on where Wolverine and the school will rest in regard to AvX, Captain America has already courted him asking for his assistance but we have yet to find out where it will all rest.

Link: Marvel News

G.I. Combat #3 cover strikes, danger ahead

DC likes to drop art previews all the time, today we’re getting a shot at G.I. Combat #3 where a friendly baby dino encounter is about to turn bad in a way like no other.

Never really saw rage on a dinosaur before, yelling yes but rage has been absent even in movies. I can safely say I have seen it now and it’s absolutely terrifying. 🙁 Check it out for yourself below.

Link: DC Comics News

Marvel continues AvX knowledge with What The–?! Part 2

First Cyclops and Captain America teased Wolverine as he reminisced about Jean being lost to the Phoenix. Today we see an angry Wolverine work on the payback he’s been working on to get back at these two for playing with his mind. The war is on and you’ll see it in the clip below.

Expect the best refrigerator joke ever from Wolverine and an inspiring voice acting moment from Gambit. Damn you Marvel for making such amazing things with figures.

Diamond Select Toys returns with The Amazing Spider-Man

Diamond and Marvel as partners have been out of the game for a while, today though it all changes as they step in with a movie line of Spider-Man busts for the new moving coming to theaters. The line is designed by the folks at Gentle Giant Studios and comes in 8″ to 10″ varieties depending on the version.

The statues have amazing detail and paint quality in each piece, the undercover version is most likely one of my favorites as it combines so many high quality elements of action and clothing into a single piece.

Check out the gallery below for images and after that check out the pre-order options so you can be on top of it this June.

Links: Marvel News | Comic Shop Locator