Captain America & Hawkeye #629 preview art arrives

Captain America and Hawkeye are teaming up again, with so many conflicts they’re willing to put some of it aside for the greater good. Cullen Bunn and Alessandro are on board to help launch the new book later this month (April 25). Their adventure is a bit abnormal, they’ll be fighting dinosaurs and other prehistoric friends while trying to retain some mutual ability to work together in the thick of it all.

Some words from the writing duo on this new character mashup.

“When I originally described this arc, I said something along the lines of ‘Captain America and Hawkeye fight a bunch of dinosaurs,’” Bunn notes. “That was [both] an oversimplification and a bit of misdirection on my part. What they face is much, much worse than just a bunch of dinosaurs. An evil thought long-destroyed is awakening beneath the mountains. It becomes readily apparent that they should have called in [all] the Avengers from the get-go.”

“I’ve always liked Stegron,” says Bunn. “He’s a fun dinosaur guy with a mad scientist’s brain. More importantly, though, his particular power-set made him a perfect fit for the story I had in mind. This is a strange, creepy adventure for Cap and Hawkeye [and] it’s Stegron who sets everything in motion.

“On the surface, Cap may be a little too ‘stuffed shirt’ to be versatile, but nothing could be further from the truth,” Bunn insists. “[That] may be the public persona, but Cap is just as human as the next person. He has his moments of doubt, humor, awkwardness and self-reflection.

“In this series, we’re seeing how Cap intersects with other heroes. [His] partners may enter these team-ups with preconceived notions. In some cases, Cap may live up to their expectations. In others, he may surprise them.”

For those wondering, this will not end up as a steady pairing with Hawkeye and the Captain, instead it will evolve as a group event series allowing Captain America to interact with many heroes in the Marvel Universe and develop his character even more.

Link: Marvel News

Zooniverse Free Comic Book Day Sneak Peak goes out

While we’re late on the updates, Aspen has some panel previews for Zooniverse, a new title coming to Free Comic Book day in May, we’re closing in on the annual event and the art in this freebie looks impressive.Peter Steigerwald is hard at work on this title and we have a work-in-progress series of art that goes from pencil to ink to color.

Link: Aspen Blog

Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire talk Swamp Thing and Animal Man crossover

Marvel isn’t the only one launching crossovers in the market, today Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire sit down to talk about the upcoming Swamp Thing and Animal Man crossover. It’s a tough showdown but Pamela Mullin from DC is able to pull a lengthy interview with both of them. Check it out below for all the goods.

What are the top 3 things you need to know about SWAMP THING or ANIMAL MAN?

SS: Swamp Thing: he’s big, he’s green and he’s badass. Really though, what you need to know is that Dr. Alec Holland was born with a strange connection to the Green – the earth’s network of plant life. As for many people before him, this connection was a sign that he was destined to become the fabled protector of the Green, a powerful creature known as Swamp Thing. But with Alec, the connection was stronger than most, so strong the Green believed Alec might be destined to become the greatest Swamp Thing ever, a warrior-king Swamp Thing. Alec resisted this destiny for a long time, but now he has accepted it out of love for a woman named Abilgail Arcane, to save her from a death force called the Rot, and so Alec has been transformed into the Swamp Thing – a swamp thing more powerful than any that came before. Just like Buddy is Animal Man, the avatar of the Red, the network of all living creatures, Alec is Swamp Thing, the avatar of the Green. Both of them have an enemy in the Rot.

JL: Animal Man is a father and husband first and a “superhero” second. Any decisions he makes are with his family in mind. And in many ways the book is as much about the entire family as it is about Buddy Baker. His 4-year old daugther Maxine is the next Avatar of The Red, the lifeweb that connects all living things. Buddy is her protector, and stands in
her place until she is ready. Buddy can connect to any animal and take on their traits. In upcoming issues we’ll see these powers grow and evolve into something more.

What’s been your biggest challenge working on SWAMP THING or ANIMAL MAN with the knowledge that it will have ramifications in another title (s)?

SS: Honestly, the biggest challenge is simply keeping up with Jeff – his imaginative storytelling and amazing character work on A-Man have me in awe every month.

JL: I agree. Scott’s biggest challenge is keeping up with me. But seriously,
both Animal Man and Swampy have such a revered history that the
challenge is living up to what’s come before, while at the same time
doing something new and making the characters our own.

How often do you talk story?

SS: We talk all the time. Every couple days. We’re like high school girls, but we talk about rot-monsters with baby-heads and such.

JL: If you ask my wife, we talk way too much. But Scott’s my best friend and
we have so much fun talking about comics and coming up with these
stories it’s hard not to.

What’s been your favorite moment of each other’s book so far and what are you most excited for in the other’s book this summer?

SS: There are so many. I think the one I’ll name here though was the moment the Hunters came through into our world through the zoo animals. I knew it was coming from having spoken to Jeff, but it still terrified me.

JL: I love the scene where Abby and Alec lay down in the grass and her side
wilts and his grows all lush. A really brilliant poetic moment that said so much with so little.

I’m most excited for all the other DC universe characters that will be popping up in the crossover…fans are in for more than a few surprises. The scope of the story is much bigger than just Animal Man and Swamp Thing

Team red or team green? Why?

SS: Team Green of course. Swamp Thing forever!

JL: TEAM BROWN!! Go Rot, go!!!

Link: DC Comics Blog

Batman Incorporated #3 gets cover art, awesome shadow puppets

Batman is on the loose, showing up in the strangest of places, the cover for Batman Incorporated issue #3 highlights this as a match lets off the dark silhouette of the caped crusader. It’s a sweet piece of art, kudos to the team for coming up with it as the strong shadow is dominant but still lets focus wander.

Link: DC Comics Blog

Marvel confirms Captain America sequel in 2014

Captain America hit it off with fans last year, Marvel is hoping the momentum carries through when he’s paired with top-level super heroes in The Avengers next month. They’re banking quite a bit as they’re planning to follow-up Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 in 2013 with Cap’s return in 2014 in a full sequel appearance. The sequel picks up where The Avengers leaves off and Cap works to continue relations with S.H.I.E.L.D. and figure out where he falls into the world now that everything has changed so much.

We’ll have to wait for The Avengers to break out next month before making any guesses on where the story could go, we’ll also keep tracking Marvel for more updates. Until Then we only have April 4, 2014 as a marker in the future for the next installment.

Link: Marvel News

Venom #17 gets a variant edition

Flash hasn’t had an easy run since taking on the symbiote suit, in Venom #17 it’s about to get even crazier as the crime-master he’s been fighting launches a new bold attack against Venom with a new gang to lend a hand. It’s not just going to get ugly, it’s going to get very personal as Flash has family and friends targeted by this foe.

Link: Marvel News

Issue details:

  • Release date: May 2, 2012
  • Written by: Cullen Bunn & Rick Remender
  • Art by: Kev Walker
  • Variant by: Kev Walker
  • Original by: Mike Del Mundo
  • Price: $3.99