Dark Horse announces Nook art contest

Dark Horse is now available on the NOOK, as a celebration the company is offering fans a chance to win a NOOK and some free graphic novels to sweeten the deal even more. Entry is pretty simple, draw your favorite Dark Horse Character interacting with a NOOK and you’re in the game, if you get really creative with it you’ll only earn extra points on top of your existing entry so think of ways to stand out in a field of eager artists.

When you’re ready, just scan it, photograph it or export it and send it off to their designated email address with “Draw to Win!” in the subject and you’re all set to roll. You can get the full details at Dark Horse about the event and fine details for everyone.

Contest closes April 20th, 2012.

Link: Dark Horse Blog

Masters of the Universe returns in July from DC

Get ready to gear up for a new adventure in the DC Universe, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is relaunching in July courtesy of DC Comics. The new series is slated to take on a new life for the warrior in celebration of his anniversary this year, for those wondering, he’s celebrating 30 years of awesome this year.

Unfortunately it’s a six-issue limited series but hopefully if the reception is strong enough it’ll continue beyond that for the fans.

Some words from DC on the new comic:

In the new series, Robinson reintroduces the Masters of the Universe® to comic readers with Skeletor having won a major victory and rewriting the world of Eternia where he now rules from Castle Grayskull and the Masters have no memory of their former glory. Adam is a simple woodsman haunted by dreams of a heroic warrior, wielding a powerful sword in battle. He is found by a mysterious sorceress who tells him his dreams are of the way the world should be, that he is Eternia’s champion He-Man. Adam sets off on a quest to regain his power and reawaken the Masters of the Universe.

Link: DC Comics Blog

Preview pages for Invincible Iron Man #516 break out

Preview pages are always an amazing thing, today we bring you a peek at the new Invincible Iron Man pages for issue #516 from Marvel. Catch them down below. Without captions it’s a bit hard to see where things are going but it seems to be an intense battle across the city for Tony Stark.

Link: Marvel News