DC Preview Mondays arrives with Nightwing, Voodoo Child and Mad

Nightwing, Voodoo Child and Mad are here to kick off the week for DC Comics. Nightwing probably being one of the most eager teasers of the week as it helps kick off Night of the Owls in the Batman world.

Check out the pages and descriptions below from DC for more information and teaser goodness, you only have to hold out a little longer and these new releases will be upon us!

Nightwing #8

The “Night of the Owls” has begun! Following the shocking revelation (SPOILER ALERT!) that Dick Grayson was originally intended to be a Talon, Nightwing must work to save both his name and Mayor Hady from The Court of Owls’ assassin targeting him. But when Grayson arrives to City Hall only to find innocent blood has already been shed, will he have failed his mission before it’s even truly begun? And how does turn-of-the-century era Gotham factor into all of this? Find out in NIGHTWING #8, written by Kyle Higgins and illustrated by Eddy Barrows, Ruy Jose and Eber Ferreira. Click here to see an exclusive preview of the issue.


Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child #2

Last month marked the launch of DOMINIQUE LAVEAU: VOODOO CHILD. In the series’ premiere issue, you were introduced to Dominique Laveau, a New Orleans college student who is believed to have ties to the murder of the Voodoo Queen by the royal court. In the series’ second issue, learn more about the origins of Dominique’s family and why she’s become a target of these supernatural forces. Click here to see an exclusive preview of DOMINIQUE LAVEAU: VOODOO CHILD #2, written by Selwyn Seyfu Hinds and illustrated by Denys Cowan and John Floyd.


Mad #515

For over fifty years, “Spy vs. Spy” has appeared in the pages of MAD Magazine. This dastardly pair (one dressed in black and one dressed in white) has continued to one-up the other, til death do they part. In MAD #515, writer/artist Peter Kuper continues this longstanding and classic tradition with his new strip depicting this diabolical duo of double-cross and deceit. Click here to see the latest installment of “Spy vs. Spy” and be sure to pick up a copy of MAD #515 when it hits newsstands on April 24th.


Justice League #4 sells out, goes back to print again

It’s a good time to be a comic publisher, DC is loving the attention as they send Justice League #4 back for a third printing to get the books out to fans. While this doesn’t top issue #1 which has made 7 trips to the printer it’s still a feat and even issues 5 and 6 are going ahead to the printers to keep the supply flowing.

It’s an important issue to the series, showing off Aquaman, introducing Cyborg’s transformation and of course… Darkseid.

May 16th marks the arrival date of this third printing so hold on tight and keep up while DC pushes to get the supplies back in order.

It’s the Marvel free focus for the week (4/16/12)

Marvel is back this week with another batch of freebies for fans to catch up on, this week of course continues the Fear Itself theme with a special feature of power pack from 1984 as well to round things out. Coming up from there will be a large shift, moving over to Juggernaut, Silver Sable, Band of Heroes and Lorna the Jungle Queen, quite a shift given they’ve been on a huge streak with Fear Itself lately.

Check out the links below from Marvel for a look at their goodies for the fans.

Available now
POWER PACK (1984) #12

Coming up next*
JUGGERNAUT (1999) #1

Heroes Reborn goes 99 cents with Marvel today! (4/16/12)

We’re a bit late on this one but we have the news on the Monday 99 cent sale for Marvel. Heroes Reborn is the theme of the day and it comes in 3 flavors you can see below.

As usual the sale lasts until 11:00 PM EST so act fast as there are only a few hours left.

Additional background on the Heroes Reborn series from Marvel:

Taking place in an alternate universe created by Franklin Richards, HEROES REBORN: AVENGERS #1-12 re-tells how the team first gathered and became the super group they are today. In HEROES REBORN: IRON MAN #1-12, witness Tony Stark gradually become the Invincible Iron Man while also finding time to flirt with Pepper Potts and hang with James Rhodes. And in HEROES REBORN: CAPTAIN AMERICA #1-12, discover how Steve Rogers adjusts to present-day life in a world full of global threats and super villains.

The Night of the Owls is almost here, Scott Snyder talks

Gotham is about to become a battlefield for Batman and his friends against the Court of Owls and their dark allies. The Night of Owl’s crossover launches into action for DC this week.

The Talons are eager to act upon the will of the Court and the fate of the city is in the balance, a lost group who once reigned over the city is striving to take it back into their dark hands with this round of killers who will stop at nothing to meet the will of their masters. Who will rule the city after it’s all said and done? We have to read on in this new saga to find out.

Scott Snyder was available for DC to grab for comment on this new crossover for the Batman world.

“Night of the Owls is here, and it’s about time.”

I think that’s what a lot us on team Batman have been feeling these last few days. Because for us, this is the moment – the moment we’ve been excitedly working on and building towards for months. This is it, and now it’s really here! This is the night when the Court of Owls makes its move, sending close to 60 Talons out into the skies of Gotham, each with a deadly mission designed to help bring the city to its knees. Of course, the missions will also bring the Talons crashing into conflict with almost every member of the Bat-family, and even though this whole story takes place on one single night, for many of Gotham’s heroes, these clashes will have terrifying consequences that linger long after Gotham’s fate is decided.

“Night of the Owls is here, and it’s about time.”

There’s another reason that phrase sticks with me, though. And that’s because the story itself is about time, about history. For one thing, with every Talon having come from a different era of Gotham’s past, they’ll be plenty of glimpses literally and figuratively into Gotham’s history, with a lot of shocking secrets from the past being revealed. Basically, the story is about Gotham’s dark past being brought to to bear against the heroes of the present – about the evil from decades, even centuries of corruption emerging from the shadows to crush the spirit of the city – and the Bat-family – once and for all, in one single night, now.

So here’s hoping you’ll feel the same way we do…

“Night of the Owls is here, and it’s about time.”

Let the war for Gotham’s soul begin.

For those wondering, the series kicks off in Batman #8 and Nightwing #8 this week, the story will spiral from there into the rest of the Batman releases as the story goes full-blown in May. It’s an epic event so don’t get caught playing catch up on this series.

Review – King Conan #4: The Phoenix On The Sword Part 4 of 4

Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Tomas Giorello
Color: Jose Villarrubia
Cover Art: Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson Cover

The Rebel Four spring their trap on King Conan, sending assassins to slay the king in his sleep! After waking from a strange vision, Conan has his back up against a wall with his enemies in front of him–right where he wants them. If these traitors want his crown, they’ll have to take it! But even if Conan survives the assassination attempt, the evil wizard Thoth-Amon is back at full power and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and take the throne for himself!

As the four traitors and their assassins rush to attack Conan while he sleeps, they are taken by surprise when they find Conan standing ready. Enraged that such coward’s would attack a man in his sleep he lunges toward them and strikes violently. Badly out numbered and with his back against the wall, Conan finds himself  on the defense and searching for his resolve. Again he lunges forward at them, continuing to bash and slash, leaving only Rinaldo and Ascalante. Rinaldo is the first of the two to attack, with his dagger in hand he lands his one and only blow to Conan’s side before getting cut down quickly. With Rinaldo dead there only stood the power-hungry traitor Ascalante the main conspirer.

Meanwhile, Thoth-Amon  uses his black ring to summon a creature form the Outer world to attack his enemies. We skip back and see Ascalante and his assassins ready for an attack, out of nowhere white smoke appears and a baboon/wolf creature walks out and attacks Ascalante and rips his head off. Quickly it turns its attention to a wounded Conan…

 Final Thoughts: Classic Conan issue when it comes to action, King Conan #4 has action from beginning to end. Conan puts in some serious work in this issue, one word comes to mind when I think of damage he does and that’s “annihilate”.  Tomas Giorello illustrated some of the most brutal kills in a Conan comic that I’ve seen thus far.  The only bad thing for me is the story fell short to me and here’s why.

In the beginning of the story you knew that Conan was going to have it out with Ascalante and his crew at end, so you would think later on when the story moves and develops with any plot twist’s there would be some showdown. While twists did happen when Thoth-Amon found his ring and claimed his own revenge, there was some expectation that he would appear more in the future issues. That’s not the case, he is shown one time at the end of this story and that’s just to summon some creature, he has no real presence in the end of this story. With that said, King Conan: The Phoenix On The Sword was a nice side adventure and worked to hold readers over until his next major adventure is written.

Release Date: April 25, 2012

Links: Pre-Order | Preview