Review – Batman #8 – Night of the Owls Begins!

Writer: Scott Snyder, James T Tynion IV
Pencils: Greg Capullo, Rafael Albuquerque
Inks: Jonathan Glapion, Rafael Albuquerque
Colors: FCO Plascencia, Greg Capullo, Nathan Fairbairn
Letters: Comicraft
Cover art: Capullo and FCO Plascencia
Variant Cover: Jason Fabok and Peter Steigerwald

The Night of the Owls is here, it’s a battle for Gotham unlike any other and it’s a fight not only for justice but for the freedom of the city from this dark society underneath it all. A change is about to hit Gotham and it could send the entire city into a collapse, unfortunately as we reach issue 8, it’s far too late to worry about such things as they’re at the front door ready to make their first example out of Bruce Wayne.

Batman #8 is a violent ride for Bruce as his eyes still fight recovery and he shrouds himself in the darkness that he knows so well from his life as Batman. The Owls are making their move and Batman sits at the top of the list, the plan is simple, take down those who shape the city and it will be only up to the Owls to change the course of progress to their own desires and will. The battle doesn’t go down without a fight and soon the plan expands, everyone they know, support and work with is in immediate danger and it’ll take the entire allied force to give a shred of hope in this takeover.

Scott Snyder helps weave together an intense story, Bruce is vulnerable and unprepared and must rely on those around him to help protect the city he’s given so much of his life to. The Owls are not only strong but they carry huge numbers and are beyond the average thug in how they execute attacks and move. An organized lethal group of criminals with a common goal that work as a unit, you really can’t come up with something that provides more potential damage to a character who so often thrives on his own.

If you plan to follow Night of Owl’s you’ll need to stay tuned to multiple books in the series to catch the whole experience, they’ll be on the move to try to save nearly 40 individuals from their wrath. In the meantime lets hope that all the stockpiling and creations that Bruce has created pay off in this fight as he’ll need everything he can get against these killers.


Marvel vs Capcom 2 arrives on iOS this month!

Older console ports to mobile are becoming a trend, Marvel vs Capcom 2 is joining that list on April 25, 2012 with full action for fighting fans. The game is set to pack the full 56 character roster that made the game a hit in arcades and on consoles for so many years. No word remains on online multiplayer options or even how the control scheme has been designed yet but its safe to say this might be best experienced on an iPad over a standard iPhone simply for real estate space on your screen.

For those wondering, judging by the screens this is a port of the classic version of the game not the HD version found later on the Xbox, that should give some hints at how the mechanics will be balanced as well. Check out the gallery for more info and pick it up when it drops next week if you’re up for the challenge.

Review – The Amazing Spider-Man #684 – End of the Earth

Writer: Dan Slott
Art: Humberto Ramos
Inks: Victor Olazaba
Colors: Edgar Delgado
Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Art: Stefano Caselli
Variant Cover: Gabrielle Dell’otto
Published by: Marvel Comics

Otto Octavius is on his deathbed, instead of sitting in silence waiting for his time to come he’s gone the other way… fighting it and everyone in his path one last time. With a plan to repair the ozone and save everyone he has the attention of the world on him, will humanity put aside his crimes of the past and aid him in this pursuit to shield the planet from any further destruction? We know the Avenger’s haven’t, they’re out to put the group down and get to the heart of the whole situation, unfortunately Octavius was packing for that as well.

With the 6 man team of Avengers knocked out of commission by the Doc’s group the future of this entire plan looks bleak, fortunately there are always watchers in the shadows or in this case, in thin air. Silver Sable is able to provide some much-needed aid to this story as they take off into the next challenge ahead. Her technology is advanced enough that she can slip by and lend a hand to Spidey, not only is he qualified by being the lead character, he’s also facing his own end as she reaches him. The clock is against them and now they have to combine technology and brain power to find a way to strike back to alert the world and save the captured members of the team. Next stop, the Sahara and a unique villain to harness its potential to the fullest, this trio has their work truly cut out for them.

End of the Earth is a rough ride, with so much at stake the objective nature of these world leaders is compromised given the possibility of a renewed future on the planet. The Avengers striking at Doc makes matters worse, even if he’s a villain he still has something on the table that can unify a planet to cause and now they’re going against it. Spider-Man, Silver Sable and Black Widow are left to take on the only role left for them and face Octavius and the remaining villains. With bunkers all over the world, 4 remaining villains and the worlds biggest hit marker on his name it’ll be a really rough ride for Spidey to survive this time and the clock will be running against him as deadlines start falling on the world.

Amazing Spider-Man packs some great panels to go along with this story, trying to use the space to illustrate movement as best they can and showcase central items like the Spider Armor in the process. The vivid colors and detailed heroes are true eye candy to have. Unfortunately things tend to slip when introducing Horizon again but even that is only a short lapse that gets forgotten with the details on Octavius in his lair, a man at his end in so many ways looking so unbelievably disturbing in his shell. Overall it’s a solid read and enjoyable experience, seeing so much attention across the board makes for a deep read that I’ve managed to go over multiple times now.