SECRET from Image comics sells out, goes into second print

SECRET from Image comics sells out, goes into second print

Jonathan Hickman just launched his second series today from Image Comics and it’s already in back order with distributors, SECRET #1 is a team effort with Ryan Bodenheim and just barely touched down for fans. The team is excited about the news and already talking about the news.

“Well, I couldn’t be happier for Ryan. He’s worked extremely hard on this project, and together we think we’ve delivered an extremely interesting, and timely, tale,” explained Hickman. “That retailers and fans are as excited for the book as we are, only makes the entire experience more rewarding.”

The second printing will arrive on the same day as SECRET #2 on May 9th so fans will have to hold out for a while if they can’t find it locally. We did manage to find a copy so we’ll have coverage soon for everyone on the new series.

In the meantime a little bit on SECRET

A complex tale of private security firms, government corruption, and conspiracy, SECRET comes out a month after Hickman’s new series with Nick Pitarra THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS sold out of its first issue.

Link: Image Comics

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