Marvel Graphic Novels Head to Google Play

Marvel is going digital in a big way, this week you can enjoy Graphic Novels from the company on your Android Device in a new way thanks to their new assortment of titles.

Sample list of titles available:

Marvel plans to continue rolling out new content week by week for the platform and it means even easier access than before for Comic fans, you just need to flip open your storefront and grab what looks interesting. If you’re curious to the complete listing check out Google Play and see the goods.

Missed Free Comic Book Day? Dark Horse has some digital goodies for you!

Free Comic Book Day was this weekend, not everyone is lucky to have a local shop or a day off for the event though. For those that didn’t make it into the celebration we have some goodies from Dark Horse for everyone to share in. Buffy/Guild and Star Wars/Serenity are free for a limited time to catch and enjoy in your collection. Keep in mind after May passes the downloads will no longer be available to your account. If you’re on the fence about these freebies we did give short reviews on the issues. Buffy/The Guild | Star Wars/Serenity


Click a comic above to be taken to the Dark Horse Digital site for a free read of either comic

Marvel Free Focus returns with more free issues (5/7/12)

Captain Britain, Daredevil and Captain America arrive on tap this week for Marvel fans looking to catch a few freebies, unfortunately we’re winding down from our previous months of high volume releases but that will only small bump in the road as next week takes things up to 4 releases.

  • Coming soon*
    • ASTONISHING TALES (2009) #6
    • VENGEANCE (2011) #5
    • RED SKULL (2011) #5
    • CLOAK & DAGGER (2011) #3

If we see any other releases from next week show up early we’ll get on it, enjoy the sales and the freebies to help carry you until next week.

Marvel 99 cent Mondays brings The Avengers

Looking to stock up for not a lot of money today? Marvel is cranking out multiple titles from the Avengers universe for super cheap today. Check out the list and link below and get a chance to catch up or explore a new series entirely.

Pretty great deal and some nice variety in the mix, get a leg up on your favorite books as The Avengers movie tears it up in theaters and AvX helps rock things as well.

Marvel Mondays 99 cent sale: The Avengers