Voltron Coming Back to SDCC 2012


Legendary Robot Returns To San Diego Comic-Con 

Panel Presentation Features Celebrity Fans, Exclusive Reveals,And Voltron Product Giveaways Form World Events Productions, Mattel, Dynamite Entertainment And Viz Media

WHAT:       VOLTRON: FORM BLAZING FANS! The Defender of the Universe returns to SDCC! Join us as we celebrate Voltron® memories from some the hero’s biggest fans like Alex Albrecht (Diggnation, Project Lore podcast), Rob Bricken (ToplessRobot.com), Clare Grant with Team Unicorn (Geek and Gamer Girls) and other secret celebrity guests! Plus, we’ll share an update on the live action movie produced by Atlas Entertainment (The Dark Knight Rises), exclusive comic book reveals and announcements from VIZ Media with Traci Todd (Senior Editor – VIZ Media), Brandon Thomas (writer, Voltron – Dynamite Entertainment), and Voltron Classics toy info from Mattel’s Scott Neitlich (Marketing Manager, MattyCollector.com) as we raffle off BIG Voltron prizes! Come “Form the Head” with Voltron and be ready to share YOUR own Voltron story!


WHO:           Celebrity super fans, artists, writers and producers from the entire Voltron universe:

  •  From World Events Productions, Jeremy Corray, Creative Director
  • From Dynamite Entertainment, Brandon Thomas, Writer
  • From VIZ Media, Traci Todd, Senior Editor
  • From Mattel, Scott Neitlich, Marketing Manager, MattyCollector.com

Rob Bricken – Editor, ToplessRobot.com

Alex Albrecht – Writer, Director Voltron: The End, co-host Diggnation, G-4 Attack of the Show

Team Unicorn – Clare Grant, Rileah Vanderbilt, Milynn Sarley, Michele Boyd

WHEN:      Panel – Thursday, July 12 from 1:00 p.m. PST


WHERE:    San Diego Comic-Con, Indigo Ballroom

Bayfront Hilton (Seats 1600)

Review – Spider-Men #2 – “Peter Parker meet Miles Morales, Miles Morales meet Peter Parker”

Jim Cheung Cover

Written by:  Brian Michael Bendis
Art by:  Sara Pichelli
Cover by:  Jim Cheung
Variant Cover by: Sara Pichellis

An unconscious Mysterio wakes up and notices that Spider-Man has falling through the portal, upset that Spider-Man has always  gotten in his way he activates his avatar suit and walks through the portal declaring that he will get rid of Spidey once and for all. Meanwhile Peter Parker and Miles Morales stand face to face with Peter asking for answers the young Spidey can’t give, the conversion quickly turns into a little skirmish with Miles getting the upper hand using his Venom Strike to knock him out. The fight between the two is everything you would  expect,  Sara does a wonderful job showing the similarities and the differences in both characters from movements to fighting styles each is very distinguish and their own.

After a brief in-counter with Nick Fury who tells the younger Spider-Man to assist his mentor and tell him everything he needs to know about the world he’s in now and what happened to that Peter Parker, he also says he’s going to look into how Peter ended up in this world and the problems it may cause the longer he stays there. The two jump on a Shield helicopter and begin to talk once again, only this time it’s on a more serious subject and that’s the fate of this world’s Peter Parker, just when Miles is going to answer the big question of his fate Mysterio’s avatar shoots a rocket at the helicopter causing them to jump off.

Issue #2 is exactly how I though it was going to be and that’s story development, Peter is trying to grasp the situation he’s landed in while the young Miles does the same thing as well, there are some comedic parts in this issue but its’ s more physical as each tries to unmask the other. But none of it would make sense without Sara Pichelli, her action sequences are some of the cleanest I’ve seen in a comic book, every panel is laid out nicely with solid well proportion figure work. In the end Bendis opens up the story  just a bit and gives the reader a nice little twist at the end of issue.

Spider-Men #2 is a very entertaining crossover and as long as Bendis and Pichelli keep the formula the way it is I can’t see this event not being accepted by die-hard traditional Spidey fans, it has an alluring quality to it, one would have to be a fault-finding individual not like this comic