Review – Spider-Men #1

Jim Cheung cover

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Penciled by Sara Pichelli
Cover by: Jim Cheung
Variant Covers : Sara Pichelli, Mark Bagley, & Humberto Ramos

Spider-Men is combination of the two worlds (Marvel 616, Ultimate) or should I say Universes and there respective Spider-Man’s together in this nice debut of Spider-men #1 , Brian Bendis and Sara Pichelli team up the two Spidey’s in five 5 part series which promises to continue the same quirky humor the Ultimate series..

Spider- Men #1 starts in the point of view Pater Parker who you see swinging around New York City,He express’s his love of city in nice opening monologue. Bendis flows the character smoothly with a healthy dose of jokes while still keeping the monologue light. As a first issue I wasn’t expecting much to happened in the action department but more towards to development of the story, the little events that do occur are nothing the reader would be surprised of, But like I said didn’t expect much in a first issue only a bit of story development, I will say the ending sets up nicely for issue #2 and the potential it has to open up the story alittle more.

The plot is predictable and thin only because Bendis is setting up for thematic like events later on which begin to take shape in Spider-Men #2, With everything that has happened to Peter Parker and all things that transpire during the Ultimate series I’m eager to see how Bendis is going to establish Peter Parker in this world, and what effects he could possibly bring to the story once he and Miles Morales meet. You can say the same thing for Miles Morales how will meeting Peter Parker the man that inspired him to take on the title of Spider-Man effect him, there endless possibilities for this story. Bendis plans to establish the character first before jumping right in so new fans will able to catch on quickly.

Artist Sara Pichelli who has contribute her talents in the past Spider-Man (Ultimate Spider-Man) does a wonderful job detailing the cityscapes and the facial emotion and body language of the characters her Illustrations visibly brings all the humor and action to light, as fan of work I think she matches perfectly with Bendis.

In the end I highly recomend fans to give Spider-Men #1 and try, It doesn’t jump out at you in the beginning but it does have the potential of some decisive moments that could change the worlds of both men..


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