Necomimi Cat Ears Make a Splash at Comic Con 2012

Attendees from all over the country came out for the U.S. launch of Necomimi cat ears at the Andaz Hotel Rooftop Lounge to test the brainwave monitoring headsets, which created quite a stir during their four-day appearance at Comic Con in San Diego.

Guests enjoyed Necotini cocktails and cat-themed cupcakes served by cocktail waitresses wearing the moving headsets, along with red superhero capes, at the launch held on Thursday, July 12.

Everyone in attendance enjoyed trying on the cat ears, which move according to the user’s brainwave patterns and emotions. Ears perk up when the wearer is alert, droop down when the user is relaxed and spin in circular motions when the user is “in the zone.” Partygoers were also able to speak with members of the Necomimi team, who explained the technology behind the headsets.

Necomimi first became popular within the anime and costume communities in Japan because of a viral YouTube video by Neurowear, a fashion electronics company. Since then, audiences have been eagerly awaiting the US launch.

Necomimi is great for parties, tailgating at sporting events, bachelorette parties and can be used anytime to entertain friends and family.  The product became available for $99.95 beginning July 12th through select authorized resellers, retail partners and on

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