Review – Spider-Men #3 – “Spider-Men vs Mysterio”

Written by:  Brian Michael Bendis
Art by:  Sara Pichelli
Cover by: Justin Ponsor & Jimmy Cheung
Variant Cover by: Sara Pichellis,Rainier Beredo,Terry & Rachel Dodson

Jim Cheung
Jim Cheung

After blowing up the helicopter Peter and Miles confront the avatar of Mysterio, a brash Miles jumps into action without hesitation and is quickly taken down. At that moment Peter begins to understand situation and tells the younger spider-man to step so he can handled it, but before he can come up with a plan they hit with one of Mysterio’s illusions and are attack by a barrage of 616 and Ultimate villains. Form hear the action plays out with the two spider-men clashing with the likes of Green Goblin, Venom and Miles uncle Aaron, the action in this section is kinda straight forward with the two spidey’s taking down Mysterio quite easy, you would think when Miles is confronted by his uncle would produce some drama but that’s not the case here. Bendis could have done alot of things here by inserting some humor or more emotion as the two tag team it out.

Form there the story picks up allitle bit when Nick Fury and the The Ultimates show up at the end of the Mysterio fight. Bendis sheds more light on the tech Mysterio is working with, meanwhile peter takes off to resume his quest to find out what has exactly happened to the Spider-Man of this world. The last last few pages of this issues does show more emotion and the humor that was missing earlier, notably when Peter finds out the truth about himself and when he returns home and confronts Aunt May and Gwen. Although the script in this issue missed in alot of areas, the one thing that was a hit is Sara Pichelli artwork it’s very consistent in each panel action or non action, character figures are spot on as she blends the 616 and Ultimate villains together.

Spider-Men #3 is a decent issues but considering there’s only a few more issues left in the series, I expect the story to get deeper and more emotionally. Let’s see if Issue #4 will answer that call, I’m anxious to find-out


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