Review – Uncanny X-Men #17 (AVX)

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artists: Daniel Acuna & Mike Del Mundo
Art Assist: Diego Olmos
Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Art: Mike Del Mundo
Published by: Marvel Comics

The Phoenix attack resumes against Sinister to stop any plans of his against Hope for his own personal gains.   The group faces incredible odds but the cavalry is riding in to lend a hand in this difficult time for the X-Men, even in their darkest hour full of the most power they’re still a team and need each other to make it through.

The biggest thing that sticks out in this issue is the art, that’s not really a compliment at all as it ages the X-Men in ways I never knew to the point where they look disfigured. It’s certainly not pleasing during the read and it actually pulls away from the experience of the story, while I’m all for experimentation in style and format I can’t say this was the right choice to play.

In story we see Gillen wrapping this story up with a bang, not only is there a conflict between Sinister and the X-Men but we see Unit take a deeper interest as well. Groups battled valiantly against the clones and we see allies colliding as they stage a front against the Phoenix powered clones awaiting them. It certainly gets ugly but the story twists manage to avoid jumping the shark.

As a whole, Uncanny X-Men 17 manages to deliver a solid story arc and additional depth into the X-Men side of this conflict as they gain Phoenix power. Unfortunately the art wrapping up issue 17 is some of the hardest I’ve had to swallow since reviewing Marvel comics. Some things to note, Magneto doesn’t have a Halloween costume helmet made of cloth or vinyl and Psylocke isn’t horribly old or deformed. Also we notice when unrefined illustrations are pushed as final products. One can only hope this trend doesn’t continue forward as it doesn’t benefit this issue in the slightest. There are panels that have a sharp contrast and one can only assume the other team members on the art side had influence there.

Release date: August 22, 2012


Review – America’s Got Powers #3 of 6

Script: Jonathan Ross & Bryan Hitch
Story: Jonathan Ross & Bryan Hitch
Art:  Jonathan Ross & Bryan Hitch
Inks: Paul Neary & Jason Paz
Colors: Paul Mounts
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
Editor: Jeff Mariotte
Published by: Image Comics

Issue 3 of America’s Got Powers is here and we’re fresh off a confrontation between Tommy and his Mom about his role in the games. The fate of his brother Bobby has changed and the stakes just a whole lot higher, unfortunately there’s so many other things going on in this story that issue 3 puts that to the immediate side. Instead we focus on the facility and the endless dirty secrets within, one of which will prove to be one of the most cruel and abusive secrets so far.

The series has been a bit everywhere to help explain background, political interests, personal stories and the mystery of the crystal, for those hoping to hit some stability I’m sorry to say you wont find it. The layers just keep coming and the mystery behind Tommy / Zero is only getting deeper, what power does he hold and why do they so desperately want to find out what it is in the arena. We found out some of those details and honestly they’re really upsetting to say the least, what was a supernatural miracle has turned into dark experimentation.

Ross and Hitch have put together a solid issue, so much so that it’s hard to speak very much on it without spoiling the issue heavily. One has to just know the powers released in this world aren’t contained to any limited group and this gift to the world is only just starting. The only thing to figure out is which side will all of these power users end up on as the larger scope reveals itself, also will there be any real conclusion with only 3 issues left to pass through? The questions keep coming at this point and it’s worrying to think of how this will possibly even wrap up right now.

Release date: August 22, 2012