Tarantino presents -The Man with the Iron Fists (2012)

July 4, 2008 RZA and Eli Roth Announced the upcoming martial arts flim The Man with the Iron Fists, At the time it wasn’t named and was still just screenplay, RZA who had written the story since 2005 when Roth agree to jump on the project as the producer the two  brought the screenplay to Eric Newman and Marc Abraham, Shortly after RZA and Roth worked on every detail of the final screenplay together.

With a estimated $20 million budget the film began shooting in December of 2010 in China, filming locations included in the city of Shanghai and Hengdian World Studios .On march 2011 The Man With The Iron Fists wrapped up and was set to hit theaters .

RZA has stated saying that the movie pays homage to the Shaw Brothers martial art films


In nineteenth century China, The Blacksmith (RZA) is forced to create elaborate weapons for a small village. When a traitor threatens to destroy the village, he is forced to join both warriors and assassins to


Russell Crowe as Jack Knife.
Cung Le as Bronze Lion.
Lucy Liu as Madame Blossom
Byron Mann as Silver Lion.
RZA as The Blacksmith
Rick Yune as X-Blade
David Bautista as Brass Body
Jamie Chung as Lady Silk
Pam Grier as The Blacksmith’s mother
Jin Au-Yeung as ChanB
Daniel Wu
Grace Huang
Gordon Liu as The Abbott

Release Date: November 2, 2012

For more info go to http://www.ironfists.com/




Review – Conan The Barbarian #8 – Border Fury Part 2

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Vasilis Lolos
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Massimo Carnevale
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

At home in Cimmeria, Conan feels a confidence he hasn’t experienced in some time. However, Bêlit is unsure of herself among Conan’s family and clan in this strange, frozen land, a dangerous variable as the two face not only the impostor Conan, but also his vicious army!

Massimo Carnevale Cover

Conan and Belit are still tracking the imposter throughout the harsh lands of Cimmeria, writer Brian Wood continues telling this adventure in story in narrative form with internal/interior monologues. In the beginning of this Issue its apparent that Belit is struggling keeping up with Conan, the land of Cimmeria is slowly over whiling the Queen of the Black Coast. After a brief encounter with a warrior who was sent to confront Conan, later that night they have a conversation that concludes with both agreeing Conan should continue tracking the mystery man alone. Now on her own in the cold mountains of cimmeria, Belit  faces the dangers of the land and its occupants and must use her love for Conan as strength to it out alive.

Meanwhile Conan tracks the imposter and his crew of savages to what looks like a giant glacier , with sword in hand the Cimmerian angrily shouts for them to face him. In the end Border Fury had the potential to turn into a good story for the Conan series but sadly it looks like that’s not going to happened sometimes when comics have multiple story arcs a lot of things get disregard like character development or in this case a quick story conclusion’s, Border Fury would be a lot better if it had at least 6 issues just enough for writer Brian Wood to time to elaborate on how much damage the unknown warrior has caused in Cimmeria with that said I think the story was a little too fast for me to enjoy.

Artist Vasilis Lolos takes over for Becky Cloonan and will admit that I don’t particularly care for it, his style is unique and I don’t mean that in a good way. At times I couldn’t tell the difference between Conan and Belit due to them being drawing so similar, Lolos art is a little to grungy for me.

Final ThoughtsIn the end Border Fury Part 2 is maybe the worst issue so far in the Conan the Barbarian Arc

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Release Date: September 12, 2012


Review – Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison #5 of 5

Script: Haden Blackman
Art: Agustin Alessio
Letters: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Dave Wilkins
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

The stage is set and the retaliation is at hand, while Gentis prepares for his final move in this overthrow we see the Sith master plan come together and all hell breaks loose. Tohm, Trachta and Vader are hell-bent on stopping this event with their new recruits  and no betrayer will make it through their vengeance for what has been done. The race is on to grip the future of the Empire and the Death Star in this battle and everyone is getting involved in the slugfest.

For those hoping for a tense moment, you get a ton of them and it’s a rough ride as Vader tries to get his army to the front line before it all falls apart. Gentis is on his toes trying to rush this along, Tarkin becomes bait in a larger game and a transport full of unruly prisoners is ready to burst. The length of the issue is no different from before but yet it still feels like a blip in time because of the pacing, everything is on the verge of failure unless perfect timing is obtained. With the Emperor still returning to health as well it’s just a sketchy situation with no room for error.

Vader does what he’s become known for, acting as a pure force of power in the battlefield, slaying anything that gets in his path and taking no prisoners at all. His power extends well beyond the battlefield into his training and daily interactions though, just because you fight with the man it doesn’t mean you’re exempt from his wrath. So no, Vader doesn’t use the force on a jug of milk but he does make it known that no one will upstage him either and with that swoop we go off into oblivion waiting for the next Sith tale to come our way.

Blackman and Alessio do a great job bringing this story to life with highly active panels and story timing, we got in late with the series coverage but it’s so worth the read. The art is crisp and detailed and showcases all of the combatants and future fodder in vivid attention to gesture, emotion and their situations. Let’s hope the duo gets together again in future projects.

Release date: September 19, 2012

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Review – Gambit #2

Writer: James Asmus
Pencils: Clay Mann
Inks: Seth Mann
Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letters: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover by: Mann & Rosenberg
Published by: Marvel Comics

Gambit has stirred a hornets nest, the nest belonging to the money man Borya Cich who has his hands in numerous super villain attacks and plots. Using his current job at the Jean Grey School to sneak into the gala and play around in the riches and depot hidden away he quickly finds himself knee-deep in the heat. Thanks to a quick save from someone enamored with his charm he’s able to break away but the he stays on him. Did I mention he also managed to activate an ancient relic that buried itself in him? Yeah he managed to do that as well.

Gambit #2 “Can’t shake you loose” continues right from the path, he’s trying to figure out what this thing is and how to get rid of it and any option feels like a good start to him. Unfortunately, all roads really do lead to Cich so his future is going get an extra dash of difficulty trying to track down the origins and how to get rid of it before it gets rid of him. The issue is filled with snooping and thievery and Remy running into a familiar face in one of the most inconvenient times possible. Sounds like a wonderful trek right?

Gambit brings his passion for pretty things, messing with the bad guys and swooning the women to the table. It’s entertaining and action packed while retaining elements we’re used to seeing in current X-Men franchises right now. For X-Men fans hoping to see Gambit knee-deep in only trouble he can find, the series is gearing up to deliver on that expectation. Hang in for a few more issues and I think we’ll see some intense moments for our Cajun.


Review – Hawkeye #2

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: David Aja
Colors: Matt Hollingsworth
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
Cover: David Aja
Published by: Marvel Comics

Hawkeye is back, casual as ever and cool as a cucumber as he brings Kate Bishop into the picture. The young shooting ace for those unaware played a role filling in for Clint over the years. She’s back now but not as some majestic super hero or sidekick but just because she can, it’s a growing trend in this new series and a refreshing one. The thing to remember about this new Hawkeye branch is that it’s a refreshing take on character and storytelling. We’re not always going to be in a life or death situation with the galaxy at stake, when we come into Hawkeye #2 we see that as almost a sitcom introduction as their lives continue on without the reader.

The issue itself gets momentum fast, we learn about things Clint has been up to since we last saw him tackle his own landlord. We also find out why Kate is looming around the apartment reading his paper and drinking his coffee after a dramatic opening panel. The problems never stop in the city and they’re about to explore of them firsthand as an undercover duo tackles a new mystery invading New York. If you enjoyed the easy and direct dialogue of the first Hawkeye, this new one remains just as interesting and even dives into back story around Clint in his youth.

Instead of feeling like a regular action comic I can say Fraction and Aja have created a table piece in my eyes. You read Hawkeye and you don’t just get a quick slap of adventure and a hook for a new issue, instead you get an opening, body and closure to the issue that doesn’t always rely on a hook to keep you going. In theory you could stop reading right now and be perfectly satisfied. That’s how well they’ve handled it and how much of a departure it is from other books running around right now.

Carnivals, criminals, aspiring heroes and a hero all pack themselves into the short amount of pages in Hawkeye #2 and honestly I think fans should really give this series a shot because it doesn’t stop delivering good experiences.

Release Date: September 5, 2012


Game Of Thrones Collectibles From Dark Horse!




When looking for a key moment to immortalize as the second sculptural piece in Dark Horse’s highly coveted line of Game of Thrones collectibles, Dark Horse turned to none other than writer/producers David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for the most “statueworthy” moment in the then-unaired second season.

The two chose the memorable scene when Tyrion, as portrayed by Peter Dinklage, charges into battle, leading the defense of King’s Landing against an assault by King Stannis Baratheon in the Battle of the Blackwater. They further assisted with special photographic reference taken during filming, expressly for use as sculpture reference for the piece.

“When Dark Horse Deluxe began developing a new line of collectibles based on the HBO® adaptation of Game of Thrones, we were pleased to discover we had the full attention of all involved, from the team at HBO Global Licensing to the principals steering in the production,” said Dark Horse’s VP of Product Development, David Scroggy. “The Tyrion statue is a benefit of that communication, and we know the fans and collectors will recognize the quality that is the result.”

Dark Horse is currently offering the statue to the trade for advance order. The Tyrion statue will be issued in a limited run, with the final edition size undetermined at press time.

This detailed figure measures approximately 10 inches in height and 9.5 inches across its base, which features Tyrion’s cast-aside helmet and other painstakingly re-created details.

 Hand painted and numbered, the Game of Thrones Tyrion statue will come packaged in a deluxe full-color box.

 Fans of the series can view a “Making of the Tyrion Lannister statue” video on the Dark Horse Blog.

 Look for these statues to arrive in stores on February 20, 2013, with a suggested retail price of $199.99

Review – Star Wars – Lost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral #2 of 5

Script: John Jackson Miller
Pencils: Andrea Mutti
Inks: Pierluigi Baldassini
Colors: Michael Atiyeh
Letters: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Paul Renaud
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

The adventures on Kesh continue with Spinner and Takara, the duo are left fighting for a way off the south pole only to stumble into powerful company. Given the numbers and toll taken on them from being in the sub-zero climate it’s fair to say they weren’t going to put up much of a battle.

Issue 2 takes off as they move into the home of their captors, finding rich diversity within and a strong sense of the force to go with it. With so many neutral members occupying the city it’s puzzling to both of the new visitors on why this is. Unfortunately, it only takes a few scuffles to draw down the real force and get the story moving. New information is brought forward about the Sith on the planet and so much of the folklore that has been written to this point.

Ultimate weapons, rituals and betrayal are all on the table and Spinner gives readers a chance to see behind his usual troublemaker ways into something much more defining and dangerous. For me I went from not a fan to wanting to slap him around for being ignorant but that’s just me. Miller does a great job developing character traits, I hate being in the middle on characters and the latest issue swept me right into a single decision. The back story on the world and battles that took place and the current state of affairs does help give greater understanding of the situation that culture faces and why they have focused on being in such a harsh climate. The little ends and pieces are all there to help channel where this is all going to wind up while also using a massive cliffhanger to torture people.

Lost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral #2 is a solid read and a fast one at that, Spinner and Takara really draw a line in the sand in this issue and all hell manages to break out during the process. Let’s just hope our warden can get her prisoner and his latest blunder under control before it’s too late.

Release date: September 12, 2012

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Review – The Creep #1

Writer: John Arcudi
Art: Jonathan Case
Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot
Cover Art: Mike Mignola
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

The Creep returns to us for a new issue, we join Oxel in his continued pursuit to find the truth about the suicide of a child belonging to one of his past romantic desires. Unfortunately we also see quite a bit of time has been lapsing since the #0 issue took the stage and a worried Stephanie is trying to keep Oxel fighting to find the truth after a disturbing series of investigations as he started the case. The period between those encounters hasn’t been kind, Oxel’s health is continuing to deteriorate and we see a very conflicted man pushing on through the story.

The problem seen in The Creep is that we’re leading nearly 3 stories at once and it’s also an investigative pursuit on top of all else. Honestly it’s frustrating to see so many elements at once but you can’t help but feel it’s taking on a cinematic approach of layering the madness until it comes to a boil. One can only hope the introductions of possible addiction and disillusionment don’t make this difficult case any more of a mess than it already is with so few leads available to Oxel.

It’s a hard job being a detective and it’s even worse with uncontrollable disease, physical disfigurement and a budget that barely allows for a cup of coffee. Oxel has his work cut out for him as he fights his own internal debate on how deep he wants to go with this case, seeing the situation of the families and the growing level of conflict between everyone can’t be that helpful. We do see signs of conviction coming back toward the final pages that show there’s some movement coming but one has to wonder if it’ll be enough to keep this nightmare scenario rolling?

I have faith in Oxel and while mixing booze and meds is certainly not a great idea on his part, I think he’ll be wise enough to get it together to face this whole situation head-on and give us some new twists as he gets his feet wet again.

Release Date: September 12, 2012

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Review – Wolverine and the X-Men #15 (AVX)

Writer: Jason Aaron
Pencils: Jorge Molina
Inks: Norman Lee
Colors: Morry Hollowell
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
Cover art: Stuart Immonen & Marte Gracia
Published by: Marvel Comics

Taking place just after Avengers Vs. X-Men #10 we’re launched into Wolverine and the remaining X-Men gearing up for a war with the remaining Phoenix Force hosts. Scott and Emma are the last two remaining in the battle and their power has grown to intense levels, with Emma losing her grip on control the X-Men are forced to take on a battle they may never return from.

The issue is a social call in many ways and an attempt to cross over the members of the Jean Grey school with the Avengers to show some cross chemistry between them. We see new advancements to strike back at the Phoenix Duo as they reach new levels of power and the Phoenix itself is starting to leak through the cracks breaking their control. Hope steps forward to acknowledge her role in all of this while the Avengers get lost in trying to find solutions excluding her.

It’s a fun deviation from the regular story, although one has to wonder what will come next given we’re looking at so much possible salvation and hope for the group in these dark times. Will there be a happy ending? It seems doubtful but there are some major changes in the issue that support a turn around for the Avengers and X-Men that join them. We see some lost faces come back into the fray such as Xavier who was very much sprinkled in throughout the story until now and even Rachel.

For those following AVX and watching their pockets, this is a worthwhile investment as it brings some nice character building to the story. The only real downfall is how Molina handled the art for the issue, I have to say it’s really confusing to see these strange squished heads for Wolverine, Hope and a few others. The expressions are pretty good for the other mutants, environment and especially between Ice Man and Kitty as she gives the best eye roll I’ve seen in ages. Sometimes experimentation isn’t the best thing to do and it really showed on those few panels.