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Darkhorse’s Hellboy In Hell #1 Sells Out!!!

Retailers around the country are sold out of the critically acclaimed first issue of Hellboy in Hell. In response, Dark Horse is reprinting the acclaimed first issue. The reprint is available for reorder now, with an on-sale date of January 30, just 1 week before Hellboy in Hell #3 goes on sale. After saving the world in The Storm and The Fury, but sacrificing himself and

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Review – Hellboy – Hellboy in Hell #2 ” In Pandemonium A Throne Awaits For Its King”


Story: Mike Mignola Art: Mike Mignola Colors: Dave Stewart Cover Art: Mike Mignola Published by: Dark Horse Comic After falling deeper into the heart of hell to a place called Pandemonium which is the oringinal home world of Hellboy form there the issue opens up more as Sir Eric exlpain’s to him that his presents there has caused the princes and minsters

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Dark Horse Annouces $1 Special On Brian Wood’s First-Issue Reprints Of The Massive And Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT!

In 2010, when Dark Horse launched the One for One program, making the first issue of select titles available for the low cover price of $1, the response was overwhelmingly positive from fans and retailers alike. Now, Dark Horse is making two of the biggest launches of 2012 available for less than the price of a cup of coffee! Brian

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The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys Launches This June 2013!!

In 2009, when Dark Horse first announced a new project from Grammy-nominated frontman turned Eisner-winning comics writer Gerard Way (The Umbrella Academy), the response from music and comics fans alike was overwhelming. Now, Dark Horse is thrilled to announce that Gerard Way, Shaun Simon, and Becky Cloonan’s highly anticipated sci-fi epic will finally see publication in 2013! Welcome to Battery

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Dark Horse’s Camilla d’Errico HelmetGirls!

DARK HORSE SET TO RELEASE CAMILLA D’ERRICO’S HELMETGIRLS! Camilla d’Errico is a powerful voice in pop surrealism, her work combining diverse influences in imagery is both singular and hauntingly familiar. Compelling and deeply personal, Helmetgirls documents Camilla’s art and lifestyle brand that fuses manga, steampunk, and fine art into an original and meaningful aggregate. Gargantuan biomechanical headgear adorns beautiful, wide-eyed, and seemingly fragile girls.

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Dark Horse’s Fear Agent Library Volume #1 Sells Out!

Dark Horse Announces Reprint Timed with the Release of Volume 2 in Spring of 2013! Dark Horse Comics gives one of its most beloved creator-owned series in its vast archives a long-overdue deluxe treatment! Demand has proven to be much higher than Dark Horse could have anticipated, with the first printing selling out before hitting the shelves of comic shops today. Rick

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