Indieflix Launches a Xbox Live App In 6 Countries!



IndieFlix, the subscriber based streaming service championing independent films, has announced the launch of its new app for Xbox LIVE on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand can now watch the IndieFlix library of film festival favorites and curated independent shorts, features, documentaries and web series through their Xbox 360. “We think the Xbox audience ‘gets’ independent film,” says filmmaker Scilla Andreen, IndieFlix CEO and co-founder. “We believe they’ll love the   original content and appreciate the raw creativity of these fiercely independent artists who work outside of the ‘system’ to make the movies they want to make – no need for permission or bowing to someone else’s editorial control. And the breadth of films – 2-minute shorts to full length features; action, animation, zombies, dark comedy, mockumentaries to serious political commentary – will satisfy any appetite.”

The IndieFlix app is being launched in six countries reaching millions of Xbox LIVE subscribers. “The sheer size of the Xbox market catapults indies into the limelight,” says Andreen.  “Independent filmmakers will have unprecedented exposure for their work, and indie film lovers will have access to movies from film festivals around the globe.”

The global exposure will also have a financial impact for filmmakers. Explains Andreen, “IndieFlix shares revenue with our filmmakers through our Royalty Pool Minutes model – filmmakers get paid for every minute watched by a subscriber. More members = more revenue for filmmakers = more movies.  We’re excited to see the world support independent film.”

The IndieFlix app will feature a rotating collection of movies that can be watched for free on Xbox, in addition to full access throug

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  • Anonymous

    My film has been with IndieFlix for a year now with 230+ minutes total views and I have yet to receive any royalties on my film. I understand that hundreds of other filmmakers are also having the same issue. Either IndieFlix is pocketing the revenue or their model doesn’t work.

    • Thank you for bringing this up. Films have to reach a minimum threshold of $50 before generating payment. We pay our Filmmakers royalties earned on the Indieflix platform but sometimes there are issues like waiting on Filmmakers to provide an 8 Ben or W9 form which the govt. requires we collect before issuing payment. And finally with regard to third party payments we like everyone else are at the mercy of the larger platforms sending out royalties. We can see reports but can only make third party royalty payments after we receive the checks. It’s part of the reason I wanted so badly to create our own new royalty payment model. Because I, like you, became very disgruntled and disappointed with all other models out there. The RPM model is new. It takes time to grow but I think we are on to something and Filmmakers are going to start seeing real revenue. I hope you will hang in there with us. Of course because we are non exclusive and free to submit and deliver you can always leave. We don’t force anyone to pay or stay on our platform. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Feedback is the best way for us to learn and grow efficiently.
      Scilla Andreen – CEO IndieFlix

      • Anonymous

        How many films on have generated $50?

    I cancelled 2 days early by email as directed & as a precaution
    even UNINSTALLED the app on XBL..
    But of course…
    I WAS STILL CHARGED the monthly fee?!!
    That’s SHADY & honestly it’s not just the fact…
    A.) INDIEFLIX isn’t worth the $6.99
    B.) They’re not following the terms of their own trial.
    but it’s that..
    C.)That INDIEFLIX is NO NETFLIX (1 Month Free Trial!)
    Which is actually worth the expenditure..
    Sorry.. Bunch of student films? Try $2.99 or Better?