Review – King Conan – The Hour Of The Dragon Part 1 of 6

Gerald Parel Cover

Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Tomas Giorello
Colorist: Jose Villarrubia
Cover Artist: Gerald Parel
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

The trio of Timothy Truman,Tomas Giorello and Jose Villarrubia team up once again to bring us another one of Robert E. Howards classic’s. King Conan – The Hour of The Dragon #1 is amazingly written issue packed with lots of disposition throughout this issue, like in the past King Conan arcs it’s told in narrative form with Conan as the narrator.

This issue starts with the wizard Orastes and his Amalric’s Tarascus the brother of King Nemeda and Valerius the former king of Aquilonian reviving the ancient wizard Xaltotun. With the wizard awaken the three desperately ask for his assistances which he surprisingly accepts and they begin to devise a plan to get rid Conan. Meanwhile it is the night before battle and we see Conan asleep but is awaken by a bad dream. Two of his men who heard him screaming rush in, Conan tells them that he feels a evil presences awaiting in the shadows ready to take him. At that moment his scouts trumps sound off which states the start of the war, As he starts to put his armor the evil aura he sensed earlier comes back and it turns out to be Xaltotun who then casts a spell on Conan that paralyzes him.

Without trying to give away the hole plot I’ll just say things get real thick at the end of this issue for the Cimmerian known as Conan. Writer timothy Truman ends the issue on a cliff hanger with Conan facing impossible odds.

Artist Tomas Giorello brings his heavily shaded and detail style to this arc, like most of his work Giorello’s panels are well illustrated and consisted all throughout the issue making it easy for readers to follow.

The hour of the Dragon #1 is a great first issue and going by the trios past work together this arc is going to be just as good as King Conan – The Phoenix On The Sword.

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Release Date:  May 29, 2013


Review – Amala’s Blade #2 “

Michael Dialynas Cover

Story: Steve Horton
Art: Michael Dialynas
Colors: Michael Dialynas
Cover Art: Guy Davis
Published by: Dark Horse Comic

Under attack by two robot like assassins Amala struggles to defend herself as the assassins seem to have the upper hand, but with some slick moves she over comes the disadvantage and destroys the would be assassins. With the two robots gone she continues on her mission but falls unconsous ill because of an eye injury she had suffered during her fight with the assassins.  As Amala lays unconscious on the ground, in dreamlike state she is greed by all the ghost she’s spoken and seen throughout her life time, the ghost tell that they can help take the poison form her body along with help her even when she’s not aware of it.

At that moment Amala is shock to not only see that she’s okay but she has taken out mass group of bandits, after reaching her destination she pulls out a disguise to make it in the City, Meanwhile on Smittys farm the police come with heavy firepower looking for Amala who they assume is still there.

Now Inside the city Amala who’s dressed like an old lady checks into an hotel room and pays the front desk men extra gold to make sure she doesn’t be disturbed during her stay. In Avatouon the Modifier Capital city a unknown man is talking to what seems like his Queen, about the peace between the Modifiers and the Purifiers is starting get shakey and that there bond is the only thing keeping the country together. The issue ends with Amala who’s  jumping form roof top to roof  until she reaches a tower that looks like the place her final target is residing in.

Amala’s Blade #2 is another fast paced issue, not much going on as far as story is concern but it does introduces some new characters who look like they’re going to play a big roll in the next issue but besides that not much is going on in this issue there was no character or story development what so ever in this issue hopefully the writer Steve Horton opens it up alittle bit more in t next Amala’s Blade #3.

Artist Michael Dialynas cntinues to be consistent in both  #1 and #2 so far and that’s good sign simple cause if a issue like this one is missing something its good to have great illustrations to keep the eyes entertain.

Release Date: May 29,, 2013
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Review – House Of Gold & Bones #2

Jason Shawn Alexander Cover

Writer: Corey Taylor
Artist: Richard Clark
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Cover Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

House of Gold & Bones #2 picks up where the first one left off, the main character Human is still disoriented and paranoid running form a Black John and his bunch of zombielike asks if he’s RU48; writer Corey Taylor does a good job keeping you interested on what could happened in this issue, on the run still human runs into a Adam and a new character Peckinpah,.

Meanwhile Adam who’s dressed in a SS uniform catches up to him and threatens him for not having his ish together as he says. Just when it looks like Adams about to finish him off he teleports away with as Peckinpah appears and guides him deep into the woods who gives him a unkown object and instructions to shallow it when the zomelike people catch up. Just when his about to take it Black john catches up to him and throws him against a tree causing him to drop the the object and knocking him out in the process which ends the issue.

In the end House of Gold & Bones #2 is your basic second issue, in that it introduces a new character and at the same time advances the story just enough to keep you interested. The writing is decent although there are some moments where you’ll get lost due to lack of explanation or detail or certain things.with that said House of gold & bones is a intriguing comic one that i’ll keep a eye on.

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Release Date:  May 22, 2013