Review – House Of Gold & Bones #2

Jason Shawn Alexander Cover

Writer: Corey Taylor
Artist: Richard Clark
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Cover Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

House of Gold & Bones #2 picks up where the first one left off, the main character Human is still disoriented and paranoid running form a Black John and his bunch of zombielike asks if he’s RU48; writer Corey Taylor does a good job keeping you interested on what could happened in this issue, on the run still human runs into a Adam and a new character Peckinpah,.

Meanwhile Adam who’s dressed in a SS uniform catches up to him and threatens him for not having his ish together as he says. Just when it looks like Adams about to finish him off he teleports away with as Peckinpah appears and guides him deep into the woods who gives him a unkown object and instructions to shallow it when the zomelike people catch up. Just when his about to take it Black john catches up to him and throws him against a tree causing him to drop the the object and knocking him out in the process which ends the issue.

In the end House of Gold & Bones #2 is your basic second issue, in that it introduces a new character and at the same time advances the story just enough to keep you interested. The writing is decent although there are some moments where you’ll get lost due to lack of explanation or detail or certain things.with that said House of gold & bones is a intriguing comic one that i’ll keep a eye on.

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Release Date:  May 22, 2013


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