Snail Games Announces Age Of Wushu Legends of Mount Hua Expansion and Other Future Plans!

Age of Wushu’s first expansion, Legends of Mount Hua, is set for arrival August 8. In preparation, Snail Games has released a new trailer, additional information and assets on the expansion features.

Yanmen Pass : Take a peek into the conflict that awaits as players journey through the Yanmen Pass. In this instance, players will be able to choose which story they want to complete; each has a path within a major plot at the center of the Yanmen Pass war.

Jianghu Gratitude and Revenge System: Age of Wushu will be adding exciting interactions that players can take up with certain NPCs. With a high enough reputation, players can persuade NPCs to fight alongside their character and provide some security in the unpredictable world of Jianghu. Players will also be able to use their reputation, and in-game gold, for darker purposes, like seeking revenge on a fellow player by hiring an NPC to carry out the dirty deed. Types of punishments range, depending on how much a user pays.

Age of Wushu
Age Of Wushu: Legends of Mount Hua

Jianghu Hero and Treasure System: In the new Jianghu Hero System, defeating certain enemies will attract the attention of Jianghu martial arts experts. Players must prove their might and defeat these challenging foes in order to receive Treasures, a new type of equipment with powerful stat bonuses. Each Treasure has a different power rank and offers varying benefits, ensuring a varied result from each victory.


Chinese developer Snail Games today announced its plans to expand the Age of Wushu franchise into a feature film and bring the game to additional platforms. With the recent North American PC release of Age of Wushu, a revolutionary, martial arts massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Snail Games now eyes expansion to the big screen. In addition, the game franchise is slated for additional popular game platforms, including game consoles and mobile devices.

Providing an immersive Wuxia experience, Age of Wushu gives players the opportunity to delve into the game’s ancient Chinese lore featuring martial arts combat and exploration throughout China, including real historical landmarks.


“The Age of Wushu game looks and plays like a major martial arts motion picture so bringing the property to movie screens is a logical evolution,” said Shi Hai, founder and chairman, Snail Games. “Our goal has always been for the property to reach the widest audience so evolving to a feature film and expanding the experience to consoles and mobile devices continues our plan.”

Details of the planned Age of Wushu film and the console and mobile games will be revealed at a later date.