Review: Berserk – Vol. 37

Review: Berserk – Vol. 37

Writer: Kentaro Miura
Artist: Kentaro Miura
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

One of my many joys in life are watching and reading anime manga, there are a ton of manga’s I find enjoyable such as One Piece, Magi and Shingeki no Kyojin, But my favorite is Kentaro Miura’s Berserk.

Guts the Black Swordsman have again donned the accursed Berserker armor to battle the titanic Sea God—from the inside! To slay the creature, its heart must be pierced, but even if he can manage this impossible task deep within the leviathan, how will Guts get back out?

Vol 37 picks up where the last chapter ended with Guts and crew 23774dealing with the sea god, The massive creature begins to shallow the ship, Isma and the other merrows try to stop the sea god but to no avail, a key moment happen d’s at this part. We see Isma discover her merrow powers as well as finding her long lost mother. At the same time Guts who is inside the sea god struggles with the Berserker armor, as it starts to affect his hearing and eye sight. Even with Schierke’s help, Guts still can’t fully control the armor, and with the sea god making a sound vibration which cause his armor to put more pressure on his body. So under immense pain Guts tries to force his way through the Sea Gods Sound attack, but then the pain of the armor beginnings to take its effect and Guts starts to give in, the Isma and her fellow merrow kin start to sing which drives the Sea God into a frantic.

berserkv37p1This buys Guts enough time to get up and attack the Sea God with one final attack, again this section I find particularly interesting, as we see him laying unconscious Guts’ Inner Beast starts to ridicule him for being lazy and weak saying “This is pretty lazy seeing as you always talk such a big game”. for those of you knew to the series the berserker armor gives Guts the strength to fight and kill Apostles, but it comes with a big price, Guts is starting to lose all of his senses the more he uses the armor, it as if Guts is destroying himself.

With the sea god defeated Guts finds himself trapped inside the corpse of the sea god, Isidro and the others try to find a way to free Guts, Another key moment is when the group figure out how to save Guts we see Casca and she’s with the mysterious black haired boy form The Tower of Conviction saga, it looks as if Casca is watching over the boy.berserkv37p2

Next we see Guts again struggling with the after effects of using the armor he no longer has the strength to free himself and starts to question whether this is the end, outta nowhere comes mysterious childlike figure and it guides Guts to a opening where the Merrow people grab and take him to the ship where the others are. And like i mention before we see a key panel where Casca and the black haired boy are shown looking as the merrow bring Guts to the ship, only this time we get a close up of the boy and he kind of looks like Guts and Casca. It’s strongly hinted that the boy is in fact the reincarnation of Guts and Casca’s baby. And at one point we see Casca panics like a mother would when the boy disappears. Finally the last of the key sections is when Schierke comments that meeting the boy under a full moon (when magic is at its strongest) cannot be a coincidence.

The Vol ends with a flashback of Guts and his life growing up in a mercenary camp, and how he had to endure the hardships of that life and how it made him into the man he is today.


Finial thoughts: Berserk – Vol. 37 is a masterful Vol; we get a lot of exposition of importance towards the main story. As for the Artwork Kentaro Miura Berserk manga has to be in the top of the manga list when it comes to its art, every panel is masterfully planned out and drawn with great detail. Because Kentaro Miura seems to have a long periods before releasing Chapter/Volumes it’s easy to forget what happened in the past Volumes. That alone makes important for fans to get a copy.

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