Review – Conan The Barbarian:The Song Of Belit – Part One

Writer:Brian Wood
Artist: Riccardo Burchielli
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Massimo Carnevale

Massimo Carnevale Cover

The Song of Belit is a new arc of writer Brian Woods, joining him in this new arc is Italian artist Riccardo Burchielli, who’s known for his DC/Vertigo comic series DMZ. Dave Stewart is back as the colorist for Burchielli’s artwork.

The arc is something different form the last arcs, for one it features a new land, and with that comes new mysteries and danger. And right form the jump we get a glimpse of how dangerous and mysterious this new land is, in the beginning of the issue Conan and Belit are aboard the Tigress and sailing the seas of The Black Kingdoms, As they sail deeper into the new seas Conan and the others start to become uneasy about the new sea. Belit tells them that there is a kingdom not too far from where they are and so they continue to sail. During the night a giant sea like snake attacks them, killing a handful of men before finally being driven back by Conan who once again expresses his discomfort with the new sea. When they finally reached the kingdom belit was talking about, they notice that it is abandon and again they come across a strange winged-ape liked creature. As they explore the grounds of the kingdom they a tomb of priest which is known to have treasure hidden underneath, under Belit’s orders they open the tomb and also set off a trap which takes out another hand full of men. Inside the tomb they find gold and other treasure like items, so they take possession of the treasure and start to return to the ship.

Once again Conan and the others see the winged-aped creature, but this time coming from the Tigress, this makes Conan curious so he runs back to the ship to see if it has done any damage, And after further inspection Conan sees that ape creature has done nothing to the ship so they go back to the city and continue exploring its lands, nightfall hits and Conan, N’Gora and the rest of their shipmates are in jungles of the mysterious land, and Conan quickly notices that they are being watched and followed. Conan then tells N’Gora and the others to go ahead while he stays behind to catch the one who is following them. But to his surprise it is not a person or creature that is following them, it is the jungle its self and its Black Lotus veins. The issue ends with Conan being wrapped by the Black Lotus veins, and us the readers wondering how Conan is going to escape this new and dangerous land.

This new arc looks really promising for the simple fact that its unknown, in past arc’s we pretty much knew what and who the antagonist was, but in this arc it’s a complete mystery. That reason only is what has me interested in the arc and the main factor for me to continue reading this arc.

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