Bandi & Tecmo Koei announce Dynasty Warriors: Reborn For the Playstation 3


Namco Bandai Games America Inc. has recently announced it will be releasing Dynasty Warrior: Gundam Reborn, by Tecmo Koei Games Co digitally through the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3 system.

Reborn 6 Reborn 5


Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn will allow players to control massive Moblie Armor units for the first time. Also visually the game will show war-torn stages as you play through each scenario. Just like pass Dynasty Warrior games players can upgrade their Mobile Suit and weapon systems.

Players will also be able to select their favorite Mobile Suit and play with other players in split-screen or co-op multiplayer action
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn for the PlayStation 3 system will be available summer 2014 throughout the America


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