Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan’s The Strain: Mister Quinlan Vampire Hunter #2

  • Writer: David Lapham
  • Artist: Edgar Salazar
  • Colorist: Dan Jackson
  • Cover Artist: Juan Ferreyra

Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan’s The Strain: Mister Quinlan Vampire Hunter29662 started off with a good first issue, we establish a solid plot along with interesting characters. At the end of the first issue Quinlan was sent to a Gladiator school and after 3 years was known throughout Rome for his victories, he soon found himself fighting Spiculus a famous gladiator and warrior he respected.

When the two of them finally fought Quinlan defeat him due to his vampire abilities, the victory causes the emperor to become enraged and calling for his head. Again Quinlan is in situation where he has to run, at the same time Thax snuck inside the emperor’s walls and its assume takes him out. Later that night an attack setup by Thax, which was setup at the end of the first issue is finally commencing.

Surprisingly Spiculus and a few other gladiators come to aid them as they fight off Thax and his newly turned vampire’s, the fight was won but not without casualties, Quinlan’s only friend Bruk was bitten by a vampire and taken out by Quinlan. After hiding out for some time Quinlan is sold off to another slave owner only this time the man knows what Quinlan is and why he’s so different from the others like him.

He’s taken to a room that is dark and filled with mysterious objects and artifacts, the man walks Quinlan up to a curtain, he is told that someone important has come a long way to see him, the person behind the curtain is an Ancient Vampire. The Ancient Vampire tells Quinlan in history there were 4 others like him that they considered an abomination and that he cannot be allowed to live.


The ground work Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan’s The Strain: Mister Quinlan Vampire Hunter is coming along smoothly with David Lapham, the focus of the story stays around Quinlan and Thax, the two seem to have been destined to fight one another, and now that the Ancient Vampires have revealed themselves it looks as if things will get more exciting in the upcoming issues, and I can’t wait.

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Release Date: Out Now


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