Review – Super Sons Rebrith #1: When I Grow Up…

  • Writer: Peter Tomasi
  • Artist: Jorge Jiménez
  • Cover Artist: Jimenez and Sanchez

Super Sons: When I grow up features Superboy ( Jon Kent) and Robin (Damian Wayne) as they attempt to be heroes without their parents’ consent, Peter Tomasi and Jorge Jiménez team up to bring a light hearted adventure between the son of the bat and the man of steel.

First off, the artwork in this comic is amazing, Jorge Jiménez work is top notch in my opinion his work is amongst the best today. What makes Super Sons so delightful is the fact it has humor without trying to be, most of the humor is from Damian, from him dressing like a bus driver to him sneaking into Jon’s room, Damian’s maturity is what makes this issue funny, compared to Jon, he’s a season vet when it comes to getting into mischief. Jon is much like his father, as far as doing things the right way, stand up for those who can’t, he’s a little boy scout, as for Damian he’s the total opposite, the kid does whatever he wants whenever he wants.

When Jon is at school Damian appears dress as the school’s bus driver along with being the substitute teacher in Jon’s third period class, the crazy thing about it is that he admits he was actually teaching the class and not faking it, when it comes to smarts Damian has to be one the smartest heroes in DC. As for Jon, he’s pretty much carbon copy of his father when it comes to his values, the kid is like a saint not a bad bone in his body.

Later Both Superman and Batman are called in by the Justice League, and Damian decides to sneak into jon’s room and convinces him to help him solve a case involving break-ins and hacking attempts at LexCrop, when the boys get to LexCrop they are quickly discovered by Lex Luthor himself in his Superman suite.

Conclusion: How will Robin and Superboy escape Lex, better yet, what will Batman and Superman do once they find out, and how will the boys react when that time comes, Super Sons has the potential to be a fun little side arc for two characters that are still relatively new

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Review – Teen Titans #5: Damian vs Ra’s Al Ghul

  • Writer: Benjamin Percy
  • Artist: Khoi Pham
  • Colorist: Jim Charalampidis
  • Cover Artist:
  • Khoi Pham & Jim Charalampidis

In the last issue, we left off with the Teen Titans finding and breaking Robin (Damian Wayne) free from his cell Ra’s al Ghul’s teen assassins Demon Fist put him in, and like classic Damian fashion he blows off with arrogance, I like that fact that Damian still struggles with his old self, it makes his character more interesting, especially when he and Mara confront each other, that is when you see how much has character has changed from when he first arrived, while Mara looks for her grandfather’s approval Damian sees his grandfather for what he is, and that’s crazy mad man who’s willing to use his own family to achieve his goal, When Ras and Mara are together he shows no empathy towards her.

The Demon Fist on the other hand realize this and start to question everything the League of Assassins has taught them, when Damian and company confront them, he informs them of how they were stolen from their families and raise to serve Ra’s. The members of Demon Fist question Ra’s about what Robin has told them, Ra’s doesn’t deny any of it, instead he has the league of assassins attack them. Together the Teen Titans and Demon Fist take out the League ninjas with no problem, at the same time Damian goes one on one with Ra’s, and actually holds his own against his grandfather, the rest of the Titans jump in to help Damian which causes Ra’s to retreat, throughout the fight Mara seems to be conflicted on what she should do, Damian tries to convince his cousin to come with him and for a second it looked like she would have, but Ra’s al Ghul intervenes and takes Mara with him as he escapes.

When it’s all said, and done the Teen Titans and the members of Demon Fist say their goodbyes to one another and everything seems to be good, but then Batman appears and questions Damian about the events that have just transpired, confuse of his father’s appearance Damian asks his father how did he know where to find him and its hinted that Damián’s pet bat was the reason, the issue ends with Batman asking Damian to return to Gotham with him, but Damian decides to stay and be part of the Teen Titans. In the final panel 3 months has past and we see Damian is standing on top of the Titan Tower alone, that’s until the rest of the team joins him, and together they look over the city of San Francisco

Conclusion: I really enjoy Benjamin Percy’s run with the Teen Titans, there’s a good amount of character disposition and action so far, and with Ra’s al Ghul conflict over I’m looking forward to what’s coming next in future issues

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Review – Inhumans vs X-Men #5: What’s Next?

  • Writer: Jeff Lemire & Charles Soule
  • Artist: Lenil Francis Yu
  • Colorist: David Curiel
  • Cover Artist: Leinil Francis Yu
Courtesy of

The Inhumans have gotten the upper hand on the X-Men and finally located and release Black Bolt from, my biggest issue with this run is how the X-Men despite having a legit reason still come across as in the wrong, while you can debate whether or not that’s true, you can’t overlook this one other problem I have with this crossover, and that’s X-Men/ Mutants turn on each other way too quick. Again, some fans may not see it that way, but for me that’s how I see it.

Inside the World, an artificial time altering environment, Jean and Fantomex continue to battle it out with Karnak, who in the process finds lockjaw and frees him. Back in Limbo Gorgon and Colossus fight concludes with Colossus getting the best of Gorgon, at the same time Madusa and the other royal family members find Black Bolt but are confronted by Havok who threatens to take out the inhuman leader, Havok warns Medusa and company about Emma Frost who he states is the real fight, Back in New Jersey Iso and the other young inhumans decide to help Forge build and use his machine in order to stop the Mist, Grid warns ISO that helping Forge goes against everything Medusa and the royal family have been fighting for.

Sypnapse and Reader teleport to The World and find Karnak meditating after surviving his battle with Jean and Fantomex, together the three of them try to wake up lockjaw. Cyclops, Ms. Marvel, Grid and the others fly to Iceland, but are quickly confronted by the full X-Men team, Back in X-Heaven Colossus finds Havok siting and is surprise when Havok tells him he let Royal family leave with Black Bolt.

The action picks up at end of the issue when the inhumans and Cyclops have it out with Emma and the rest of the X-Men, as they two teams fight Magneto becomes impatient with the senseless fighting and decides to step in.

Conclusion: Now that the younger Inhumans are going to help Forge stop the Mist, I’m interest on how this will affect the Royal family in the future, Medusa feels as if the X-Men have crossed the line attacking New Attilan and taking Black Bolt, when this conflict finally ends you can bet a rift between the inhumans and Mutants will be bigger than before. While still entertaining it still feels less important of an issue , compared to the AvX or House of M events.

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Review – SuperMansion S2 “The League of Cheesedom”

In the ongoing battle to redeem the league in the eyes of the public we see Rex and Portia take some drastic moves to appeal to a wider audience and monetize their celebrity status. But what would you expect from the endless spending from The League of Freedom when you combine it with a media tycoon like Portia? Sadly the events that follow take a sharp dive in classic SuperMansion form, but at least there are some silver linings.

The League of Cheesedom brings about a long arc for the episode using Rex and Portia, what it also does is introduce an origins story for Jewbot. While there have been many teasers about their origin and mechanics there was never anything terribly in-depth until now. From the start it seems the curious and pacifist minded Jewbot always held a reputation as being an anomaly, as our bot learns of their unwanted origins they take an emo turn for the episode until they stumble across some unique relatives.

The episode is part of a string of missteps and failures for The League of Freedom in establishing new trust and confidence with the public. They’re so thirsty for a break they’re often diving head first into anything they can get and having Portia on their side means everything gets thrown against the wall until it sticks. While that section was entertaining in itself, seeing Jewbot turn emo and struggle with a Five Nights at Freddy’s crew that plays Nine Inch Nails inspired tracks and wants nothing but death was pretty rewarding.

As a whole The League of Cheesedom was a consistent episode for season 2 that delivered on all fronts without jumping too far off the scales. Having Jewbot get some extra closure was a nice moment that also carried a few nice twists and put a nice bow on his messed up life story.


Stephen King’s The Dark Tower theatrical movie details

Stephen King’s beloved The Dark Tower series is set to hit this summer and I can say fans and moviegoers are in for a treat, The Dark Tower was eight book series that follow the tale of a Gunslinger (Roland Deschain) and his quest to reach the Dark Tower, what makes this story so interesting is that Stephen King incorporates a lot of this tell throughout many of his novels through one specific character and that’s The Man in Black.

Whether it be minor or major The Man in Black has been a part of Stephen Kings book universe, if you follow Stephen king’s novels you’ll always get hints of a mysterious figure behind most of the evil in has universe, in fact fans got taste of The Man in Black in two moves, The Stand, and Storm of the Century while its up for debate whether or not he’s the main antagonist in the storm of the century, you can’t deny the similarities and King himself never deny such, to avoid revealing too much I’ll leave at that and recommend you go and read the books yourself trust me you will enjoy it.

It’s been a long time coming for the series, fans can now see a film interpretation of Stephen King’s most classic novels. Filming started April 2016 in South Africa and New York, Weed Road Pictures will be the production company behind the film, Idris Elba will play Roland Deschain and Matthew McConaughey as Walter Padick aka The Man in Black, no true synopsis has been release as of yet but with a July 28, 2017 release date you can expect synopsis and a trailer to drop in the upcoming months.

Marvel Announces its first Inhumans Cast Member!!

2017 is starting to look extremely promising for Marvel and with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Spider-Man Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok all coming in 2017 Marvel is setting up for another dominate run this year as well. Now that they have the cinematic Universe well establish Marvel looks to focus on its new TV franchises in 2017.

In November 2016 Marvel announced the Inhumans Television series, which is going to be produced by ABC Studios, the series is going to focus on Black Bolt and the Royal Family, Marvel originally intended to make a movie franchise but that was scratch, months later we get news of the TV series instead, Ben Sherwood, president of Disney–ABC Television Group has stated that they have been working closely with Marvel’s movie calendar to make sure the show wouldn’t interfere with upcoming and future movie releases.

Jump forward to the present and we now have the series’ first cast member, Game of Thrones actor Iwan Rheon known for his recent role as the villain Ramsay Bolton will be playing Maximus, the brother of Black Bolt the inhuman king, Maximus has mind controlling abilities along with a genius-level intellect, he wants to be King of Attilan (The Hidden Land), he’s similar to Loki in that respect, and like Loki he feels he should be Attilan’s true king.

Marvel’s Inhumans is set to drop its first two episodes in IMAX sometime in September of 2017, with such a close release date you can be certain that more casting news will be announced in the upcoming months, If you ‘re lucky enough to get tickets for Wondercon 2017 or SDCC 17, Marvel is sure to drop some news about this and many more in franchises in the works

Review – Trekker: Rites of Passage

  • Story: Ron Randall
  • Art: Ron Randall
  • Colors: Ron Randall
  • Lettering: Ron Randall
  • Cover Art: Ron Randall with Jeremy Colwell
  • Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Intergalactic politics are never easy, getting caught in the black-ops dirty deeds of a big political storm is even more problematic. Trekker takes readers into the shoes of Mercy St. Clair, a Trekker / Head Hunter that doesn’t mind tangling with the worst the galaxy has to offer. The TPB edition is a full collection that covers a rough dance with the larger world that Mercy has put aside, seeking a simpler isolated lifestyle it’s not long before everything breaks down and her past emerges again.

Trekker spins off into secret government military operations, overthrows of outside territories and a rough ride through space with intense action and gun battles.

Ron Randall creates a complex web of relationships through the pages of Trekker, following Mercy through the pages there’s a huge struggle within as she fights constantly to shut the world and everyone in it out of her life. Creating a character that isn’t ice-cold but carries that on their shoulders because it’s what they know of the world is an interesting read, there’s sympathy and encouragement even while knowing it could all lead to dreadfully bad situations.

The art syncs up perfectly with the scenes, conveying careful energy and gesture to sell just the right read. From Mercy and her partner having some drinks (a few too many actually) to her expressions fighting predators in the wild with everything on the line. When you’re writing and illustrating that’s certainly a unique perk to have. Ron Randall creates momentum in the panels and emotion that helps keep characters alive and readers engaged.

Few moments ever manage to fall out of the constant friction in the story. The characters are flung from one bad scenario to the next all while holding on for dear life, Randall makes sure it’s not an easy ride and even in the most secure of moments, the floor falls right out from underneath Mercy and the reader. It’s unique in the mixture of cultures and a sci-fi manifest destiny gone wrong. Readers see the good and the bad not just in the shadowy government actions but in the people and their inherent desire for more.

Trekker is an interesting read, the art lands on point with carefully crafted pages that blend with the words on each page and give an expanded  understanding of the characters and world. For those looking to mix up their sci-fi experiences Trekker delivers, the character development is a very strong suit for the book and Ron Randall keeps a firm grasp on everything he wants readers privy to during the ride which makes it all the more interesting.

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Review – SuperMansion S2 “School Me Once”

With Dr Devizo out of the picture for now and Rex’s secrets secured it’s on to new business for The League of Freedom. School Me Once drops everyone into a flashback of Rex and his younger years working with Zenith The Earth Mother. Flash forward to present day and Portia / Zenith is ripping him a new one.

Season 2 really has no love for Rex and the rest of the members are feeling the sting of the public pressure in School Me Once. We see tales of manipulation, mythical creatures, tales of yesteryear and Jewbot studying the stereotypical college experience. The cast moves to spring back from their downward spirals including Cooch who breaks off from her depression over Brad and discovers a new role to explore.

Even with such a splintered storyline the SuperMansion team allocates enough time for almost everyone to navigate their adventure in the episode. Saturn and Jewbot seem to take a hit on their story as suddenly things go from Thousand Island to flag pole butt in a hurry. Ranger falls into the like minds of his era with the college conservatives and mostly re-lives his youth through the episode.


The animation team does a solid job with modeling and gestures but they do manage to shine well with the team action sequence. The camera sweep along with the action create a sequence that goes beyond the norm for the show and it’s a rewarding experience as it’s not static while it goes on.

School Me Once is obviously an important step in the storyline but the Saturn section feels forced, having Jewbot wanting to understand and experience a frat makes sense because of his nature but the rest doesn’t hold well. It’s a short segment though and the rest of the episode holds the experience up to introduce a new key character in Portia /  Zenith.


Review – SuperMansion S2 “Virtual Reality Bites”

Crackle’s season première of SuperMansion is here, with The League of Freedom still trying to rebound from the betrayal of Lex and assault from Dr. Devizo the group also has to contend with public demands for their termination as a group.

Given they have chaos in the streets it’s not entirely that shocking the public wouldn’t be entirely happy with The League of Freedom, throw in some human rights violations by illegally storing criminals under the mansion and the massive rebuilding costs and yeah… It’s not like they weren’t already under a bad light from excessive spending issues and rebuilding costs after each battle.

We see Titanium Rex take center stage, he’s trying to get his team in order, fight dissenting public opinion and face down a massive data breach of the mansion. The team in the meantime has their own battles, with Brad dead we see American Ranger help Cooch with her grief and find hope in seeing Brad one day in the afterlife. Saturn goes borderline stalker trying to track down his nemesis and Jewbot stands at the center trying to help Rex bury some dirty laundry.

The episode brings the group back with classic tales of Rex and his endless issues while letting Jewbot settle into his new body and work his magic in a realm he’s more familiar with. The story stays just as wild as ever with American Ranger determined to take on the church to help Cooch break into heaven and Saturn takes his nemesis obsession to new levels trying to fill the void in his world. It’s SuperMansion at its roots essentially.


Virtual Reality Bites hasn’t skipped a beat, the props and animation are smooth with detailed scenes. Voice acting from Byran Cranston, Heidi Gardner, Tucker Gilmore and the rest of the team are spot on as their characters settle into their own in the start of the season.

SuperMansion is already setting up an interesting new season so we’ll just have to see where season 2 continues to go and how the team manages to handle all these escaped villains.


Review – All-New X-Men (2015) #1.MU

  • Writer: Jeremy Whitley
  • Penciller: Carlo Barberi
  • Cover Artist: Adam Kubert

Recent events cause the original X-Men Cyclops, Beast, Ice man, Angel of the pass to be sent to a present timeline, with X-23, Genesis (Evan Sabahnur) and Oya (Idie Okonkwo) help they are trying to make good of unusual situation, while nothing special happens in this issue we do get some good character deposition of Wolverine (Laura Kinney), we see her slow become the team’s leader naturally, even Gambit notices how she’s not the same person she used to be, Laura is starting to accept being a member of a team but she still struggles with the same things Logan did when joining the X-Men.

As for the other members, do a little sightseeing of New Orleans during Mardi Gras, Evan and Oya seem more enthusiastic about trip more than others, in the end the trip gets spoiled when Leviathons drop in from the sky and attack the parade, with Wolverines leadership they take down the giant monsters saving the people in the French Quarter.

Conclusion: This is a dialog heavy first issue, not in a since of plot development or story but in character interaction, while it’s not as much as a Star Wars comic it’s a good amount, so if your new reader and decided to give this run a shoot make sure you catch up on pass events inn back issues so you can get a good grasp of what’s going on, the one down side to this issue is that it doesn’t’ t come off as a first issue, instead it reads as continuation of one.

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