Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) Official Trailer is here!!!!

After many teasers and screenshots, Marvel & Sony pictures have released the official trailer for Spider-Man homecoming. In trailer we get a glimpse of his new suit, the main antagonist Vulture (Michael Keaton) and his band of villains Shocker ( Bokeem Woodbine) and Donald Glovers  who’s character is still unannounced. We also see Iron Man in action as well, he seems to be playing the uncle Ben role to Peter in this film. With DC releasing its justice league trailer recently it was a given Marvel was going to do the same. 2017 is shaping up to be another great year for comic films.

Review – Iron Fist #1 (2017)

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Mike Perkins
Colorist: Andy Troy
Cover Artist: Mike Perkins & Andy Troy

In Ed Brisson’s Iron Fist #1 we get the aftermath of Danny Rand’s decision to leave K’un-Lun, the mystical city is left unprotected and therefore is destroyed. Issue picks up with Danny Rand struggling to find his purpose now that K’un-Lun is gone, his connection to the chi of Shou-Lao the undying and K’un-Lun is what made him the Iron Fist. Becoming the Iron Fist, fighting and protecting K’un-Lun was the path he followed, the path of a warrior. But things have changed, and Danny deals with it by drink and entering street fights for money, just so he can feel that sense of purpose once again.

Midway in the issue he come across a fight name Choshin, from the island of Liu-Shi, he challenges Danny to fight and at first seems to hold his own against Danny, but he stops the match, admitting he would lose if they continued. Choshin offers Danny Rand an invitation to Liu-Shi, and as expected Danny is reluctant to take his offer but quickly changes his mind once Choshin offers to help him find the answers he seeks about his life without the Iron Fist.

Conclusion: After that debacle of a series “Iron Fist” I had questions about Iron Fist and so when Ed Brisson’s Iron Fist was release I figured I would give it a shot. In my opinion felt Iron Fist is more compelling when written darker, and so far, Brisson’s run is going in that direction and I like it. Artist Mike Perkins work is more on the heavy sketch and shade style which gives the issue a darker tone. All in all, this was a solid setup first issue.

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Review – Liberty: Deception Volume #1

Creator, Producer, Writer: Travis Vengroff
Co-Creator, Storyboards: Adam Cartwright
Sketches and Ink: Raymund Bermudez & Art Shaft Team
Colors: Joana LaFuente
Letters: Eduardo Camacho
Cover Art: Dave Dorman, Eirich Olson

A Terraformed world gone mad, sounds like another day in the dark voids of sci-fi storytelling… or is it? Liberty: Deception drops readers into the shoes of Tertulius Justus, a figure with a uniquely manufactured past that lives in the hearts of the citizens of Atrius.

While Justus doesn’t get a common introduction, his life and reputation are anything but that. Combat Medic and Senior Investigator for the Bureau, Justus takes on the worst of the bunch that want to harm Atrius. Unfortunately, his legend is built on a government propaganda machine that seeks to create new heroes on the front lines that aren’t actually on the front lines at all. Kind of complex but so is Liberty.

Volume 1 throws readers into the depths of Atrius, well within their prison system we find the darkest of offenders or at least it once seemed that way. The story fills with confusion and some levels of deception, soon the story starts to come together through a series of flashbacks to quickly build depth to the story and get a better understanding of Justus and his place in the world. Given the reach of the story there are few if any slow moments through the first issue, pacing keeps readers guessing what comes next and where Justus is going with such a troubled situation.

The issues that follow in the volume continue with character introductions, back story and development so the cast doesn’t feel like a handful of fodder thrown in for cheap drama. Consideration flows through every page to highlight the struggle, the character flaws in their core and physically while bringing together a perfect storm as Justus comes into his own. Readers also learn how those overseeing Atrius have painted a twisted narrative and hold their own vanity in such high regard they’d sacrifice anything to retain it. Enemies of the empire are painted in mutant form, alien from anything they’d know as a complete misrepresentation, the mass manipulation of the media runs so strong the citizens blindly trust anything that comes to their lap.

Unfortunately, there’s a large cliffhanger with Volume 1, while tons of work has gone into the project and talent came from around the world to make it happen, there’s a desire for more and one has to worry when the next bit will come. The story has supplements running in other mediums but with the artistic quality and stylization directing the narrative, it’s hard to just swap mediums and take in the same energy.

One of the biggest things to take away from Liberty: Deception is how refined the read is and how familiar or comfortable it feels even though it’s a completely different piece from what’s come before it. The action, dialogue, and sequences are all well executed and illustrated to tell just the right tension, emotion and direct the narrative along. Given the size of the group behind the project and the distance between everyone, the result shows a remarkable level of consistency throughout. The Liberty: Deception team does note the challenges they had to face but it really did create a much stronger product once it was all said and done. For those looking to explore beyond the everyday book, Liberty: Deception presents an interesting cyberpunk, dystopian future full of twists, turns and of course, deception.

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Extended Credits

Continuity, Conway Flashback, Map, ABI Advert: Casey Bailey
Character Design: Eirich Olson
Twitch Flashback: Colin Lorimer
Aemos Flashback: Danielle Otrakji
Reeve Flashback: Deon De Lange
Tales from the Tower Advert: George Kavallines
Atrian Adverts: Arianna Westerfield
Citizen Guide Cover: Sean Thornton
Reeve Endures Poster: Michael Lee-Graham
Motion Comic Production: Brian Stabile & Astro Crow
Soundtrack Composer & Producer: Steven Melin
Concept Design, Creative Consultant: Laurie Thomas
Symbol Design, Chapter Border Design: Matthew Bailey
Digital Renderings, Writer for the Liberty Podcast: Kaitlin Statz
Matte Painting: Dylan Peirpont
Liberty: Deception Logo Design: Stacey Baldini

DC’s Justice League Official Movie Trailer!!

With wonder-con being around the corner DC put out character teaser trailers for the upcoming Justice League movie, they also hinted at releasing an official trailer afterwards. A day later here we are, and as promised, DC gave us the official trailer.

From the looks of it Justice League is shaping up to the turning point for DC, when it comes to their films. With Batman v Superman falling short, many fans think Wonder-Woman and Justice League are the movies which are going to start the DC film franchises off right

Netflix’s Death Note Official Trailer and Release date!!

Netflix’s film version of the popular manga Death Note has finally released, while this isn’t the first motion picture version, back in 2006 two films were directed by Shūsuke Kaneko and were well received by fans, and with the history of bad big screen films (Dragon ball Evolution), people were skeptical about this film. After after looking at the trailer I think fans can be at ease with this adaptation.

  • Nat Wolff as Light Turner
  • Margaret Qualley as Mia Sutton
  • Keith Stanfield as L
  • Paul Nakauchi as Watari
  • Shea Whigham as James Turner
  • Willem Dafoe as Ryuk (voice)

Review – Super Sons Rebrith #2: Who needs Batman and Superman!!

  • Writer: Peter Tomasi
  • Artist: Jorge Jiménez
  • Cover Artist: Jimenez and Sanchez

With the last issue ending on a cliff hanger I was sure this issue would no doubt be entertaining, and I wasn’t wrong. One of the many bright spots in this run are the characterization and the artwork. Supersons #2 delivers on all those with and more, first off, we get a prologue of Kid Amazo the main antagonist in the future, this kid has a serious anger issues, in a game of hide in seek, he finds and kills a family we are suppose assume is his.

Jon and Damian’s encounter with lex is almost ends early when Damian uses Jon as a decoy. Once again Damian manipulates Jon into helping him, it seems as if Damian doesn’t really care for Jon’s safety, he purposely uses Jon as bait just so he can get access to Lexcorp’s data files, however do find it strange Lex has no idea who Jon and Damian are. After escaping Lex the two dig up some information on a kid name Reggie aka (Kid Amazo).

Tracking Kid Amazo’s last position to a warehouse they investigate and find the family he had murdered in the prologue, right away Jon wasn’t to inform their dad’s, but Damian is determined to prove he doesn’t need Batmans help, the two of them argue and Jon leaves the scene and runs into a little girl who escaped during Kid Amazo crazy hide and go seek game outside the warehouse.

The issue ends with Damian and Jon being watched by each other’s fathers.

Conclusion: The one issue I have is that Jon is pretty much useless, he lacks any development, granted this could be on purpose, it’s still something to note. Damian on the other hand is a complete badass, with Tomasi doing the Batman and Robin runs its not surprising Damian’s the more developed character as of right now. The artwork once again is on point so theres no need to get into details about it, Jorge Jiménez is killing it.

Overall we got some story progression, so hopefully in the future we see the two encounter Kid Amazo, I know I cant wait.

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Review – Inhumans vs X-Men #6

  • Writer: Jeff Lemire & Charles Soule
  • Artist: Lenil Francis Yu
  • Colorist: David Curiel
  • Cover Artist: Leinil Francis Yu

Marvel’s Inhuman vs X-Men event has seemed to hit its climax, the war between mutants and inhumans hasn’t turned out for the better. Many of the inhuman’s died, all because of a lack of communication between the two groups.

Emma Frost’s grief gets the best of her, we see her transition into hate and anger which in turn cause’s her make decisions that in dangers the X-Men, she no longer cares about saving mutant kind, Emma wants revenge for Cyclops and is hell bend on killing Black Bolt, who she blames for Scotts death. But its revealed that Cyclops wasn’t killed by Black Bolt, he was killed in an accident way before the discovery of the Terrigen Mist.

Young Cyclops reveals that Emma had been lying to everyone for months about it, Storm confronts her about it and she doesn’t deny it, in fact she becomes more unstable. If not for Ahura and the Ennilux, the war would’ve gotten more out of hand.

The down fall of Emma is also the rise of Madusa, she really evolved as a leader in this crossover, with all that was going on Madusa never wavered when things looked grim for them. Medusa’s growth was one of few things that I found enjoyable in this crossover, as for the final battle between the two groups, I found it to be a little lack luster. There was no real lost amongst the two teams, granted Ahura did lose a ship full of Ennilux, but in actuality their deaths played no real significance overall.

For me Inhumans vs X-Men is an average crossover at best, the story reminds me too much of AvX’s, on top of that you never get a real present of danger in this crossover, even with Emma going full on crazy at the end. Marvel had something good with this event, but because it focuses more on action instead of the narrative this crossover is miss.

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Fanboys or Gamers: Can you tell the difference now days?

Are gamers today fanboys or are they the gamers they claim to be? It’s a question I find myself falling back on as I read the latest reviews on Nintendo’s Zelda of the Wild for the Switch and Wii U. Every gaming journalist rated the game a 10/10, some are calling it the greatest game ever, ladies and gentleman that is bold statement to just throw down. I’ve been gaming for a long-time, playing games on many platforms and yet I’ve never played a game that I can consider perfect. When I see some reviews just throwing out very bold claims, it really makes me scratch my head, so many leading reviews came off as fanboy expression channeled into an objective statement, not as a formal evaluation as they might claim to deliver.

As the circle, will undoubtedly come back to me, I’m not a journalist nor do I claim to be, I’m just a normal guy who enjoys gaming who notices a trend of fanboyism going on in the gaming community about this game. Having a site claim the game is a “open-world perfection” is extreme, it’s almost tailored for a commercial, ad placement or box quote on a GOTY release. I do believe everyone has a right to their opinion and to that author in their personal opinion the games open-world elements are perfect but it’s the medium it’s being announced from that becomes problematic.  Usage of terms that claim a product displays no flaw whatsoever are questionable for me and I found reviewers acted too quick to throw around such strong claims anytime a remotely good game hits the shelves.

That’s the fuel to the topic at hand, are fanboys or Gamers different? For me the answer is no. Growing up, people around me who were gamers flocked to the system that had their genre of games whether it be, RPG, Action-Adventure, FPS, open-World, etc. Each platform had something to offer a unique demographic even if it wasn’t the best execution, some things were just favorites as people bonded well with the characters or mechanics. Now it’s about specific games and the console, not the genre. A great example of that is Battlefield and Call of Duty going to war every year, the trolling and hate amongst the fans is ridiculous, it’s very seldom you see someone giving both games fair credit. Instead you see the typical flame wars of spam on your popular YouTube or gaming site, it’s not just the gamers who do it but also some gaming sites, whether it be through nitpicking or comparing it to game in a different genre, the shade is all the same.

Getting back to Zelda’s Breath of the Wild’s perfect rating, is the game worthy of the perfect scores it has landed? That’s for the gamer who’s playing it to decide, I take issue and feel compelled to speak when I see a strange cycle of editorial that mirrors or mimics the general sentiments about a title regardless of the medium, from formal sites to pundits on youtube channels somehow all singing the same praises at the same time.

I guess this begs the question, is Zelda really that good? The answer is Yes & No, while game does have its strengths, the gameplay and its unique puzzles are just some of the minor things good about this game. Believe me there’s more, but what keeps it from being a 10 is that it’s not really innovative, I’m speaking strictly to the genre its playing to, the open world. Zelda doesn’t bring anything different which other great open-world games of the past did, it does execute certain elements better than others of its genre predecessors, but is that enough to label it the greatest game ever? No, its not, there are reasons such claims and terms are reserved for groundbreaking games that create new paths versus just executing established formulas well.

Spawn movie update and Why Dark and seriously Tone Comic Book Movies can be successful today.

With recent success of R-Rated comic book films some studios are now more open towards R-rated superhero films now, or so it seems. Let’s be real ladies and Gentleman Wolverine and Deadpool are considered adult friendly comics, while fox tried the PG-13 route with Wolverine and the movie straight up flopped, as for Deadpool, it was in hiatus for years because of the rating issue.

That open the door for more darker superheroes to hit the screen, whether it be a reboot or the birth of a franchise, making darker mature stories and heroes, if done right, have a chance on the big screen today.

It was only a matter of time before others follow suit, in comes Todd McFarlane. Years ago, he announced a Spawn reboot was in the mist, but because of how dark the movie would be studios didn’t want any part of it. Jump to 2017 and once again McFarlane gave fans an update on his Spawn Reboot at Emerald City Comic-Con stating

“Listen, I’m going to paint it for you. The movie is going to be a dark R…If here’s PG-13 and here’s Deadpool and here’s Logan, we’re going to be here. It’s going to be dark. It’s going to be nasty.”

Multiple sources have said the movie will be a The Departed meets Paranormal Activity, this would be something very interesting, a mob movie with an unseen force taking them down, tag that along with its biblical Judeo-Christian mythology and you got the next Spawn movie, McFarlane is dead set on directing the film, and rightfully so, as a fan I’m excited for this reboot. In fact, I wish characters like Constantine, Blade, Ghost Rider, X, and Hell boy, other than X most of these movies where made and while most of did okay, the tone of the films wasn’t even close to the comic’s dark tone.

R-Rated superhero movies can be here to stay if Studios are willing to say F***it and give the films the proper support like 20th Century Fox did with Deadpool, you’ll see more great R-Rated hero movies, but if studios want to use the “We can make it better” formula like in the past then expect more facepalm worthy movies.

Marvel’s Inhumans TV Show cast is finally revealed

The Entire Cast for ABC & Marvel’s inhuman’s series has been release, news about the cast dropped two days’ ago, cause the Marvel fandom to jump for joy with this announcement the cast its self doesn’t feature big Hollywood names it does has a few known from some respected shows.

Sonya Balmores as Auran

Auran is head of the Royal Guards on Attilan, a capable and no-nonsense woman. She is fiercely loyal to the King of Attilan.

Mike Moh as Triton

Triton is Black Bolt’s cousin who is calm under pressure and supremely athletic. His gift is his fish — like the ability to live underwater.

Isabelle Cornish as Crystal

Crystal is Medusa’s sister and the youngest member of the royal family who has the ability to control the elements. Impetuous and independent she is also deeply devoted to her family.

Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon

Gorgon is the cousin of Black Bolt and a member of the royal family who is the leader of Attilan’s military. He has super strong legs, complete with hooves, he can generate destructive seismic waves with a single stomp. 


Ken Leung as Karnak

Karnak is Black Bolt’s is one of his closest adviser. His gift is an ability to see the fault in all things — people, plans, structures, everything.

Iwan Rheon as Maximus

Maximus is a clever and charming Inhuman who is the brother of Black Bolt and also wants to be king of Attilan

Serinda Swan as Medusa

Medusa is the queen of the Inhumans and wife of Black Bolt  his most trusted adviser, a fierce warrior who has the ability to move and control her hair in a unique way.

Anson Mount as Black Bolt

Black Bolt is the enigmatic and commanding King of the Inhumans who has a voice so powerful that the slightest whisper can destroy a city.

Ellen Woglom as an undisclosed character

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has been a joy to follow over the past years, while it hasn’t been perfect, it has been very consistent. Now that the inhuman’s enter the fold i’m curious to see if the show is a successful, would they use them in future flims, yeah, inhumans where on the agents of shield, but it wasn’t the Royals family. The fanboy in me is wishing for some kind of crossover, whether its a movie or another agents of shield crossover fans are going to want more if the series turns out good.