Review – Buffy Season 9 #1

Season 9 #1 Freefall Part 1
Release Date: September 14th 2011

Script by: Joss Whedon
Pencils: Georges Jeanty
Cover: Steve Morris
Alternate Cover: Jo Chen
25th Anniversary Cover: Georges Jeanty

The time has arrived, the season 9 opener (season 2 of the comic series and continuation of the 7 season T.V. Show) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Written by the worship worthy Joss Whedon (I swear I am impartial) and pencils by the amazing Georges Jeanty. The first issue does not disappoint. At this year’s Comic-Con, Joss said that in season 9 we would see the return of the Buffy from yesteryear and that is exactly what we get.

Buffy is no longer running squads and managing the entire Slayer universe. Instead, she is just a lost girl (superhuman vampire slaying woman) who, again is trying to find out what she is supposed to do with her life. The comic opens with Buffy in her new San Francisco apartment, complete with roommates and a party where we get to see some of the Scoobies together again (what’s left of them anyway) Jump to Buffy who is drinking and struggling to deal with her lack of direction and the aftermath of what happened at the end of Season 8. I will not get into season 8 details here as I do not want spoil anything for those who may not be caught up. The aftermath of season 8 causes Buffy’s life plan to be called into question. Even though she is still patrolling and slaying, she seems to think she needs a different direction. There are a few chuckles as she rambles (in her own Buffy way) on about what her new career should be, with a couple of nods to the old show.

All the characters are in fine form, especially a particularly snarky Spike. Throughout the season opener we see some of the nice character interaction that really makes Buffy, in whatever form it is in, special. Finally, we are introduced to the potential big bad, albeit briefly, but enough to get excited at the prospect of where this will all go. For a season opener this is pretty great and definitely builds excitement about where season 9 is heading!

Current Round-Up of the Recently Revealed SDCC Exclusives…More To Come!

It’s almost that time of year again where deodorant is sparse and perspiration is aplenty.  Comic-Con is right around the corner, July 21st to the 24th to be exact.  There is some news, although undoubtedly, over the next few weeks more news will surface and we will quickly see how in debt we will be by the end of July!

The most buzzed about so far has to be Hasbro’s Cobra Commander and Starscream exclusive.  You read that right, G.I. Joe AND Transformers all in one!  Cobra Commander flying around in Starscream, crossin’ over just blowing everyone’s mind.  The price for this has yet to be released but chances are it’s not going to be cheap.



“That’ s no moon, it’s a space station.” Well, not quite but its still pretty cool.  Hasbro is also releasing a gigantic Deathstar.  The Deathstar is really just the box, inside the awesome box are 12 Star Wars figures.  These are not your run of the mill “Return of the Jedi” figures, they are “Revenge of the Jedi” figures.  Hasbro has been releasing a retro Stars Wars line for awhile now and these are obviously in line with that.  The line for this exclusive will be around the entire convention center (maybe I exaggerate) so get it if you can!



Mattel is offering everyone’s favorite part of a S’more, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  This guy is huge, 20”, and super adorable.  He is a bit pricey, $70, but c’mon he’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!!    Those who not be attending Comic-Con are not out of luck,  Mattel always offers their exclusives(after the convention ends) on their website for those who are not able to attend the convention.


  • Young Justice Superboy in Cloning Chamber-$20.00
  • Hot Wheels Back to the Future vehicle (still being kept under wraps)-$35.00
  • Hot Wheels Franken Berry Vehicle-$20.00
  • DC Universe Swamp Thing (Con exclusive comes with 2 mini-figures)-$30.00
  • Voltron-Blazing Sword Voltron-$30.00
  • Masters of the Universe Classics Polly Pocket 3 figures-$20.00
  • Masters of the Universe Classics Queen Marlena-$25.00
  • Green Lantern Kilowog-$25.00
  • Green Lantern Carol Ferris Barbie-$35.00
  • Monster High Ghoulia Yelps-$20.00


  • World War Robot Heavy Bramble Limited run of 300 -$65.00


  • Gremlins Gizmo Comic-Con Edition with accesories-$?

Entertainment Earth: Booth #2343 These can be bought at the convention or can be pre-ordered at


  • Marvel Legends Modern Heroic Age Thor 6″-$?
  • Dark Purple Sentinel-$?
  • Indiana Jones Figure Gift Set (includes Indiana Jones, Toht, Marion, Satipo, Indiana Jones with German Disguise, and German Mechanic)-$?

Sideshow Collectibles:

I will be updating as more news comes in!

Comic-Con exclusives list up!

It’s that time of year again, Comic-Con is just around the corner and the exclusives for the Con are finally here! While the list is too long to discuss in full detail here, there are a few toys that really stand out (for me anyway.)

First up is the BioShock “Big Sister Unmasked” 7-inch figure by NECA with a production run of 2,000. The figures that NECA has released in the BioShock series have been awesome thus far so this one will undoubtedly not be a disappointment. Not only do you get the Eleanor Lamb Big Sister but you also get a little sister complete with her little Big Daddy doll. The rest of this series has done quite well and at a $20.00 dollar price tag this figure is a bargain and will surely sell out.

Next is the Mr. Toast Devil Bacon plush exclusive. This exclusive is a nice follow up to last years Vampire Toast exclusive and is adorable. Devil Bacon, the bacon previously known as Shaky Bacon, comes in at a towering 11-inches tall and is detailed with horns and a tail. He is only $10.00 dollars and is limited to a production run of 1,000.

Finally, there will be a DC Direct Designs Battle Damaged Batman based on the amazing Batman: Arkham Asylum video game. While there are still no photos available of this figure, it looks like Graphitti Designs will be selling this figure in coordination with DC Direct and will be a must have. DC Direct will be releasing waves 1 and 2 of the Arkham Asylum collection in January and February of 2011 (respectively) so this figure will be a nice teaser to get us ready for rest of the Batman line! This figure has a production run of 4,000 and a price tag of $20.00.

A full list of exclusives and available photos can be found at: