Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan’s The Strain: Mister Quinlan Vampire Hunter #1

  • Writer: David Lapham
  • Artist: Edgar Salazar
  • Colorist: Dan Jackson
  • Cover Artist: Juan Ferreyra

Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan’s The Strain: Mister Quinlan Vampire Hunter29661 #1 tells the story of a hybrid vampire name Quinlan and his counterpart Thrax as they live in ancient Rome. The story starts with a little back story of the main antagonist Thrax, he lived as the right hand vampire of Emperor Caligula, one night a group of assassins sneak in and attempt to take Caligula’s life, instead they interrupt’s Thrax as he feeds on a pregnant slave. The woman escapes and runs away, over time she transforms into a vampire because of Thrax. With Thrax on the run from roman guards the young woman takes refuge in a cave and eventually gives birth to a baby vampire who she names Quinlan, as time passed on the baby becomes a young adult, we see how his vampire abilities are different form the Thrax, the biggest difference is the immunity to sunlight.

Most vampires can’t survive in sunlight and Thrax is no different, Quinlan on the other hand is the exception, because of his immunity to sunlight he’s able to hunt during the day. While out looking for food and runs across roman soldiers and they chase him down and corner him in a remote cave, out of nowhere his mother arrives and takes out of the soldiers, the fight leaves his mother in a weaken state so he decides to go hunt for her, meanwhile Thrax heads back to Rome.

When Quinlan returns to his mother he shocked to find Thrax there with his mother’s decapitate body, finally face to face with the vampire who turned him and his mother Quinlan is to afraid to fight so he runs away. Months go by and Quinlan finds himself in Judea feeding on locals, one day come across a little boy and attempts to feed but is caught by hunters and thrown into a Gladiator school, there he meets Bruk a slave and together to two become friends with the same goal, to get revenge.

3 years pass and Quinlan becomes famous in the arena, the people call him Candidus (The White Warrior), late night another vampire sneaks in the school and attacks all the gladiators and one by one turning them all, finally we see that it’s Thrax.

Conclusion:  Good solid first issue with good character development for the protagonist and antagonist, the only problem I have is the time skips. With Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan names attach to this run, im interested on what twist and turns will happened in future issues

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Release Date: September 14, 2016


Review – Deadpool (2016) #17 : No more Mercs For Money!!

  • Writer: Gerry Duggan
  • Artist: Mike Hawthorne
  • Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
  • Cover Artist: Rafarl Albuquerque & Dave McCaig

DP #17

The partnership between Deadpool and the Mercs for Money has completely deteriorate, and being looked in a bank fault with the mercs, the tension has reach its end and the mercs find themselves in a battle royal, filled with witty and funny dialog the fight seems more like a joke then anything, but from the outside in it looks really bad considering the group is destroying public property like it’s nothing.

Finally S.H.E.I.L.D agent Emily Preston comes in and arrest’s everyone, with massive damage done to the city of Podunk, New Jersey Preston tells Deadpool he’s going to pay for all the damages, before leaving Preston warns Wade about the trouble he is causing and how it’s going to affect his Avengers status.

In custody the mercs ask Deadpool to lie about the damage done, and in court he tells the judge Kang was the reason they fought. The judge buys his story and frees them but under the condition he and the others must never come back to New Jersey, outside the court house Wade tells them they’re contracts are over and if he runs into any of them while on a mission he’ll take them out.  Now that the Mercs for Money is disbanded Wade heads over to agent Preston’s home for Sunday dinner but is rejected with a punch in the face from Emily.

The issue concludes with Wade heading back to his and Shiklah love pad and is surprise to find Jack the Wolf-Man, without saying anything he grabs his shotgun and shots Wolf-Man man despite Shiklah’s doubt he would do so.

Conclusion:  Not really much was going on is this issue besides the wrapping of the merc’s for money arc, like most Deadpool comics it’s filled with wise cracks and over the top action, one interesting note is what Preston said Deadpool. Will his actions eventually catch up to him and causes more friction between him and the Avengers?. Hopefully writer Gerry Duggan will focus on that later in any upcoming issues.

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  • Release Date: Out Now


Marvels Dr. Strange ” Open Your Mind” Sneak Peek & Official Trailer 2

The hype behind Marvels Dr.Strange has gain tremendously since its Comic –Con 2016 panel, with a couple of trailer releases fans have been raving about it no stop and rightfully so, Marvel has been knocking it out the park with their movies for the last couple years, and with the looks of it that’ll continue until the studio choose not to make and more. Dr. Strange brings something different to the Marvel Cinematic universe, and that’s magic.  Marvel studios has recently drop a sneak peek of behind the scenes of Dr.Strange it’s only about a 1:03 long it gives fans a quick synopsis of its main villains and others  before its November 4 release!

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  • Writer: Greg Pak
  • Artist: Mirko Colak
  • Colorist: Wil Quintana
  • Cover Artist: Mirko Colak

After spending thirteen years in a war that made him a monster, a Chinese 28999gunslinger named Kingsway Law just wants to live in peace with his wife, Sonia. But even in a fantastical Old West crackling with magic, a man of his skills can never quite disappear. So when a woman with a red-gold sword brings bloody chaos to his doorstep, Kingsway must fight for his life, his wife, and his very soul.

KINGSWAY WEST is an interesting tale, think once upon a Time mixed with a little Sci-Fi Western then add some Chinese folk lore and you get Kingsway west. The first issue establishes the world of Kingsway and its main protagonist Kingsway Law. The world has been torn apart by war and because of that it looks as if every state has its own kingdom, when we first meet Kingsway Law he is hiding out in the snowy mountains of the Golden City Dead Zone.

He comes encounters some Chinese soldiers and after a brief skirmish which leaves him passed out, he’s later found by an Mexican woman name Sonia who he ends up bonding with. The story jumps to 5 years later and now Kingsway Law seems fully adapted to the terrain, we also find out he and Sonia are married. Action picks up when a woman with a dragon comes looking for Kingsway, she approaches him and ask’s if he knew the Kingsway, not knowing if she is after his head, Kingsway decides to lie to her as the woman leaves Kingsway notices an explosion  where his home is located.

The issue ends with Kingsway arriving at the explosion site and sees the woman he had lied to earlier in trouble with nearby Chinese soldiers who are looking for red gold, the soldiers continue to push the woman around but Kingsway takes them out before they can cause more harm to her, she realizes that he is actually the man she was looking for. Meanwhile two men who appear to be at a ship of sorts are talking, a woman with angel wings walks up to them and they ask her to check out an area signal they tracked on too, it seems the two men plan on taking the red gold and using it for something big in the future.


Writer Greg Pak (The Totally Awesome Hulk, X-Men) gives a Sci-Fi Western in Kingsway West, filled with fantasy elements and western culture, the world of Kingsway is unconventional which makes it a fresh and original story despite it being new. The Artwork by Mirko Colak ( Red Skull, Secret Warriors) is amazing, his work is clean and nicely detail making it easy to depict whats going on.

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Release Date: August 24, 2016


Review: Conan The Slayer #2 : A new threat on the horizon

  • Writer: Cullen Bunn
  • Artist: Sergio Davila
  • Cover Artist: Serigo Davila
  • Published by: Dark horse Comics

    Cover by Serigo Davila

The issue jumps off with Kyrylo runs into a demonic corpse like creature who surprise Kyrylo by telling him solve all his problems with a pact, being the cruel and conniving man that he is, Kyrylo makes a pact with the unknown creature.

After surviving his deadly battle Conan has taking refuge in the Kozaki Camp in order to heal, it looks as if Conan has found his place among its people. The leader Myklo has shown a lot of trusts in Conan despite the manner the two have met, with Conan watching over his sons Myklo seems to think everything is good with him and his sons but Conan hints that the oldest son Kyrylo is not to be trusted and that his blind eye towards his sons could play against him in the future.

On a mission to find the missing scouts, Conan, Oksana and Taraslan come across a totem like corpse with mysterious symbols written over it, taking it as a warning sign they toward around but are quickly ambushed by unknown armored soldiers, Conan and company easily dispatch the armor soldiers leaving one alive, assuming the soldiers were paid off he questions the man only to find out that the youngest made a deal he didn’t fulfill, At that moment Conan is hit in the head by someone. Oksana and Taraslan are shocked when they see two giant size trolls walking up to them.

Conclusion: Conan The Slayer #2 features everything a true Conan story features, that’s betrayal, action, and mystery, the question is when this arc hits its conclusion will it be an entertaining or will it be just another story upon many of its kind. As for right now it’s a little too early to judge, once it hits the 5th and 6th issue is when you can really give it a proper review, But for now I’ll say it’s starting off pretty well. The writer Cullen Bunn seems to understand the lore of the Conan franchise and the tone of which it’s been establish in recent runs by other writers and for that I’m kind of optimistic towards this arc.

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Release Date: August 24, 2016


Is the hype behind Hello Games No Man’s Sky good thing?

Over the years, many open world games have generated massive hype. The Elder Scrolls, GTA, Far Cry and more have all have been on a top 10 anticipated list the year of their release. For the most part, these have had success, but very few and I do mean few… have lived up to their hype.

With social networking at the level that it is now, games tend to get hyped on what I call troll status, one can argue that Twitter, Reddit, and similar networking services are the reason for games becoming over-hyped, and sadly that seems to be the issue nowadays. A key title that comes to mind is Tom Clancy’s the Division, Ubisoft announced the Division at E3 2013 and when gameplay footage was released the media and social channels went nuts, people were already labeling it the game of the year despite it not having a release date.

Later in 2014 Ubisoft stated the game would be delayed, the hype they generated from those key teasers had turned against them. When it released the game didn’t have the sales success the company expected and still faces an uphill challenge as a Spring release.


screenshot_ps4_no_man_s_sky_3_131993Hello Games first release, No Man’s Sky now faces that same dilemma after a surge of popularity from E3. I’m not saying it’s going to be a letdown but it does have a wave of momentum driving it, just as the Division had in many ways with so little known and experienced firsthand. Keep in mind, I’m just pointing out the similarities as far as the hype is concerned, it’s the growing wave of hope and anticipation with so little to support it that rests at the core.

Let’s be real, it’s not fair to compare other games to it but that’s where we’re at. As said before, the social media drives a different story with players. The games developers have already mentioned the pressure No Man’s Sky has generated because of the hype, now the game has an uphill battle which it’s almost destined to lose because of the pedestal the game is being elevated to before it’s even out.

NoMansSky_SpaceStationTube.0There have only been a few new IP’s able to meet the lofty expectations of the public and Hello Games is taking on that challenge. How they started was key, by promising procedural generated stars, planets, lifeforms, ecosystems, and other space-bound factions. Using deterministic algorithms and random number generators, by doing so it eliminated the dev’s time on creating these worlds by hand and will give the game a massive and open feel. Players will be able to visit specific planets vivid coordinates they come across, these coordinates serve as the planets topography and environment information.

CreatureNo Man’s Sky features 32 & 64-bit seeded galaxies, 32-bit having a staggering 4.3 billion worlds and 64-bit 18 quintillion planets, that’s right folks 18 quintillions! With those numbers, you can assume why so many jumped on the hype train and why some became skeptical. This will be the first time ever a game will promise such a massive open-world experience, games like GTA 5, Skyrim and Witcher 3 feature massive worlds, but not to this degree. The chance players run into each other in this massive game is said to be zero according to Hello Games, although players can reach planets discovered by others by the games atlas. When players discover a new planet he or she is credited for it and given currency upon, as well as the chance to name their discovery. For me, the biggest question was “Can I play Online?”, and Hello Games confirmed it would after its first semi-open beta test was completed.

Becron5With that said, can No Man’s Sky live up to the hype it has generated? The answer is no, gamers today demand bigger and better experiences, too much for any game to fill given the imaginations of all those betting on the game. Not one game coming from Bethesda or Rockstar has managed to succeed in this field and it’s because the legend the game creates is always bigger than the final product. Instead of betting on the mysticism the real question should be, will it be a good game, and the answer to that is yeah, I think so.

The highy Anticipated Season 6 of Game of Thrones is right around the corner!!!

HBO’s highly anticipated season 6 of the hit television show Game of thrones is right around the corner, the big question most fans are looking forward to be answered is. Is John Snow truly dead? This isn’t just a question TV viewers asked but also book readers, In fact most readers like myself was wondering how and if George R.R. Martin would finished the The Winds of Winter & A Dream of Spring before season 6, that was answer when HBO announced season 6’s filming in late July of 2015, Surely George R.R. Martin had to approve of this move, HBO doesn’t have any material to use since books 6 & 7 haven’t dropped yet, But again that was also answer when leaked news of the new season confirmed it will be using book 6 material.screenshot-419

The news got everyone ecstatic and the theories fans have of certain characters could possibly be answer or debunked, one things is for certain, we will find out Jon Snows fate and for book readers The Battle of Meereen and The Battle for the North, While there’s a list of questions that need answers in the book, as for TV, viewers are focus on Jon snow and the White Walkers.
arya game of thrones season 6This season is setting up to create a buzz much like the first season, HBO should be expecting a huge jump in viewership, each trailer so far for season 6 has hit over a 8 million viewer mark so it’s safe to say that people are ready the Game of Thrones greatness, the good thing is that fans don’t have to wait long with the season premiering April 24, book readers on the other hand have no true release date.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2 – Spider-Man

Finally the your family neighborhood Spider-Man has appeared and it looks as if he’s team Iron Man. Since Marvel announced Spider-Man’s debut in the cinematic universe fans have been eager to see this rendition of a fan favorite.

Civil War hits theaters May 6, its sure to be another hit from Marvel!

Review – Spider-man/Deadpool #2 (2016)

Writer: Joe Kelly
Artist: Ed McGuinness
Cover Arist: Ed McGuinness
Published by: Marvel Comics your boss Peter Parker an evil genius or just an evil villain? Mostly that last one

D&S #2
Courtesy of

Someone wants Peter Parker dead and they hired the merc with the mouth to do it, While Deadpool is willing to take out Parker, he doesn’t wanted to do it without having a legitimate reason. Whoever is behind this contract on Peter Parker’s head has a serious beef with him, the evidence they have sent to Deadpool was enough for him to accept the job, but Deadpool is not as gun hoe now as he was in the past, and so he confronts Spider-man not knowing that their one in the same, Deadpool asks for his help.
Peter Parker on the other hand is still getting used to being a CEO and the press that comes along with it, his company presents their newest tech that has something to do with biorhythmic monitoring, After the presentation Parker hits the streets city and comes across Deadpool and Spider-Man (Morales) having it out about who’s the real Spider-Man, Peter interrupts and the three of them have it out, but out of nowhere the Goblin Nation attacks and the Spider-Men assume Deapool is in league with them, in actuality Green Goblin is not attacking them, it seems while they were fighting someone or something hit them with an unknown toxin. Deadpool finally gets them to settle down and the three of them figure out, someone has hacked the webware network connected to his biometric interface and reverse the process, usually the device compiles information for the user, now it was used to project information into the user’s brain.

At one of the labs of Parker industries it appears Mysterio is behind the hack, his plan is to have the people turn on Parker, and just as he’s about to finish his monologue speech Deadpool and company crash in and like deadpool fashion runs over Mysterio. Deadpool surprises everyone when he does CPR on unmasked Quentin Beck.

When it’s all done the two part ways and Deadpool continues to investigate the Lab, he walks into a run and sees a bunch doctors experimenting on arm and leg less people, they first mistake him for Parker, but so quickly realized that it’s Deadpool. Feeling deceived Deadpool attacks everyone in the room, He then calls a man called Patient Zero and informs him that he’s all in on taking down Peter Parker.

Conclusion: Surprisingly this arc isn’t as comedic I anticipated it to be but it still has its moments, while Deadpool isn’t the wisecracking psycho he normally would be, I like that fact he has a more serious side. When Spider-Man (Parker) and Deadpool are tracking the signal of the hacker, peter tries to apologies but Deadpool doesn’t really accept it, instead he just gives him a “whatever” and they keep tracking the signals location, Again for me I like that about this version of Deadpool. The reveal of Deadpools employer was nice surprise, makes me wonder how he’s going to react in the upcoming issues when he finds Spider-Man and Peter Parker are the same.

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Release Date: Out Now


Review – Guardians of The Galaxy #5 (2015)

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Valerio Schiti

Cover: Art Adams

GOG #5
Courtesy of

Published by: Marvel Comics

Last Raccoon standing! The Guardians face their toughest battle ever and aren’t going to make it out the same way they came in!

Things continue to get worst for the Guardians, after barely surviving an attack from Hala the Accuser, Peter and company are again attacked but this time by Yotat and like Hala he’s hell bend on taking out Drax and the other guardians, Peter doesn’t understand why Yotat is attacking them and he tries to reason with him but Yotat isn’t having it, but kitty gives us some insight of why Yotat is so gun hoe about killing them. 3 months ago the guardians where on Knowhere when they ran into Yotat for the first time, He was extorting some local traffickers when Kitty Pride steps in and Drax attacks him for behind and Rocket blast’s him with a rocket and like that the fight ends. We also get an appearance of the Knowhere Corps, they come and take Yotat away.

Back in the present time Peter finds Gamora and calls for medics to come take her, we then get a brief glimpse of baby Groot, Meanwhile Peter and the council members are discussing the fate of Hala and Yotat, Peter becomes angry when the council agrees to give Hala back to the Kree and place the blame of the attack on Spartax all on him, they try to arrest him but Kitty phases him out and they escape Spartax. Issue ends with Annihilus and Brood Queen hinting that their plan of having Spartax over throw Peter was a success and now is the perfect time for them to make a move.

Conclusion: This was a closing of the first many subplots in this arc, while it didn’t have a crazy plot twist or conclusion, it did bring back Peter as full time member of the team. The question now is, will he take over as leader? And will he take the mental of Star Lord again?.

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Release Date: Out Now