GOG shows some love this Valentines Day

It’s Valentines Day and there’s certainly some love in the air already with GOG. They know there are many out there who love to come home after a long day and sit and bask in the warm glow of the thing that brings them so much joy… their PC.

From Wishlists, With Love is their 6-day sale that knocks up to 90% off over 70 of the top wishlisted titles on GOG.  Top games on sale include The Witcher 3 GOTY, Dying Light, Arcanum, Psychonauts, Darkest Dungeon and more.

For more info and the full list, check out GOG

Review – Dragon Age Adult Coloring Book

Artist: Pablo Churin, Juan Frigeri, Gabriel Guzman, Fernando Melek, Facundo Percio
Writer: Bioware
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Fans of Dragon Age looking to another way to pass the time get a treat this month. Rolling in at 96 pages the book carries quotes and images from characters throughout the Dragon Age Universe including Alistar, Morrigan, Varric and more. The artists on the book worked to deliver iconic images from the trilogy in detailed black and white pages.

Observing the 45 pages of art the pages range in difficulty for details, some approach landscape and worlds with a generous freedom for those coloring while others are incredibly detailed down to some of the finest points with contour lines to navigate every fold of clothing or tapestry. While at first glance it’s easy to appreciate heavy detail, it does take a finer touch to fill in those areas as they carry such tight-knit accents.

For fans with an itch to color it’s worth checking out, for those just interested in the art and owning pieces of the Dragon Age universe though, it’s a unique entry that’s pleasant to view and read quotes through and just own as part of a collection, the artists brought drama and power to their work placed into the book.

Currently I’m still navigating my action page with Leliana, being able to get the colors and shading right easily occupy hours at a time and it’s an image at the very start of the book. For those seeking a detailed authentic experience I’d suggest investing in a wider range of pencils, markers or if you’re going digital, a tablet to make sure you get the depth you’re looking for.

Release date: February 8, 2017
Preview: Dark Horse Comics

SuperMansion Season 2 kicks off on Crackle this week

Titanium Rex and the League of Freedom had a rough time in Season 1, with the mansion buried in investigations into spending and new villains undermining everything they have a lot to bounce back from. Season 2 starts off this week with the League trying to make up for a lot of shortcomings including the escape of so many criminals locked away in the mansion.

Yvette Nicole Brown joins the cast of Season 2 which airs weekly through April 20th. Newcomers can binge watch Season 1 on Crackle for free.

Check out the trailer below and see what awaits.

Review – Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11 #4

  • Script: Christos Gage
  • Pencils: Georges Jeanty
  • Ink: Dexter Vines
  • Colorist: Dan Jackson
  • Cover Artist: Steve Morris
  • Lettering: Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt
  • Executive Producer: Joss Whedon

Mystical creatures, the destruction of San Francisco and government internment camps. It’s Buffy Season 11 and it’s only getting messier as Buffy, Spike and Willow touch down in the federal camps for otherworldly powered and born inhabitants. After having a showdown with past slayers now turned government contractors the team decided to stop coming to clash with the law and see what they could do within the system. Tired of running and tearing apart the lives of everyone involved we saw Buffy take a stand to give Dawn and Xander a shot at their life as they took care of the reborn Giles.

Issue 4 “Desperate Times” takes readers under the veil of the safe zone with Buffy as she makes her rounds and learns the landscape. With a tiny camp stuffed to the brim with monsters what could go wrong? We learn about the strain showing in Spike and Buffy as they adapt to this new world and see how confinement and neglect can really turn problems up to 11.

Christos Gage tells a story of hardship and struggle for the demons and monsters in the safe zone, some problems never go away even if they’re under “guard” until the situation improves. Tidbits of Willow, Dawn and others come about and give light to the growing storyline. It’s bleak and tensions are only getting worse for Buffy and her friends, something has to give if they’re going to make it through this.

The shift to Georges Jeanty happens in this issue, with Rebekah Isaacs leading the style out of the gate the shift was easy to catch as the two artists approach gestures, character design and their worlds with their own sense of flair. The change to Jeanty makes sense as the story takes a darker turn into what inhabitants of the safe zone face. Hopefully Dark Horse is able to continue shifting between the duo through the series as they both bring so much to the books.

That said, unfortunately Buffy and the crew have their work cut out for them, Desperate Times is a fitting title for the issue given the challenges ahead in this story arc.

Release date: February 15, 2017
Pre-order: TFAW
Preview: Dark Horse Comics


Review – Angel Season 11 #2 – Out of The Past Part 2

  • Script: Corinna Bechko
  • Artist: Geraldo Borges
  • Colorist: Michelle Madsen
  • Cover Artist: Scott Fischer
  • Lettering: Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt
  • Executive Producer: Joss Whedon

Season 11 of Angel kicked off with a mess, hard disturbing flashbacks / visions, inter-dimensional infestations and the fragile balance of working with Fred / Illyria created a whirlwind of trouble in just a few pages. Angel looks to face his past as Angelus and find out where the visions are directing him, but only if things play out well with Illyria as she’s the resident time traveler.

Issue 2 drops the duo out of the vortex and back…. way back into the past. The duo (trio) must face an entirely new set of challenges including finding some shade for our resident vampire. Goals get a bit mixed and a flowing theme of past mistakes fills the story, Angel isn’t the only one lugging around some heavy baggage from their past and since he’s not the one wielding the power of time and space the journey will get a bit longer with a new detour.

The upshot for fans and new readers is the continued character development of the new group, Angel and Faith had a good run which developed their characters and now we’ll see this dynamic with Fred and Illyria come around with Angel and see how much they can get solved while working together. Given how guarded Illyria is about her past and just her presence in general there’s no doubt some good stories are awaiting readers as the group battles to tackle her past in this journey too.

Corinna Bechko has some relatively fast pacing even if unintentional for the book, with the challenges brought about by issue 2 the story passes in the blink of an eye. Part of that pacing comes by Geraldo Borges art, panel designs and direction for the read, Michelle Madsen continues to play with the temperatures to create interesting focal points and set the general mood of a given scene.

Angel Season 11 #2 continues a wild spiral of action and dark secrets and it hasn’t even touched on the original investigation yet. For fans of the series it’s worth the read as the group digs in deeper for the road ahead.

Release date: February 15, 2017
Pre-order: TFAW
Preview: Dark Horse Comics


Review – Angel Catbird Vol. 2: To Castle Catula

  • Story: Margaret Atwood
  • Illustrations: Johnnie Christmas
  • Colorist: Tamara Bonvillain
  • Lettering: Nate Piekos of Blambot
  • Editor: Da Niel Chabon
  • Published by: Dark Horse Comics

When worlds collide… well you get something like Angel Catbird. Margaret Atwood is at it in the latest volume of Angel Catbird with another dose of chimera antics as the group try to seek refuge in Castle Catula.

Volume 2 brings readers into the forests as they seek shelter from the crazed Professor Muroid and his rat armies hunting them seeking only their destruction. It’s a wild situation to say the least and when a half-cat, half-bat vampire are in your squad it really puts the pressure on to get to safety before the sun rises and starts cooking away.

With the group thinning to find backup they face new troubles as the landscape eats away at their momentum and challenges emerge. New pacts begin, romances start to flourish and super rats of all sorts start to make trouble as they desperately seek sanctuary. A.C. finds himself in a triangle that even he can’t seem to navigate out of and the stability of it might be enough to create a turning point for the group.

The book brings in backstories to help pass the pages and give depth to the character ensemble, we get interesting twists and origin tales while Muroid goes through various levels of insanity trying to exterminate them while dabbling in fantasies of his victory life. As they close in on sanctuary the stakes get higher and the raw instincts of the team are tested, their biggest foe yet steps onto the stage and everything gets complicated in a hurry for cats and allies alike.

Angel Catbird Volume 2 has a general campy tone, it pokes fun at itself and tries to carry a lighter read. The characters face waves of situations and leap to action, swinging claws and some one liners. The volume also carries footnotes for facts on cats, birds, rats and other animals and where to read more, many of the items do manage to tie in so it’s not a total detour from the storyline.

With a bit of a crazy storyline it seems Johnnie Christmas and Tamara Bonvillain had their work cut out for them. With Castle Catula, cat traps, new hybrids and new experimental teams of military grade rats it certainly tested the imagination but the duo were able to meet the call and deliver some fun artwork that holds a strong level of consistency, a very controlled color palette and some very well placed facial and body expressions.

For fans of Volume 1, there’s much more to explore in the latest installment, for those on the fence, check out the preview pages and get a feel for the Angel Catbird world to see if matches up in taste. It’s certainly an interesting pursuit by Atwood with this series but it feels like Volume 2 is coming into a better pacing and development.

Release date: February 14, 2017
Pre-order: TFAW
review Pages: Dark Horse Comics


Review – Empowered and the Soldier of Love #1

  • Story: Adam Warren
  • Artist: Karla Diaz
  • Cover Artist: Karla Diaz
  • Lettering: Nate Piekos of Blambot
  • Editor: Chris Warner
  • Publisher: Mike Richardson

Adam Warren brings Empowered back to fans. The latest series brings some complications to Cape City and it’s heroes. When a new wave of love and hook-ups hit the scene, Cape City starts to spiral into turmoil. It’s up to Empowered and Ninjette to help figure out the messes and what exactly is going on.

The issue goes through a swing of internal hero drama, humor and important details about what’s causing the sudden influx of heroes losing all inhibition and hooking up across the city. There’s a slew of crazy moments and fan service but Warren holds it together well throughout the issue as we discover aspects of the Soldado Del Amor and her experience and opinions with Cape City. There’s a darker force at work in this sudden and mysterious season of love and everyone is too caught up in a wave of hormones to even care to know why.

Karla Diaz captures the spirit of the story with strong character art, the gestures, expressions and atmosphere help compliment the tale and bring another layer of depth to the story. The personality that Ninjette and Empowered bring to the pages mimic reader response very well and carry a consistent energy to the work. Characters sing with emotion through their expressions, it’s easy to tell the swings from discomfort to bliss as things roll on.

With the vivid colors, excellent art balance and comedic timing the issue is a great way to kick off the mini-series and bring new fans into the Empowered universe. It’s easy to look forward to what Adam Warren brings next issue and the wave of art that Karla Diaz graces readers with.

Release date: February 08, 2017
Pre-order: TFAW


Philly getting a tabletop invasion with PAX Unplugged

Today the Penny Arcade team is leading a new charge with PAX Unplugged coming to Philadelphia November 17-19, 2017. The event will focus strictly on the tabletop, card and board gaming in the Pennsylvania Convention Center, taking elements from past PAX events to create a familiar atmosphere that lets fans engage with the industry.

PAX Unplugged is set to include musical concerts, tournaments, panels with industry figures to talk industry and the future of tabletop. The goal of Unplugged is to provide the same atmosphere to share enthusiasm and passion for board, card and tabletop gaming and see the latest creations on the market and coming soon.

From the brief:

With the rise of popularity of board games, we wanted to provide a dedicated space where fans can come together,” said Jerry Holkins, co-founder, Penny Arcade. “We will continue to have tabletop games at every PAX, but Unplugged will focus on stepping away from the TV, monitor and phone to foster face-to-face multiplayer experiences.”

Badges are set to go on sale for PAX Unplugged this Spring, for more updates those will follow on Twitter and their new site.

The Bethesda store kicks off an early weekend sale

Looking to boost up your Bethesda fan apparel? Is that Vault-Tec shirt evading you still? Bethesda is blowing out some of their apparel for an extended weekend sale, given items are about 25-50% off it’s a pretty solid deal for fans of Fallout, Doom, Wolfenstein, Dishonored and more.

Keep in mind it’s only on apparel exclusively so everything else is business as usual.

Source: Bethesda Store

Frag on, QuakeCon returns to Grapevine TX this August

The largest LAN party is coming back, QuakeCon 2017 is set to invade the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center August 24-27 this year, thousands descend on the festival of gaming to take part in the BYOC nature of the LAN party and game the weekend away.


Guests are free to attend and the public is welcome to check out the events and LAN madness. There’s no details on BYOC costs at this point but it’s certainly a nice gesture to the community to explore such a long running event of 22 years etched into the history of gaming.

From the release:

Entering its 22nd year, QuakeCon 2017 will continue to celebrate games and the people who play them by hosting North America’s largest BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Computer) LAN party. With over two thousand BYOC seats available, participants can showcase their custom computers and join the QuakeCon gamer community to play their favorite games either solo or against one another on the same local area network.

QuakeCon is free for general attendees and open to the public. This year’s event will offer diverse activities for all, including those who choose not to bring their own computer. Attendees are first to see sneak peeks of Bethesda’s upcoming titles and announcements while also attending a wide array of presentations, tournaments, workshops and exhibits from leading tech companies showcasing the newest gaming accessories and hardware.