Chuck Original Soundtrack arriving April 7th

While Chuck wrapped up in 2012, fans get a treat in April with the OST release for the series, featuring original score tracks and performances by Jeffster and Vik Sahay. A few key tracks will include “Take on Me”, “Fortunate Son”, “Fat Bottom Girls” and two bonus tracks of “Leaving on a Jet Plane” and “Mr. Roboto” from Jeffster.

Chuck was fortunate to see a musical score that catered to all the key moments of each episode, Tim Jones who sat at the helm has gone on to other work but finally this key piece will be available for the world to share in when it hits digital and retail channels on April 7th, 2015.

EDM Fridays – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

No secret to those on the team like Tech2k that I love all forms of electronic out there, going to experiment with live show flashbacks for everyone to check out. Most of these clips are about an hour but they’re generally pretty intense showcases with solid mixing and crowd reaction too.

I’ll also look to mix in new artists I run across through contact here or on my Twitter account. For now, let’s kick this off with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike at Tomorrowland 2014

WonderCon – BMI Presents “The Music That Makes You Scream” Panel Discussion At WonderCon 2013


Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), the leading global music rights organization, along with White Bear PR will return to Wondercon to present an elaborate panel discussion on the art of composing for one of the most demanding genres – Horror! BMI Director, Film/TV Relations Anne Cecere and White Bear PR Founder Chandler Poling will moderate this spine tingling panel. The panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A session. There will also be giveaways distributed following the panel.

“The Music That Makes You Scream” panel at the 2013 Wondercon will feature BMI Film and TV composers who will be discussing the process of scoring for screams.
• Tyler Bates “Day of the Dead” & “Halloween II” (@tyler_bates)
• Anton Sanko “The Possession” & “Nurse 3-D” (@antonsanko)
• Frederik Wiedmann “Mirrors” & “Hostel III” (@freddiewiedmann)
• Dino Meneghin “Teen Wolf” (@DM_LA)

Saturday, March 30, 2013
10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Room 208
Photo call time is at 10:00 a.m., Room 212A

Anaheim Convention Center 700 W. Convention Way Anaheim, CA 92802

The highest-rated series and specials on television feature the scores of BMI composers, crafting the theme and/or background music for nearly three-quarters of all prime-time network programs. BMI’s composers such as the legendary John Williams also contribute to billions of dollars in box office receipts with film scores in many of the year’s top films. Promoting the role of music in film, BMI partners with the Sundance Film Festival and other industry workshops to enhance the role of music in film and television.

Review – Jack White and The Peacocks at Mariachi Plaza – 2012

Following an impromptu Tweet and Facebook post, the ever impressive Jack White took center stage at the historic Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights, California. A stone’s throw from downtown LA, Mariachi Plaza has been host to Mariachi musicians since the 30’s and yesterday Jack White and his all girl band, The Peacocks lived up to the musical richness and cultural diversity of the community.

Amid street vendors, Metrolink commuters and a blistering sun, about 70 ecstatic fans gathered around the small concrete stage and listened to Jack White do what he does best…he played and sang from his heart. Devoid of lengthy sound checks, opening bands and muscle-bound security to keep you far from the stage, we stood without pushing, listened intently, clapped, sang and swayed with Jack’s hypnotic blend of punk, blues, country. Opening with Sixteen Saltines, one of the brilliant tracks from his new album, Blunderbuss, Jack and the rest of the band sounded amazing as they smiled and played with every bit of energy that we have seen delivered to crowds of thousands. Following with the high intensity of Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, an impassioned performance of Love Interruption and a quasi collective sing-a-long of Hotel Yorba, their energy continued to pull passerby towards the stage and in their adrenaline fueled performance, we all were all treated to a powerful reminder of just how versatile, energizing and captivating his music really is.

Jack has been doing these special “B” shows around the country usually on the same day in which he has a concert later. Under no obligation to do these free shows, the fact that he does them shows just how dedicated he is and how much his fans mean to him. Following him around the country is the Rolling Record Store, yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. An absolutely awesome bumble bee-esque record store on wheels filled with exclusive Third Man vinyl, shirts, buttons, 45 adapters and koozies…yes, koozies!

Jack White is playing tonight, August 11th at the Shrine Auditorium in downtown LA and if you are really lucky, he just might be playing at a plaza, record store or automotive shop near you!

For more information on Jack White and a whole bunch of other awesome bands go here:

Fate/Zero Singer LiSA is coming to North America and Anime Expo 2012

Aniplex of America has been on a roll for fans, this summer they’re bringing LiSA to Anime Expo 2012 as a guest of honor and likely as a concert feature as well. As a bonus, Aniplex is bringing her work to a domestic release in North America as well, four of LiSA’s albums will be imported and sold, two of the releases will come in Limited Edition packaging with Blu-ray or DVD’s enclosed depending on the release. The whole package will hit retail on May 1st for those unable to get in on the pre-orders through Right Stuf.

Titles coming over:

  • Letters to U – SRP $32.00 | Store Price $25.00
  • LOVER”S”MiLE (Limited edition CD & BD Combo) – SRP $50.00 | Store Price $40.00
  • LOVER”S”MiLE – SRP $38.00 | Store Price $30.00
  • Oath sign (Limited Edition CD & DVD Combo) – SRP $20 .00 | Store Price $15.00

Pre-orders for those who can’t wait will start this Monday on April 2nd at Right Stuf so be sure to check back or you might miss out on some of those goods.

For those unfamiliar, LiSA made her hits with shows like Angel Beats as the vocals for Yui when singing, also her single Oath sign was chosen for Fate/Zero which helped shoot her into stardom.

Links: Aniplex | LiSA

AM2 Convention staff slots open up

Looking to hit AM2 this year but want to contribute your own touches to the show? Feeling up for helping con guests get around the floor the ACC? Check out their sign up page and see if you fall into their list for potential slots at the show this year.

AM2 sign up page – Volunteers / Staff

Odd enough the listing goes into deeper positions like marketing and pr as well as a huge list of guest assistance positions for all the events at the show.

Event details:

Location: Anaheim, CA
Days: June 15-17, 2012

Venues: Anaheim Convention Center | Anaheim Hilton

Review – Transplants Roxy Theater Show 2/10 – Los Angeles, CA

“Take a look around baby, yeah my whole crews ugly!”…well not really but the Transplants did put on a sick and awesome show at The Roxy in Hollywood last night February 10th 2012! Matt Freeman of Operation Ivy and Rancid fame, all around bass playing God, and front-man of Devil’s Brigade opened the show playing a 35 to 40 minute set. It would be an understatement to say they sounded fantastic. Matt was ridiculous on bass, opting for what looked like his signature Squire rather than his upright used on the album. DJ Bonebrake of L.A.’s legendary punk band X backed Matt on drums and whose timing, energy and gum chewing helped keep the crowd screaming for more. Throughout the set, Matt genuinely thanked the audience, his best friend of 39 years Tim Armstrong (Operation Ivy, Rancid, Tim Armstrong’s Rock ‘N Roll theater, numerous collaborative and solo side projects, and all around musical genius) and the Transplants for having his band open the show.

After Devil’s Brigade, the Transplants started their set to a very pumped up, filled to capacity crowd. This was their first show in 7 years, and the testosterone flying out of them could not be mistaken. Their opening song was “Tall Cans In The Air” (my personal favorite) where Skinhead Rob Aston proceeded to shake a beer and spray the crowd with it. Nobody seemed to mind. By the crowds reaction everyone was thirsty for blood boiling, vein shaking musical madness. The Transplants delivered nothing less and played all the songs you would expect, “Diamond and Guns”, “Gangsters and Thugs”, “DJ, DJ” with a few surprises like “Saturday Night” off Travis Barker’s solo album, Give the Drummer Some as well as a couple of covers by iconic punk bands (if you want to know, catch a show and if you’re lucky you might hear some too)!

From Rob and Travis’ tweets to their intensity throughout the show, it was clear that these guys were extremely stoked to be playing together again. There is nothing better than seeing a band whose energy transfers to the audience and that is exactly what was going on here. As the crowd slammed, pogoed and screamed along to every song, an amped up Rob embodied the same energy, spitting and throwing beer on the crowd (it may sound gross but in the moment really added to the show). Travis Barker (Blink-182) on drums was amazing. The guy is a sweaty drumming machine. How someone could keep up such a level of constant intensity is mind-blowing. So many times drummers are stationary and kind of stuck in the back. The fact that Travis was able to have the same presence as Rob and Tim who were jumping around at the front of the stage is a testament to his extraordinary abilities. Finally, in his signature style, Tim Armstrong ripped the guitar while somehow simultaneously spinning and dancing across the stage without missing a beat. Despite having gone to Rancid shows for years, I am continually blown away and amazed at his ability to connect with the crowd. When Tim sat on the edge of the stage playing his guitar and singing with the crowd, he generated a vibe reminiscent of old punk shows where the band and the fans fuel one another.

I can easily say that this was one of the best performances I have ever seen. Throughout the entire show there were multiple times during the night that Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman were walking around talking to people, taking pictures and honestly, just being rad. I was able to meet both of them and they could not have been cooler. It was a fantastic night, a fantastic show and if you have the chance to catch them, (they are playing Las Vegas Monday, February 13th) go, I promise you won’t be disappointed, unless of course you don’t like good things.

The Transplants are currently working on their 3rd album, which will hopefully be released later this year with a tour to follow!

If you love these guys or have never heard of them before check out their website and follow them on twitter:


Queen Extravaganza Pack 02 adds nine more songs

Time to break out the plastic instruments from winter storage! One of the greatest bands of all time is back with nine more tunes for RockBand!

The song list includes:

Seven Seas of Rhye
Stone Cold Crazy
I’m in Love With My Car
You’re My Best Friend
Long Away
Bicycle Race
Don’t Stop Me Now
Radio Ga Ga
The Show Must Go

The pack is available now for 14.99 or 1.99 per song.

L’Arc-en-Ciel brings their 20th L’Anniversary concert to theaters!

L’Arc-en-Ciel is a powerful force in J-Rock, making impressions on generations of listeners and even casual anime fans. It’s no surprise that they’ve outlasted so many other groups in the industry and that their L’Anniversary concert brought over 100,000 fans to see them. You can become a part of that history on November 29th if you act soon.

Here’s the breakdown from the english version of the site:

L’Arc-en-Ciel, the “Monster Band” from Japan, on Big Screen!
Special One Night Only Event Celebrating its 20th Anniversary.

Enjoy ≪Best of L’Arc-en-Ciel≫ 2Days Live at Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium which traced the history of the band and attracted 100,000 people !!!

In the middle of “20th L’Anniversary TOUR” in Japan, L’Arc-en-Ciel proved its artist power again with the new single “X X X” released on October 12th which marked another No.1 on Oricon charts and the details of its “WORLD TOUR 2012” have been just announced yesterday.

Before the WORLD TOUR, the special 2-hour version of the “20th L’Anniversary LIVE” held on May 28 and 29, which created a sensation when Japanese satellite television WOWOW broadcasted it as 【20th L’Anniversary LIVE WOWOW Special Select】, will be released as special one night only event in the movie theaters worldwide.

Let’s get to your feet and shout !! The full excitement of the special nights on May will revive in the theaters. Do not miss this exclusive experience with the powerful big screen and sound.

Check out the website for theaters in your region, keep in mind this is a worldwide showing so you might get lucky.

Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Concert hits LA

Late notice always sucks, at least we received this for post at least 24hrs early for you guys. Zelda fans will have an amazing reward tomorrow at the Pantages Theatre, Nintendo is putting on a special event with a full 70 piece orchestra and choir for vocals to go through classics from the series and give them new life. Gamers will also get a treat with Skyward Sword available for demo on the Wii and Ocarina of Time on the 3DS, keep in mind you will likely be on timed machines with so many people attending.

For more details look below for the date, time and location and even some handy links to get you there.

Friday, Oct. 21, 2011 @ 8 p.m.

Pantages Theatre
6233 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles,CA 90028

Find it on:
Google Maps | Mapquest | Bing